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ASU Classes Square Off In Quiz Bowl Competition


JONESBORO, Ark. — It became known as “Clash of the Titans” among student supporters of the four teams when United States History classes took on a World Civilization class in a quiz bowl held recently at Arkansas State University.

Dr. Simon Hosken, adjunct professor of history, and Danny Kopp, director of distance education, arranged the friendly competition after students attended a get-together sponsored by the Department of History, Continuing Education and Community Outreach and the College of Fine Arts.

“Danny and I teach history courses and have been colleagues working on special projects for over a year,” said Dr. Hosken. “A friendly rivalry evolved between the class sections as each instructor boasted about the talents and successes of their students.”

Dr. Hosken said both instructors and students met outside of the Fine Arts building late in the afternoon for pizza and collaboration on the “history of global harvest festival” theme of the ensuing quiz bowl. Dr. Gina Hogue, interim associate vice chancellor for academic services served as the impartial question master for the quiz bowl.

Harvest festivals are yearly celebrations held around harvest time throughout the world. The festivals usually feature meals with foods from crops gathered at harvest time. Plenty of food and a break from work in the fields are characteristics of these festivals.

“Over 130 students enjoyed the festivities and friendly competition,” continued Dr. Hosken. “A tense silence took hold as Danny made the introductions and then the first two teams took the stage. Camaraderie and friendly competition faded as each class rooted for its home team.”

The first round went to Kopp’s U.S. history team, but Dr. Hosken’s world history team dominated the second round of the quiz bowl.

“Everyone had fun but rematch challenges resonated throughout the hall,” said Kopp, who also noted another quiz bowl competition may be scheduled in January.