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Arkansas State announces 2013 spring Chancellor's and Deans' Lists


JONESBORO, Ark. — More than 2,100 students have been named to the Chancellor’s and Deans’ lists for the spring 2013 semester at Arkansas State University. The two lists recognize students who achieved the highest grade point averages while enrolled in 12 or more credit hours of study.
Students, numbering 2,151 total and representing 29 states and 20 countries, made the lists. The Chancellor’s List (designated as CL) includes students who earned a grade point average of 3.80 to 4.0 for the semester. The Deans’ List (DL) includes students with a grade point average of 3.6 to 3.79.
The lists are recorded alphabetically by state, county, hometown and name of student.

Arkansas, DeWitt, Catherine Black, DL
Arkansas, DeWitt, Kathrene Fletcher, CL
Arkansas, Dewitt, Ryan Moritz, DL
Arkansas, Ethel, James Bisswanger, CL
Arkansas, Gillett, Chasity Jones, CL
Arkansas, Stuttgart, Abby Wilson, DL
Ashley, Crossett, Chelsea Lewis, CL
Ashley, Crossett, Destiny Randolph, CL
Ashley, Crossett, Landry Strong, CL
Ashley, Crossett, Dakota Watson, DL
Ashley, Hamburg, Jack Hennington, DL
Ashley, Hamburg, Steven Martin, DL
Baxter, Calico Rock, Trisha Arnold, DL
Baxter, Calico Rock, Leah Fountain, CL
Baxter, Calico Rock, JoAnna Jarosz, CL
Baxter, Calico Rock, Hannah Wright, CL
Baxter, Calico Rock, Naomi Wright, CL
Baxter, Cotter, Dylan Gamble, CL
Baxter, Cotter, Lucas Hickman, DL
Baxter, Cotter, Isaac Quilhot, DL
Baxter, Gamaliel, Stephonie Bennett, DL
Baxter, Gassville, Shauna Barnett, CL
Baxter, Gassville, Tammy Daffron, CL
Baxter, Gassville, Kimberly Faso, CL
Baxter, Gassville, Melanie Kawai, CL
Baxter, Gassville, Devin Rodgers, CL
Baxter, Gassville, Hannah Shults, CL
Baxter, Gassville, Paula Studdard, DL
Baxter, Gassville, Adam Tapang, CL
Baxter, Harriet, Brett Harris, CL
Baxter, Harriet, Ashley Morrison, CL
Baxter, Henderson, Ryan Oliver, CL
Baxter, Lakeview, Jocie Linck, CL
Baxter, Midway, Nathan Blanton, DL
Baxter, Midway, Stephanie Clonts, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Brenda Baker, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Laura Baker, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Brock Barnhill, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Stephen Berry, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Mercedes Brown, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Kenneth Chitwood, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, William Chitwood, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Christopher Clayborn, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Jessica Clemence, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Tamara Cotter, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Bethany Crawford, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Tina Crawford, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Grace Crownover, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Lauren Cullen, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Christine Davis, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Nathan Day, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Stephanie Day, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Gabriela Ford, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Donna Forrester, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Michelle Griffin, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Zechariah Holmes, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Megan Hudgens, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Danielle Johnson, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Natalie Johnson, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Alyssa Johnston, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Joshua Kemp, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Marcus Long, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Jennifer Martens, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Josh Moore, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Alicia Morris, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Stetson Painter, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Seth Parker, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Marika Patterson, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Katherine Plantz, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Audrey Plumlee, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Alanna Sanders, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Brittany Smith, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Valarie Standridge, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Megan Stramaglia, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Charity Strong, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Leslie Teague, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Sandra VanMatre, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Alexis Williams, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Jason Williams, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Rosemary Wynne, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Cathy Zulker, CL
Baxter, Salesville, Jo Robert, DL
Benton, Bella Vista, Megan Michel, DL
Benton, Bentonville, William Kaufman, CL
Benton, Bentonville, Michelle Ledbetter, DL
Benton, Bentonville, Ethan Sandusky, CL
Benton, Garfield, Gregory Self, CL
Benton, Lowell, Michelle Romero, DL
Benton, Rogers, Jordan Falls, CL
Benton, Rogers, Tanya Giraldo, CL
Boone, Alpena, Kathi Rohde, CL
Boone, Alpena, Kristopher Rohde, CL
Boone, Everton, Randi Ramsey, CL
Boone, Everton, Laura Wilburn, CL
Boone, Harrison, Zoe Banks, CL
Boone, Harrison, Kathleen Blessing, CL
Boone, Harrison, Haley Breedlove, DL
Boone, Harrison, Chelsie Campbell, CL
Boone, Harrison, Megan Chiasson, CL
Boone, Harrison, Bretton Edmonson, CL
Boone, Harrison, Anna Hanks, CL
Boone, Harrison, Erika Johnson, CL
Boone, Harrison, Melanie McLeain, CL
Boone, Harrison, Kelly Millsap, CL
Boone, Harrison, Mallory Perry, CL
Boone, Harrison, Jordan Rudelis, DL
Boone, Harrison, Kimberly Smith, CL
Boone, Harrison, Rhonda Taylor, CL
Boone, Lead Hill, Katherine Gimenez, DL
Boone, Lead Hill, Billy Richardson, CL
Boone, Lead Hill, Priscilla Spillman, CL
Boone, Omaha, Jennifer Gross, CL
Boone, Omaha, Michelle Wolf, DL
Carroll, Berryville, Jared Wolfinbarger, CL
Carroll, Green Forest, Janet Jones, CL
Carroll, Green Forest, Samantha Simkins, CL
Carroll, Green Forest, Michael Zimmerman, CL
Chicot, Lake Village, Heathcliff Mazzanti, DL
Clark, Amity, James Hemund, DL
Clark, Amity, Carrington Pittman, CL
Clark, Arkadelphia, Laura Powell, DL
Clark, Arkadelphia, Karnisha Wright, DL
Clay, Corning, Marka Ahrent, DL
Clay, Corning, Natalie Anders, DL
Clay, Corning, Samantha Banks, CL
Clay, Corning, Ashley Borris, DL
Clay, Corning, Courtney Briney, CL
Clay, Corning, Chasidy Cates, CL
Clay, Corning, Lacey Garnette, CL
Clay, Corning, Brooke Grissom, DL
Clay, Corning, Reagan Martin, CL
Clay, Corning, Charles McClellan, CL
Clay, Corning, Paige Price, CL
Clay, Corning, Lauren Rockwell, DL
Clay, Corning, Sierra Scheffler, DL
Clay, Corning, Ethan Woolard, DL
Clay, Greenway, Andrea Edwards, CL
Clay, Knobel, Brittany Burns, DL 
Clay, Piggott, David Blackburn, DL
Clay, Piggott, Rose Dalton, CL
Clay, Piggott, Ty Hahn, CL
Clay, Piggott, Doyne Holifield, CL
Clay, Piggott, Kelsey Jones, CL
Clay, Piggott, Stephany Lockard, CL
Clay, Piggott, Tracy Midkiff, CL
Clay, Piggott, John Murphree, CL
Clay, Piggott, Logan Wilson, DL
Clay, Pollard, Allison Lambert, DL
Clay, Rector, Kocaina Blount, DL
Clay, Rector, Morgan Clayton, DL
Clay, Rector, Emily Cornelison, CL
Clay, Rector, Bellys Cox, CL
Clay, Rector, Stephanie DeMent, CL
Clay, Rector, Amanda Layer, CL
Clay, Rector, Brittany Lockhart, DL
Clay, Rector, Heather Myres, DL
Clay, Rector, Jessica Scott, DL
Clay, Rector, Bethany Sisneros, CL
Clay, Rector, Sarah Vangilder, CL
Clay, Rector, Kelsey Wynn, CL
Cleburne, Concord, Elizabeth Reed, CL
Cleburne, Concord, Ethan Reed, CL
Cleburne, Drasco, Cody Cornett, CL
Cleburne, Drasco, Laura Kent, CL
Cleburne, Edgemont, Taylor Long, CL
Cleburne, Greers Ferry, Devin Carr, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Brandi Baker, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Anastasia Bell, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Hayden Blankenship, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Austin Childers, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Marissa Eskew, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Kelsey Gage, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Ashley Gilbert, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Jena Kelley, DL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Keith Linder, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Wesley McMullen, DL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Meagan Milidonis, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Kory Mullens, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Jesse Rawls, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Hayley Reed, CL
Cleburne, Quitman, Katie Barger, CL
Cleburne, Quitman, Alicia Mahan, CL
Cleburne, Quitman, Rebecca McMaster, CL
Cleburne, Quitman, Pamela McRae, CL
Cleburne, Wilburn, Courtney Wilson, CL
Cleveland, Rison, Samantha Harrison, CL
Cleveland, Rison, Amy Hogan, CL
Cleveland, Rison, Giovanni Marks, CL
Columbia, Magnolia, Clayton Kardas, CL
Columbia, Magnolia, Rachel Sanders, CL
Columbia, Magnolia, Tyler Silvey, DL
Conway, Center Ridge, Megan Strickland, DL
Conway, Morrilton, Hayden Chenault, DL
Conway, Morrilton, Alyssa Knapp, CL
Conway, Morrilton, Kaitlyn Riedmueller, CL
Craighead, Bay, Morgan Barnes, DL
Craighead, Bay, Amanda Gill, CL
Craighead, Bay, Stephanie Griffey, DL
Craighead, Bay, Kalie Griffin, CL
Craighead, Bay, Devin Harper, DL
Craighead, Bay, Chad Hughes, CL
Craighead, Bay, Hannah Keith, DL
Craighead, Bay, Stacy Nix, DL
Craighead, Bay, Joani Platz, CL
Craighead, Black Oak, Kyley Campbell, CL
Craighead, Black Oak, Jonathan Carmichael, CL
Craighead, Bono, Dylan Barnett, DL
Craighead, Bono, Chelsea Best, CL
Craighead, Bono, Amanda Brown, CL
Craighead, Bono, Rachel Carner, CL
Craighead, Bono, Drake Cullum, DL
Craighead, Bono, Kelsy Dement, CL
Craighead, Bono, Heather Diles, CL
Craighead, Bono, Molly Dresbach, DL
Craighead, Bono, Kyle Easley, CL
Craighead, Bono, Sabrah Futrell, DL
Craighead, Bono, Hannah Gliemann, CL
Craighead, Bono, Deana Guffey, DL
Craighead, Bono, Berlin Howell, DL
Craighead, Bono, Ty Huggins, CL
Craighead, Bono, Seth Jaramillo, DL
Craighead, Bono, Mandy Leonard, DL
Craighead, Bono, Melissa Mobley, CL
Craighead, Bono, Rachel Moore, DL
Craighead, Bono, Hunter Saffell, DL
Craighead, Bono, Justin Scott, CL
Craighead, Bono, Devyn Statler, DL
Craighead, Bono, Nathan Taylor, DL
Craighead, Bono, Donald Trotter, DL
Craighead, Bono, Brittany West, CL
Craighead, Bono, Savannah Williams, DL
Craighead, Bono, Tamara Wimberley, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Nicole Baggett, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Warren Baxter, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Brittany Brewer, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Brent Davis, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Cody Edgar, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Kristofer Eliason, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Emily Farley, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Eric Fiszer, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Mallory Grimes, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Megan Heyl, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Robert League, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Crystal Liles, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Meghin Murray, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Lucinda Potter, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Meagan Tate, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Cristi Wessel, DL
Craighead, Caraway, Rebekah Frayer, CL
Craighead, Caraway, Lisa Taylor, CL
Craighead, Cash, Michale Riggs, CL
Craighead, Cash, Douglas Sagley, DL
Craighead, Egypt, Rachael Burns, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Khatijah Abdullah, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Severiano Acebo, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kelsey Adams, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Whitlee Adams, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, James Agnew, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ruaa Al Muhanna, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sara Al-Raisi, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ivania Alberto, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Abdulaziz Alblehd, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Katie Aldridge, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jackson Allen, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Abdulkader Almkinzy, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rami Almohaimeed, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kenneth Anderson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lucas Anderson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brittani Baber, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Charolette Baker, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer Barber, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Keighley Barber, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jody Barker, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Laura Barkley, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, David Barrera, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Erin Barttelt, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mandi Bauer, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ivory Beasley, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sharon Beatty, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jonathan Beck, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Maarten Bels, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jessica Benton, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Corey Bevis, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren Bingham, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Joseph Birdsong, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Bish, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ian Bitts, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Anna Blackmore, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kim Bliss, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Olesea Bonanno, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Makenzie Bond, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, William Boyd, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Erika Bozarth, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Michael Branscum, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jaqulyn Brantley, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Seth Branum, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kallie Brice, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ryan Bridges, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ethan Broadway, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Travis Brooks, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Alesia Brown, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Blake Brown, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kimberly Brown, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Destiny Browning, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Molly Bryson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Dylan Budolfson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Eileen Bufano, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sharde Burl, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Burnett, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sierra Burton, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jacob Callahan, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hannah Campbell, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Monica Campbell, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Alyssa Caparas, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Morgan Caples, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Christina Carl, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Justin Carothers, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Blaine Carson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Bradyn Carson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Morgan Carter, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Denton Cassady, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Karina Cazano, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Michael Cerrato, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mackenzie Chambers, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Alysia Chedister, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Chen Chen, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tiffany Chen, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren Childers, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ryan Childers, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Alec Childress, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amanda Childress, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Anthony Ciaramitaro, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, William Clarke, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Meghan Clifton, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Natalie Cline, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Samantha Cole, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Justin Cook, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Stephanie Cook, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Claira Cooper, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Shelby Cooper, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amy Copeland, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kelsey Cravens, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Crisp, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Alexander Cristee, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kelsey Crouch, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nathaniel Cumming, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Weston Curtner, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brittany Dachs, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kelley Daniel, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Andrew Dean, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Stormy Deaton, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Aaron Decker, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Stephanie Dekok, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amber Denton, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jason Despain, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mariel Diaz, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lateasher Dillard, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Carly Dodson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Alana Dover, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kelsey Dow, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Justin Drum, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Gennifer DuBois, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amanda Ducker, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lawrence Dulaney, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hunter Durham, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brittany Einhorn, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jack Ellington, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ester Ellis, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Blake Emerson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashley Engelken, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Matthew Epps, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Dru Ergle, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Timothy Eskridge, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mary Evans, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kaitlin Everett, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Robin Everett, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Erin Faisst, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Holly Farmer, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ginger Fears, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rachel Fegtly, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Alysa Fenner, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Julie Finney, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cory Fischer, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Layla Fisher, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rachel Flemon, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Gabriel Floyd, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jaclyn Flynn, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Robert Forsythe, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Aaron Fox, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Angela Fox, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Erin Frangenberg, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hannah Freier, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Audra Gambill, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mary Garner, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rocky Gates, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Connor Gatewood, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jodie Gibson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Andrew Gillespie, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rachel Gilliam, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mallory Gipson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Shanna Glidewell, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Gage Goff, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Misty Golladay, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amber Gomez, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Joshua Goodon, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nicholas Graves, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Bradford Gray, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Benjamin Green, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Emily Green, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hazel Greene, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tyler Greve, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, LaTonia Griffin, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Griffin, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Camran Grissom, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amber Gschwend, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Shane Gulley, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Austin Hales, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cathryn Hall, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kadie Hall, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Katie Hamilton, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer Hannah, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Erin Harrell, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Michelle Harris, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren Harrison, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nayumi Hashimoto, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Veronica Hawes, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jameika Hearn, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sophie Hedge, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Braden Herring, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Linda Hill, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashleigh Himstedt, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Casey Hinson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Staci Ho, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, David Holbrook, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Richard Holler, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, James Hollywood, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Casey Honeycutt, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Bruce Howard, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Siyu Huang, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Colby Hundley, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Dustin Hundley, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Chelsi Hunt, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cameron Hunter, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Chelsea Hutcheson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cody Hutchison, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mason Irby, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Blake Irvin, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Katelyn Isbell, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kalee James, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kelsey James, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Anna Jenness, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amanda Johnson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Casey Johnson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Samantha Johnston, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Dustin Jones, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kristen Jones, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Reece Jones, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Teresa Jones, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Zachary Jones, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Abhishek Joshi, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jessica Kee, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hailey Kendrex, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Haley Kennedy, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Blake Kibbons, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ryan Kimbrough, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jason Kinder, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Erika Lacefield, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Zachary Lancaster, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Shawn Laurence, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Abbey Leonard, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Micah Lewis, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren Lilly, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer Loiacano, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tyler Long, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Morgan Lynn, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Xavier Madera, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tessa Malugen, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lisa Manning, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kalli Marshall, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Libby Martin, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Madison Mashburn, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Megan Mason, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Taylor Mason, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tyler Mason, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Phillip Massey, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Alexandra Mazique-Gilbert, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hannah McClung, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Alivia McDaniel, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Leah McDaniel, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lindy McDaniel, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Maegan McDaniel, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Marshall McDaniel, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rebekah McDonald, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Chloe McFarlane, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amber McGinnis, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Laura McGregor, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kaitlyn McLendon, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Blake Mead, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amanda Mellard, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Benjamin Merritt, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Drake Merritt, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Biljana Miloshevska, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, George Mitchell, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nidal Momani, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Scot Montgomery, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ryan Morgan, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Asuka Morimoto, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sharon Munsell, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jacky Murray, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tina N'Jie, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ariel Nations, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Chelsea Nelson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Liane Neshat, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Anh Nguyen, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, My Dieu Nguyen, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Quan Nguyen, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, William Nichols, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rebecca Nicks, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kaily Nix, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jeremiah Nortier, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Shelemia Nyamuryekung'e, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kory O'Brien, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Felicia Oglesby, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Desiree Orosz, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Janell Owens, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Josephine Palani, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Taryn Parker, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Gabrielle Parks, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Derek Parnell, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Dominique Patrick-Davis, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Chelsea Patton, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren Paulk, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Justin Payne, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Stephen Penny, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Haley Petrus, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hunter Petrus, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jeffery Petsch, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Dat Pham, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Meredith Pierce, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mary Pinnick, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brandon Pirtle, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tyler Pittman, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Julia Plunk, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Matthew Pope, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Shaun Potgieter, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Christina Pringle, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Chrystal Ratliff, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Daisy Reding, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Taylor Reding, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sulav Regmi, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brynn Reid, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, James Rice, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Spencer Rice, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Veronica Richards, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Alex Richardson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Roberts, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, John Robertson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Shareef Robertson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Madison Roddy, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brianna Rodgers, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ezra Rodgers, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brittany Roe, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rachel Roedel, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jessica Rudd, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, John Rutter, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mulinde Ruyonga, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Stephanie Saenz, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Emily Saito, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kristina Sammons, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amber Sanders, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Blake Sanders, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Austin Sandy, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hunter Schneider, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, David Schulz, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashley Schulze, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Carlos Serna, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Stephen Shatzer, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tiffany Sheard, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Harry Shearin, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, David Short, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Riju Shrestha, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Adam Simino, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kylie Simmons, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Courtney Simpkins, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mel Singh, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Linsey Sipa, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brandon Slatton, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kendon Smallwood, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Alyson Smith, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Beverly Smith, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Courtney Smith, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jacqueline Smith, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lindsey Smith, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mary Smith, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Natalie Smith, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tyler Smith, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Wendy Smith, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jasmine Sotherland, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rachel South, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Heather Southe, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Shaquille Spearman, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jackson Spencer, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jason Stair, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Christina Stark, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Anne Steed, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jacob Steele, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Robin Sterling, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Latisha Stewart, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jordan Stubblefield, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kenneth Sutton, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Anthony Svoboda, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashley Swindle, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, David Tallmadge, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Taylor Tanner, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jamela Tate, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Zachary Tate, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rebecca Taylor, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brooke Thomas, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Pitser Thomas, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Samantha Tidwell, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kent Toledo, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Andrew Tolson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer Tran, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Dylan Travis, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Meredith Turner, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer Ulloa, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Luna Unnold, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Joseph Vanderford, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jacqueline Vandigo, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Caraline Vaughn, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sandra Walker, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashley Wall, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Daniel Wall, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kimberly Wallace, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jacob Walls, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Liang Wang, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Paul Warner, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Miyah Washington, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Yusuke Watanabe, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cameron Waterworth, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jaclyn Watkins, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tyler Watkins, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Corbin Watson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cory Watson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Shawn Watson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Wesley Watts, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kelly Webb, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren Webb, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Grover Welch, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Melissia Wells, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kasey Welsh, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Carmen West, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jadyn West, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kaitlyn West, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nicholas West, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Chelsea Wewers, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Laura White, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hunter Whitehurst, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Natalie Wilbanks, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Bethany Wilcox, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Megean Wilcoxson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Adam Williams, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Asia Williams, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Crystal Williams, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Laura Williams, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kaytlyn Wilson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Adam Windle, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Anthony Windle, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amanda Winford, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ariel Wisdom, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Erynn Witt, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tyler Womble, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rochelle Wooten, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Worsley, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Garrett Wray, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Corey Wright, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Yachi Wu, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kirstyn Wyatt, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Heath Yarbrough, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Adam Yates, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jacob Yates, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Aaron Ballew, DL
Craighead, Lake City, Brandi Bowler, CL
Craighead, Lake City, James Carmichael, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Michelle Cobb, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Hayden Cornwell, DL
Craighead, Lake City, Samantha Dunigan, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Megan Gammon, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Devin Griffin, DL
Craighead, Lake City, Makayla Lyles, DL
Craighead, Lake City, Zachary Ridge, DL
Craighead, Lake City, Christopher Wright, CL
Craighead, Monette, Jessica Devers, CL
Craighead, Monette, Cesar Marroquin, DL
Craighead, Monette, Karla Marroquin, DL
Craighead, Monette, Rhonda Metheny, CL
Craighead, Monette, Pacia Miller, CL
Craighead, Monette, Jenna Pike, CL
Craighead, Monette, Katelyn Pittman, DL
Craighead, Monette, Ashley Sims, CL
Craighead, State University, Brendon Aitken, CL
Craighead, State University, James Arnold, DL
Craighead, State University, Claudia Bodenstein, CL
Craighead, State University, Sharneiqua Bones, CL
Craighead, State University, Taylor Burrington, DL
Craighead, State University, Nathaniel Byrnes, DL
Craighead, State University, Austin Calvert, CL
Craighead, State University, Brizeira Card, DL
Craighead, State University, Kayla Christy, CL
Craighead, State University, Stephanie Cohen, DL
Craighead, State University, Jeffrey Cone, CL
Craighead, State University, Ellen Crumby, CL
Craighead, State University, Molly Delp, CL
Craighead, State University, Emily Garren, DL
Craighead, State University, William Goodson, DL
Craighead, State University, Jiahao Gu, DL
Craighead, State University, Christopher Haines, DL
Craighead, State University, Zankiyyah Hubbard, CL
Craighead, State University, Jerry Jones, CL
Craighead, State University, Sofia Krsmanovic, DL
Craighead, State University, Abigail Laker, CL
Craighead, State University, Mary Lange, CL
Craighead, State University, Whitley Laxton, DL
Craighead, State University, Kelli Lee, CL
Craighead, State University, Yufei Li, CL
Craighead, State University, Kim Ludick, CL
Craighead, State University, Yuka Maeda, CL
Craighead, State University, Shakeria Marshall, DL
Craighead, State University, Annette McCollum, CL
Craighead, State University, Jackson Mixon, DL
Craighead, State University, Jmeia Molina, CL
Craighead, State University, Allen Muse, DL
Craighead, State University, Bailey Mustain, CL
Craighead, State University, Tiara Norman, CL
Craighead, State University, Adria Pettigrew, CL
Craighead, State University, Danielle Qualls, CL
Craighead, State University, Kimberly Roberson, CL
Craighead, State University, Anthony Rowe, CL
Craighead, State University, Mebuki Saito, CL
Craighead, State University, Johannes Schrader, CL
Craighead, State University, Ayuka Sekizuka, DL
Craighead, State University, Elisabeth Spinner, DL
Craighead, State University, Kayla Stanage, DL
Craighead, State University, Chiara Stefanov, CL
Craighead, State University, Honomi Sugihira, CL
Craighead, State University, Micheal Sullivan, CL
Craighead, State University, Jana Waters, DL
Craighead, State University, Jacqueline Wilson, CL
Craighead, State University, William Wilson, CL
Crawford, Alma, Casey Cole, CL
Crawford, Van Buren, Brandon Djordjevic, CL
Crawford, Van Buren, Jordan Hood, CL
Crawford, Van Buren, Dylan Weisenfels, CL
Crittenden, Crawfordsville, Stephenie LaRue, CL
Crittenden, Earle, Octavia Hinton, DL
Crittenden, Earle, Lisa Price, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Danielle Abner, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Madison Brogdon, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Chance Brown, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Britney Chadwick, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Allison Conrad, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Shenequa Davis, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Brandee Dykes, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Billie Flake, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Emily Frasure, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Lauren Gibson, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Casey Goode, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Brandon Haley, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Kassi Haley, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Camden Harrell, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Clinton Hill, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Rachel Hunter, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Katherine James, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Kellie Keeton, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Monica Keith, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Sheneka Lewis, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Alexandria Maranto, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Jason Mccullough, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Amanda Nash, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Natalie Nichols, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Karla Norton, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Irine Onyah, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Joshua Owens, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Taylor Parker, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Emily Peters, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Kelly Phillips, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Zachary Reynolds, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Samantha Saldivar, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Stephanie Stafford, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Morgan Steele, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Siera Vail, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Taylor Walker, CL
Crittenden, Proctor, Heather Soto, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Camille Allensworth, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Lanesha Boston, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Laquisha Hamilton, DL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Adrian Hendrix, DL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Morgan Hudson, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Cedrick Ingram, DL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Kelsey Kessinger, DL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Jessica Killgore, DL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Joe Looney, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Crissy McGee, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Michelle Mitchell, DL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Emily Naylor, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Andrew Nichols, DL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Shital Patel, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Yvonne Peeler, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Kiara Smith, DL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Danielle Son, DL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Sarah Sullivan, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Erin Swafford, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Haley Turner, DL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Shelby Walker, DL
Cross, Cherry Valley, Erica Atchley, CL
Cross, Cherry Valley, Morgan Benefield, CL
Cross, Cherry Valley, James Halk, CL
Cross, Hickory Ridge, Molly Kennon, CL
Cross, Hickory Ridge, Jeanetta Ward, DL
Cross, Parkin, Kimberly Womble, DL
Cross, Vanndale, Hannah Darby, DL
Cross, Vanndale, Cody Nickles, CL
Cross, Wynne, Samantha Armstrong, DL
Cross, Wynne, Anna Belew, DL
Cross, Wynne, Brittany Brown, CL
Cross, Wynne, Ashlee Davidson, CL
Cross, Wynne, Sara Doss, DL
Cross, Wynne, Hilary Dowd, CL
Cross, Wynne, Katie Eans, DL
Cross, Wynne, Christopher Easley, DL
Cross, Wynne, Brittany Hanks, CL
Cross, Wynne, Kenneth Hathcock, CL
Cross, Wynne, Jada Hess, CL
Cross, Wynne, Donna Hill, CL
Cross, Wynne, Brittany Jetton, CL
Cross, Wynne, Eric Lee, CL
Cross, Wynne, Cassidy Lucas, CL
Cross, Wynne, Samuel McKnight, CL
Cross, Wynne, Chelsea Moore, CL
Cross, Wynne, Brittany Moseley, CL
Cross, Wynne, Ned Moseley, CL
Cross, Wynne, Kimberly Peeler, CL
Cross, Wynne, Julie Phillians, DL
Cross, Wynne, Sara Spain, DL
Cross, Wynne, Chelsea Spargo, DL
Cross, Wynne, Dillon Tuell, DL
Dallas, Fordyce, Mallory Hall, DL
Desha, Dumas, Jeremy Smith, CL
Drew, Monticello, Courtney Bolin, CL
Drew, Monticello, Brooks Jones, CL
Drew, Monticello, Kyle Outlaw, CL
Drew, Monticello, John Singleton, CL
Drew, Monticello, Patrick Thomas, CL
Drew, Monticello, Shelby Tiner, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Jennifer Adolph, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Jessica Cagle, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Jacob Callaway, DL
Faulkner, Conway, Ethan Ellis, DL
Faulkner, Conway, Courtney Fadely, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Cheyenne Gerdes, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Abigail Halford, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Matthew Harken, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Allison Hopkins, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Kayla Macomber, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Landon McCrary, DL
Faulkner, Conway, Isaac McDaniel, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Shelby Millsap, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Tyler Porter, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Michael Riba, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Sara Rickman, DL
Faulkner, Conway, Eva Ross, DL
Faulkner, Conway, Channing Taylor, DL
Faulkner, Conway, Haley Townsend, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Alexander Worm, CL
Faulkner, Enola, Cheryl Morehart, CL
Faulkner, Greenbrier, Elizabeth Fagan, CL
Faulkner, Greenbrier, Brandon Jenkins, DL
Faulkner, Greenbrier, Samantha Patterson, CL
Faulkner, Greenbrier, William Roberts, DL
Faulkner, Guy, William Ward, CL
Faulkner, Mount Vernon, Natasha Gomillion, CL
Faulkner, Vilonia, Alicia Crawford, CL
Faulkner, Vilonia, Rachel Garner, CL
Faulkner, Vilonia, Sonja Jaco, CL
Faulkner, Vilonia, Nicole Rigby, DL
Faulkner, Vilonia, Bailey Sisson, CL
Faulkner, Vilonia, Jordan Spotts, CL
Faulkner, Vilonia, Brittney Wiedower, CL
Franklin, Charleston, Shaun McDonald, DL
Fulton, Ash Flat, Elizabeth Benton, CL
Fulton, Ash Flat, Brittany Cheek, CL
Fulton, Camp, Korey Speaight, CL
Fulton, Glencoe, Kelsey Langston, CL
Fulton, Glencoe, Bailey Payne, CL
Fulton, Mammoth Spring, Donna Brindley, DL
Fulton, Mammoth Spring, Sara Kinnie, CL
Fulton, Mammoth Spring, Whitney Rose, CL
Fulton, Mammoth Spring, Clay Rucker, CL
Fulton, Mammoth Spring, Hazel Wilcox, CL
Fulton, Salem, Demetri Bruner, CL
Fulton, Salem, Madison Duff, CL
Fulton, Salem, Andrea Duvall, CL
Fulton, Salem, Stephen Eubanks, DL
Fulton, Salem, Jonathan Goodson, CL
Fulton, Salem, Jason Huff, CL
Fulton, Salem, Susan James, CL
Fulton, Salem, Thomas Langevin, CL
Fulton, Salem, Laci Long, CL
Fulton, Salem, Chelsea Maguffee, CL
Fulton, Salem, Samantha Massey, DL
Fulton, Salem, Evan Palumbo, CL
Fulton, Salem, Rachael Palumbo, DL
Fulton, Sturkie, Cory Tyler, CL
Fulton, Sturkie, Kyla Wood, CL
Fulton, Viola, Misha Batterton, CL
Fulton, Viola, Lindsey Newton, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Keia Allen, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Kelsey Bean, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Jared Chesshir, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Christopher Fikes, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Stephanie Foreman, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Faith Forrest, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Amelia Fuller, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Gabrielle Gibson, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Hannah Godwin, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Corey Green, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Sarah Hamilton, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Elizabeth Jentz, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Dylan Jessup, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Madison Kelso, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Tyler Knapp, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Tyler Lindsey, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Zachary Marsh, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Kristen Miller, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Katherine Norton, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Gerardo Pulido, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Katilyn Roberts, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Bobby Rogers, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Eric Romero, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Ethan Rudolph, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Jessica Shirey, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Landree Speers, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Ashton Wilburn, DL
Garland, Hot Springs Village, Blake Stanage, DL
Garland, Lonsdale, Kendra Curtis, CL
Garland, Mountain Pine, Jalen McElroy, CL
Garland, Pearcy, Bethany Gallimore, CL
Garland, Pearcy, Rebecca Moody, CL
Grant, Sheridan, Brooke Allison, CL
Grant, Sheridan, Catherine Mull, CL
Grant, Sheridan, Amber Weigand, CL
Greene, Beech Grove, Kimberly Clark, CL
Greene, Beech Grove, Ben Gander, CL
Greene, Beech Grove, Molly Gibson, CL
Greene, Beech Grove, Sally Gibson, CL
Greene, Beech Grove, Allie Kendall, DL
Greene, Beech Grove, Matthew Rowe, DL
Greene, Beech Grove, Morgan Tripod, CL
Greene, Lafe, Cara Jo Condray, DL
Greene, Lafe, Sarah Dooley, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Danielle Bateman, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Levi Brandon, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Rebecca Dodd, DL
Greene, Marmaduke, Benjamin Holder, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Kyle Jackson, DL
Greene, Marmaduke, Bethany Long, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Felicia Morrisett, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Kelsey Smith, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Thomas Vangilder, DL
Greene, Paragould, Rachael Abbott, DL
Greene, Paragould, Leah Adkins, CL
Greene, Paragould, Christen Allbritton, CL
Greene, Paragould, Crystal Andrew, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jennifer Austin, CL
Greene, Paragould, Christopher Barkley, CL
Greene, Paragould, Toni Barnes, CL
Greene, Paragould, Dylan Bateman, CL
Greene, Paragould, Chelsea Benson, DL
Greene, Paragould, Amber Blackburn, CL
Greene, Paragould, Holly Blankenship, CL
Greene, Paragould, Catherine Bradley, DL
Greene, Paragould, Angela Branch, CL
Greene, Paragould, Joshua Breeds, DL
Greene, Paragould, Benjamin Bryson, DL
Greene, Paragould, Katie Bunch, CL
Greene, Paragould, Cassie Burdett, CL
Greene, Paragould, Alex Burroughs, DL
Greene, Paragould, Zachary Burroughs, DL
Greene, Paragould, Charles Carter, CL
Greene, Paragould, Sylvia Clemons, CL
Greene, Paragould, Rachel Cobb, DL
Greene, Paragould, Jonathan Cole, CL
Greene, Paragould, Shea Cothren, CL
Greene, Paragould, Codi Crisman, CL
Greene, Paragould, Fallyn Davenport, DL
Greene, Paragould, Clayton Davis, CL
Greene, Paragould, Cody Davis, DL
Greene, Paragould, Holly Davis, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jessica Davis, DL
Greene, Paragould, Jessica Davis, CL
Greene, Paragould, Katie Davis, CL
Greene, Paragould, Macoe Davis, CL
Greene, Paragould, Wesley Dawson, CL
Greene, Paragould, Trevor Deangelo, DL
Greene, Paragould, Evan Dearing, DL
Greene, Paragould, Lauren Dorman, CL
Greene, Paragould, Erin Dowler, CL
Greene, Paragould, Alexander Dozier, DL
Greene, Paragould, Morgan Draper, CL
Greene, Paragould, Misty Dunavant, CL
Greene, Paragould, Anna Eason, DL
Greene, Paragould, Shane Eason, DL
Greene, Paragould, Jeffery Estes, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kayci Evans, CL
Greene, Paragould, Candace Eveland, DL
Greene, Paragould, Robert Forehand, CL
Greene, Paragould, Paige Francis, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jonathan Freeman, CL
Greene, Paragould, Terrisena Freeman, DL
Greene, Paragould, Madison Frego, DL
Greene, Paragould, Lindsey Gazaway, CL
Greene, Paragould, Chandler Gill, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jessica Gilliam, DL
Greene, Paragould, Katlyn Gomer, DL
Greene, Paragould, Lexi Gramling, DL
Greene, Paragould, Savanna Hailey, DL
Greene, Paragould, Alexis Halbrook, DL
Greene, Paragould, Mildy Hall, CL
Greene, Paragould, Sarah Hamilton, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jill Hammersley, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kayla Hammersley, CL
Greene, Paragould, Allison Hampton, CL
Greene, Paragould, Magan Hardin, CL
Greene, Paragould, Whitney Hardin, DL
Greene, Paragould, Peter Hasik, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jennifer Haynes, DL
Greene, Paragould, Tyler Hays, DL
Greene, Paragould, Erica Henley, CL
Greene, Paragould, Karl Horton, DL
Greene, Paragould, Brittni Huckabay, CL
Greene, Paragould, Abby Hurt, DL
Greene, Paragould, Kendra Hurt, CL
Greene, Paragould, Brooke Jadwin, CL
Greene, Paragould, David James, CL
Greene, Paragould, Marilyn Jetton, CL
Greene, Paragould, Holly Johnson, DL
Greene, Paragould, Derek Johnston, CL
Greene, Paragould, Emily Jones, CL
Greene, Paragould, Stephanie Judkins, CL
Greene, Paragould, Tyler Kane, DL
Greene, Paragould, Ben Keene, DL
Greene, Paragould, Vicki Keith, CL
Greene, Paragould, Leanda Key, CL
Greene, Paragould, Paige Kirby, CL
Greene, Paragould, Caitlin Lafarlette, CL
Greene, Paragould, Lindsey Lamb, DL
Greene, Paragould, Christina Lange, DL
Greene, Paragould, Matthew Lashley, CL
Greene, Paragould, Molly Lashley, CL
Greene, Paragould, Patricia Lawrence, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jordan Lawrey, DL
Greene, Paragould, Melissa Lee, DL
Greene, Paragould, Kristen Lindeman, DL
Greene, Paragould, Katie Lopez, DL
Greene, Paragould, Katie Lovelady, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jordan Mallard, CL
Greene, Paragould, Katelyn Mangrum, CL
Greene, Paragould, Matthew Manning, CL
Greene, Paragould, Savanah Martin, DL
Greene, Paragould, Allie Massey, DL
Greene, Paragould, Jarrod Mayfield, DL
Greene, Paragould, Jay Mayfield, DL
Greene, Paragould, Carla McCain, DL
Greene, Paragould, Hailey McCreless, DL
Greene, Paragould, Mackenzie McNamara, DL
Greene, Paragould, Whitney McSpadden, CL
Greene, Paragould, Megan Mitchell, DL
Greene, Paragould, Dawn Mockewich, CL
Greene, Paragould, Randall Murray, DL
Greene, Paragould, Allison Nettle, CL
Greene, Paragould, Amy Oost, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kevin Orick, DL
Greene, Paragould, Megan Orick, DL
Greene, Paragould, Courtney Owens, CL
Greene, Paragould, Chelsea Parks, DL
Greene, Paragould, India Perkins, CL
Greene, Paragould, Ashley Phillips, DL
Greene, Paragould, Shayna Poindexter, CL
Greene, Paragould, Olivia Prichard, DL
Greene, Paragould, Courtney Purser, CL
Greene, Paragould, April Ramer, CL
Greene, Paragould, Chelsea Rawls, CL
Greene, Paragould, Justin Ray, DL
Greene, Paragould, Sara Ray, CL
Greene, Paragould, Hannah Riggs, DL
Greene, Paragould, Chelsey Roberts, CL
Greene, Paragould, Lauren Rowe, CL
Greene, Paragould, Brecken Rushing, CL
Greene, Paragould, Mallory Russell, CL
Greene, Paragould, Trevor Scudder, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jacqueline Shannon, DL
Greene, Paragould, Ricky Shannon, DL
Greene, Paragould, Alexandria Sheets, DL
Greene, Paragould, Hunter Siddons, DL
Greene, Paragould, Joshua Smith, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kelly Smith, DL
Greene, Paragould, Megan Smith, CL
Greene, Paragould, Natalie Smith, DL
Greene, Paragould, Payton Snodgrass, DL
Greene, Paragould, Shawna Spurling, CL
Greene, Paragould, Ana Steward, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kathryn Stidham, CL
Greene, Paragould, George Stipe, CL
Greene, Paragould, Caitlin Tabor, CL
Greene, Paragould, Candace Taylor, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jarrett Tedder, CL
Greene, Paragould, Sonni Tripod, CL
Greene, Paragould, Zachary Vickers, CL
Greene, Paragould, Ryan Walker, CL
Greene, Paragould, Heather Walton, DL
Greene, Paragould, Grant Weaver, CL
Greene, Paragould, Katie Wells, DL
Greene, Paragould, Gary West, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jared White, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jennifer White, CL
Greene, Paragould, Skyler White, CL
Greene, Paragould, Britten Williams, CL
Greene, Paragould, Justin Williams, DL
Greene, Paragould, Shannon Williams, CL
Greene, Paragould, Tiffany Williams, DL
Greene, Paragould, Joshua Wise, CL
Greene, Paragould, Sara Wood, DL
Greene, Paragould, Kimberly Wooldridge, CL
Greene, Paragould, Christy Wortham, CL
Hempstead, Hope, Jordin Crow, CL
Hempstead, Hope, Angela Gammage, CL
Hempstead, Hope, Tammera Joy, CL
Hempstead, Hope, Brandi Miller, CL
Hempstead, Hope, Felica Williams, DL
Hempstead, Ozan, Christopher Tollett, DL
Hot Spring, Bonnerdale, Linda Mazurski, CL
Hot Spring, Malvern, Alec Paschke, CL 
Howard, Mineral Springs, Sha'Neka Williams, CL
Independence, Batesville, Ashton Barber, CL
Independence, Batesville, Crist Blackwell, CL
Independence, Batesville, Tabitha Breshears, DL
Independence, Batesville, Elizabeth Callahan, CL
Independence, Batesville, Rebecca Callahan, CL
Independence, Batesville, Natanya Clark, CL
Independence, Batesville, Whitney Conyers, CL
Independence, Batesville, Meagan Covington, DL
Independence, Batesville, Tayler Daniels, CL
Independence, Batesville, Jessica Dockins, CL
Independence, Batesville, Mary Dunlap, CL
Independence, Batesville, Christopher Elms, CL
Independence, Batesville, Wesley Evans, CL
Independence, Batesville, Tyler Fields, CL
Independence, Batesville, Kali Foreman, CL
Independence, Batesville, Danielle Goodwin, DL
Independence, Batesville, Rebecca Grant, CL
Independence, Batesville, Cally Guthrie, DL
Independence, Batesville, Katelyn Hardin, DL
Independence, Batesville, Donna Hiett, DL
Independence, Batesville, Jillian Limbaugh, CL
Independence, Batesville, Mollie Matthews, CL
Independence, Batesville, Krista Mossman, DL
Independence, Batesville, Amber Neal, CL
Independence, Batesville, Joshua Poff, DL
Independence, Batesville, Sarah Rosencrans, DL
Independence, Batesville, Tuong Vi Huynh, DL
Independence, Newark, Jessica Bishop, CL
Independence, Newark, Lyndsey Crump, DL
Independence, Newark, David Robinett, CL
Independence, Pleasant Plains, Amy Allender, DL
Independence, Pleasant Plains, Olivia Pulliam, CL
Independence, Pleasant Plains, Erica Thomas, CL
Independence, Sulphur Rock, Tiffany Turney, CL
Izard, Franklin, Sarah Taylor, CL
Izard, Horseshoe Bend, Jody Boles, DL
Izard, Horseshoe Bend, Kendra Rains, CL
Izard, Melbourne, Eve Banning, DL
Izard, Melbourne, Loni Cooper, CL
Izard, Melbourne, Brandy DeLoach, CL
Izard, Melbourne, Sadie Price, CL
Izard, Melbourne, Jed Schales, CL
Izard, Melbourne, Haley Sharp, DL
Izard, Melbourne, Amanda Treat, DL
Izard, Melbourne, Shonda Trewyn, CL
Izard, Pineville, Kori Lamb, DL
Izard, Violet Hill, Jessica Bailey, CL
Izard, Violet Hill, Chelsey Moser, CL
Jackson, Bradford, Joshua Chambliss, DL
Jackson, Bradford, Taylor Hastings, CL
Jackson, Bradford, Alesha Pankey, CL
Jackson, Bradford, Lesley Steele, DL
Jackson, Bradford, Scott Treece, CL
Jackson, Newport, Jeffrey Balch, DL
Jackson, Newport, Aaron Bright, DL
Jackson, Newport, Ryan Daniels, CL
Jackson, Newport, Ben Glidewell, DL
Jackson, Newport, Michelle Gould, CL
Jackson, Newport, Vanessa Hardaway, DL
Jackson, Newport, Sarah Hardin, CL
Jackson, Newport, Najwa Lee, CL
Jackson, Newport, Kendall Marlar, CL
Jackson, Newport, Gregory Osborne, CL
Jackson, Newport, Hannah Simpson, CL
Jackson, Newport, Sherry Smith, DL
Jackson, Newport, Donna Toumajan, CL
Jackson, Newport, Hayley Webb, CL
Jackson, Swifton, Nicole Chastain, DL
Jackson, Swifton, Travis Church, CL
Jackson, Swifton, Tara Henderson, DL
Jackson, Swifton, Hannah Hulett, CL
Jackson, Tuckerman, Tyler Cornwell, CL
Jackson, Tuckerman, Gina Elliott, DL
Jackson, Tuckerman, Rachel Ethridge, CL
Jackson, Tuckerman, Zackary Flowers, DL
Jackson, Tuckerman, Kimberly Henderson, DL
Jackson, Tuckerman, Brooke Riley, DL
Jackson, Tuckerman, Katherine Rowlett, DL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Rachel Bickley, DL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Colton Bitely, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Britney Case, DL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Ryan Green, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Tanya Hayes, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, N'Deea Lee, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Whitney Parrish, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Olivia Peek, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Denesha Roberts, DL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Jalisa Smith, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Hunter Thomasson, DL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Inez Whitt, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Brittany Wright, CL
Jefferson, Redfield, Kristen Graves, DL
Jefferson, White Hall, KayLa Edwards, CL
Jefferson, White Hall, Maegan Inzer, CL
Jefferson, White Hall, Morgan Langley, DL
Jefferson, White Hall, Jillian Pace, DL
Jefferson, White Hall, Ashley Puckett, DL
Jefferson, White Hall, Ginah Smith, CL
Johnson, Lamar, Sydney Hill, DL
Lafayette, Buckner, Latasha Moore, DL
Lafayette, Lewisville, Shelby Fiegel, CL
Lafayette, Lewisville, Nathaniel Newton, CL
Lafayette, Stamps, Lindsey Rogers, CL
Lafayette, Stamps, Dena Teague, DL
Lawrence, Alicia, Christopher Nelson, CL
Lawrence, Black Rock, Megan Tweedy, DL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Cody Anderson, CL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Robert Bullard, DL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Amanda Cypret, CL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Rachael Ditto, DL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Nathan Harper, DL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Michael Henson, DL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Kelsey Lewis, CL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Courtney Miles, CL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Autumn Nelson, CL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Joseph Richardson, CL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Bridget Russell, DL
Lawrence, Lynn, Trisha Glenn, DL
Lawrence, Lynn, Amber Johnson, CL
Lawrence, Lynn, Ashley Stroud, CL
Lawrence, Ravenden, Melissa Dominguez, DL
Lawrence, Ravenden, Breanda Neal, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Emily Anglin, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Christin Brown, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Leslie Ginn, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Brittany Hembrey, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Audrey Hicks, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Rachael Jackson, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Cameron Kelley, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, John Long, DL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Karina Mashburn, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Lauren Massey, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Jason Moseley, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Robert Rainwater, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Amber Richmond, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Ashley Roacho, DL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Brent Smith, DL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Shane Smith, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Ty Stormes, DL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Stephanie Sweat, DL
Lawrence, Smithville, Jennifer Huskey, CL
Lawrence, Smithville, Keely Huskey, CL
Lawrence, Smithville, Kayla Smith, DL
Lee, Marianna, Dedric Jones, CL
Lee, Marianna, Kristian Sanders, CL
Lee, Moro, Emily Goodson, DL
Lincoln, Grady, Murphy Plunkett, DL
Lincoln, Star City, Kylie Deeb, DL
Lincoln, Star City, Samantha Teer, CL
Lincoln, Star City, Tori Tucker, CL
Little River, Ashdown, Dionna Gaines, DL
Logan, Paris, Mitchell Kiefer, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Cassie Abbott, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Mabry Addison, DL
Lonoke, Austin, Hayden Balgavy, DL
Lonoke, Austin, Shannon Burchfield, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Katelynne Chastain, DL
Lonoke, Austin, Makenzie Cramer, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Tyler Garstka, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Carolina Harper, DL
Lonoke, Austin, Katelyn Logan, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Jennifer McDonough, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Justin Tyler, DL
Lonoke, Austin, Kristen Wesner, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Rachel Wright, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Dennese Adkins, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Jennifer Anderson, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Briana Barrentine, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Amalie Benjamin, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Dawn Brown, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Christopher Bullock, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Suzie Carter, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Danielle Dinges, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Denver Disotell, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Brittani Firsick, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Hannah Fulmer, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Jennifer Fulmer, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Shelby Gage, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Stacy Givens, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Stephanie Glover, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Haley Harper, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Grafton Harrell, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Jeremy Haynes, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Anna Hudson, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Melanie Jackson, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Kari Johnson, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Belinda Lawrence, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Ryan Listenbee, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Terena Lovston, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Donna Lynn, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Brooke Macklin, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Caitlin Marshall, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Holly McMurtry, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Kayla Miller, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Kayse Norris, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Micah Odom, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Taylor Pannell, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Amanda Phillips, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Sara Polston, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Stephanie Popham, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Johnathon Porter, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Emily Raney, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Hannah Reicks, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Sarah Ring, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Nicole Schales, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Heather Sears, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Sarah Seibert, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Kirsten Seidel, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Jena Self, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Evan Stalnaker, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Shawna Stubbs, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Valerie Tanner, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Tyler Tarrant, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Jessica Tenorio, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Rachael Tucker, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Cameron Vaughan, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Colton Willhite, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Braden Wilson, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Tristia Winters, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Rachael Wood, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Jessica Woosley, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Stephanie York, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Danika Zweifel, CL
Lonoke, Carlisle, Katie Martin, CL
Lonoke, Carlisle, Anna Paradis, CL
Lonoke, England, Taylor Dycus, DL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Sarah Beeler, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Kelly Best, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Sara Carr, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Lisa Cleveland, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Lance Cunningham, DL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Kyle Hensley, DL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Brigette Moody, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Megan Palmer, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Amanda Smith, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, James Taber, DL
Lonoke, Ward, Kylee Abshure, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Loni Bean, DL
Lonoke, Ward, Skylar Cothren, DL
Lonoke, Ward, Jessica Dover, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Dillon Dyson, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Sharon Hale, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Harrison Helms, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Shelby Kimbrough, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Malloree Madding, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Sheri Manek, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Ashley Stracener, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Brandy Tallent, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Eva Ward, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Kristin Wilson, CL
Marion, Flippin, Donna Alexander, CL
Marion, Flippin, Gregg Alexander, CL
Marion, Flippin, Amy Curtis, CL
Marion, Flippin, Bradley Edmonson, CL
Marion, Flippin, Kylee Stoner, CL
Marion, Valley Springs, Sarah Underdown, CL
Marion, Yellville, Courtney Baker, CL
Marion, Yellville, Maggie McCormack, CL
Marion, Yellville, Heather Russell, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Delaney Ball, DL
Mississippi, Blytheville, ShaQuata Bell, DL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Lekeysha Blackman, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Brandie Boyles, DL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Sarah Carney, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Kyle Cassidy, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Shawnequa Clark, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Alessandra Davey, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Lindsey Gee, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Japhanie Gray, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Holly Haynes, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Lydia Howard, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Pershauna Johnson, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Bridget Jones, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Addie Kortan, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, LaQuanta Lewis, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Teah Morris, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Jory Neff, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Hillary Parish, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Kelly Privett, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Gloria Richardson, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Alexx Ritchey, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Caitlin Shelton, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Brooke Siegler, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Essence Taylor, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Amelia Williams, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Felice Williams, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Callie Wright, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Alexa Zielinski, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Jordan Zielinski, CL
Mississippi, Burdette, Ryan Sullivan, CL
Mississippi, Gosnell, Tyler Adams, DL
Mississippi, Gosnell, Kristy Brasfield, CL
Mississippi, Gosnell, Sana Finch, CL
Mississippi, Gosnell, Dasnee McChristian, CL
Mississippi, Gosnell, Kelly Sellers, CL
Mississippi, Gosnell, Amber Tart, DL
Mississippi, Joiner, John Burrow, CL
Mississippi, Keiser, Joshua Fleming, CL
Mississippi, Keiser, German Vasquez, DL
Mississippi, Keiser, Tyler Worsham, CL
Mississippi, Leachville, Emily Clayton, DL
Mississippi, Leachville, Shelley Greer, DL
Mississippi, Leachville, Blake Miller, CL
Mississippi, Leachville, Kaley Poe, DL
Mississippi, Manila, Garrett Baker, DL
Mississippi, Manila, Hunter Bryan, DL
Mississippi, Manila, Jared Burks, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Kyle Cherry, DL
Mississippi, Manila, Melissa Collard, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Taylor Craig, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Erin Flagg, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Charles Fleeman, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Kellye Glidewell, CL
Mississippi, Manila, William Kazyak, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Nicholas Lesley, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Natalie Marcus, DL
Mississippi, Manila, Kelsey Richard, DL
Mississippi, Manila, Caitlyn Scott, DL
Mississippi, Manila, Kylle Scott, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Michael Shedd, DL
Mississippi, Manila, MiKayla Shedd, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Jordon Towell, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Natalie Veach, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Magan Wells, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Ronna Wells, DL
Mississippi, Manila, Belinda Wright, DL
Mississippi, Osceola, Brandi George, CL
Mississippi, Osceola, Ljeutrim Redzepi, DL
Mississippi, Whitton, Aaron Cato, DL
Mississippi, Wilson, Avery Collins, CL
Monroe, Brinkley, Kori Henard, CL
Monroe, Brinkley, Ashlee Walker, CL
Monroe, Brinkley, Jessica Wilkison, CL
Monroe, Brinkley, Rylee Williams, CL
Monroe, Clarendon, Trenton Julian, CL
Monroe, Roe, Sarah Taylor, CL
Newton, Marble Falls, Melissa Smith, CL
Newton, Western Grove, Lindsey Criner, CL
Ouachita, Camden, Deatrick Carter, CL
Ouachita, Camden, Jonathan Williams, CL
Ouachita, Louann, Randall Jerry, CL
Ouachita, Louann, Jordan McDaniel, DL
Phillips, Helena, Bethany Boyle, CL
Phillips, Helena, Christine Grauer, CL
Phillips, Lexa, Jazmyne Jacobs, CL
Phillips, Lexa, Jessica Lake, CL
Phillips, Mellwood, David Patton, DL
Phillips, Mellwood, Kelsey Sloas, CL
Phillips, Poplar Grove, Joanna Ligon, DL
Phillips, West Helena, Jamarcus Brider, DL
Phillips, West Helena, Kyle Haynes, DL
Phillips, West Helena, Ashley Scott, CL
Phillips, West Helena, Katelyn Warrick, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Paige Beasley, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Dylan Bosze, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Kevin Bosze, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Blakelee Butler, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Hunter Clampit, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Tonya Cole, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Byron Collins, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Cody Curtis, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Shara Farmer, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Brittany Farnsworth, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, John Hancock, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Amanda Harris, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Misty Hendrix, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Megan Horsley, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Andria Hutchison, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Brandy Lacy, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Chad Lacy, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Sharon Oberg, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Zachary Price, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Lawson Reddmann, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Michael Riddle, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Kassandra Riley, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Melissa Rolland, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Brianna Smelser, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Taylor Winningham, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Deborah Witt, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Nikki Wright, CL
Poinsett, Lepanto, Christopher Carter, CL
Poinsett, Lepanto, Haley Hale, CL
Poinsett, Lepanto, Aaron Hattle, CL
Poinsett, Lepanto, Courtney Rodgers, DL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Shelby Beck, DL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Danielle Lockamy, CL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Kristi Loyd, CL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Elizabeth McGuire, CL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Jessica Smith, CL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Ashley Thompson, DL
Poinsett, Rivervale, Casey Fires, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Jade Allen, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Wendy Becker, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Bobbi Benson, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Jeremy Collins, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Mark Constant, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Clinton Curtis, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Tiffany Davenport, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Jessie Davis, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Shalom Dunn, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Stephaine Fritz, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Ethan Glover, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Courtney Holt, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Christopher Jackson, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Melissa Martin, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Brandi Matney, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Morgan McKenzie, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Christopher Moss, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Thomas Nichols, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Ujasbhai Patel, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Tyler Riddle, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Anthony Rusher, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Belina Santos, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Jaron Snyder, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Kayla Spray, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Lindsey Utley, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Joseph Whitton, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Kimberly Willbanks, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Jennifer Worden, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Eric Zuniga, CL
Poinsett, Tyronza, Candice Ashley, DL
Poinsett, Tyronza, Chad Lenderman, DL
Poinsett, Tyronza, Zachary Permenter, DL
Poinsett, Waldenburg, Christina Canino, DL
Poinsett, Weiner, Robert Bise, DL
Poinsett, Weiner, Tia Booth, CL
Poinsett, Weiner, Carly Bradley, CL
Poinsett, Weiner, Tim Burnside, DL
Poinsett, Weiner, Madison Craft, CL
Poinsett, Weiner, Maleigh Harris, DL
Poinsett, Weiner, Kimberly Hendricks, DL
Poinsett, Weiner, Christopher Kinard, DL
Poinsett, Weiner, Creighton Powell, CL
Poinsett, Weiner, Madison Sprouse, DL
Polk, Mena, Jacob Maechler, DL
Polk, Mena, Logan McCourtney, CL
Pope, Pottsville, Ellen Morris, CL
Pope, Russellville, Riley Hancock, CL
Pope, Russellville, Lindsey Hefner, CL
Pope, Russellville, Rebecca Mackie, CL
Pope, Russellville, Jennifer Roberts, DL
Prairie, Biscoe, Carey Knowlton, CL
Prairie, Biscoe, Meredith Nowlin, CL
Prairie, Biscoe, Michael Sayger, DL
Prairie, Des Arc, Casie Livesay, CL
Prairie, Des Arc, Kimberly Parchman, DL
Prairie, Des Arc, Kendra Willeford, DL
Prairie, Hazen, Alexandria Davis, CL
Prairie, Hazen, Brody Goode, DL
Prairie, Hazen, Summer Greenwalt, CL
Prairie, Hazen, Laura Madden, CL
Prairie, Hazen, Stephanie Smith, CL
Prairie, Hazen, Cameron Vail, CL
Pulaski, Alexander, Mary Brantley, CL
Pulaski, Alexander, Brennan Bullock, DL
Pulaski, Alexander, Jeffrey Davidson, CL
Pulaski, Alexander, Kristen Dudley, CL
Pulaski, Alexander, Kari Henderson, CL
Pulaski, Alexander, Steven Johnson, DL
Pulaski, Alexander, Natalie Lyons, CL
Pulaski, Alexander, Tiffany Masterson, DL
Pulaski, Alexander, Brandin Stehle, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Benton Bajorek, DL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Megan Cease, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Sierra Davis, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Nick Dunn, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Katherine Greene, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Alisha Guyton, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Phebe Hall, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Meghan Helsley, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Patricia Henderson, DL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Whitney Hillman, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Devondre Hince, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Brittany Hodum, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Earl Morris, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Julie Mullen, DL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Matthew Pelkey, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Wendi Roberts, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Taylor Ruple, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Ashley Smith, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Kyle Stroup, DL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Myranda Thomen, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Zachary Traylor, DL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Sydney York, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Adeeja Anderson, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Lauren Berkemeyer, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Colea Blann, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Caleb Brooks, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Victoria Childress, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Timothy Daley, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Calvin Diaz, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Jaron Fells, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Marasha Grimes, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Matias Gupton, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Ashley Henning, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Nora Horton, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Kathryn Kamphausen, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Brittany Kelly, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Aaron Kurtz, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Emma Lemay, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Maaya Montgomery, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Jasmine Murray, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Stephanie Overby, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Samantha Rangel, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Hunter Sadler, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Connor Scarborough, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Maya Soman, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Amy Strange, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Charles Tillman, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Salecia Walls, DL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Whitney Beals, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Katelyn Boelzner, DL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Michele Boelzner, DL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Emily Elmore, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Alesha Haub, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Mica Hornes, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Briana Lane, DL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Gregory Oxner, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Breanna Waynes, DL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Jacquelyn Alexander, DL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Nathan Anderson, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Hunter Bowen, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Samuel Brucks, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Mary Dover, DL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Raven Jackson, DL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Jessica Marks, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Vontia Mitchell, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Heather Morrisey, DL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Bryant Moy, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Samantha Parmer, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Eden Walker, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Jennifer Walker, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Rachel Widmer, DL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Emily Barrow, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Daniel Daley, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Cassidy Harrison, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Kaylee Harvison, DL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Shannon Hathaway, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Jill Jacobs, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Savannah Lancaster, DL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Erica Machycek, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Meagan Paladino, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Anthony Pavan, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Elizabeth Swagerty, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Toby Tucker, DL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Erin Wadley, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, John Ward, DL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Hannah West, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Jade Youngblood, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Jennifer Zarlingo, CL
Pulaski, Roland, Kristi Wenneker, CL
Randolph, Biggers, Emily Hill, CL
Randolph, Imboden, William Gray, CL
Randolph, Maynard, Darice Barber, DL
Randolph, Maynard, Walter Kincade, CL
Randolph, O Kean, Justin Roberts, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Stephanie Crommie, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Kelley DeClerk, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Caitlyn Difani, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Camie Godwin, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Craig Green, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Logan Hausman, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Seth Jansen, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Aaron Johnson, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Mason Moody, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Cynthia Oaks, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Virginia Pickett, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Adam Reagan, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Madison Rice, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Jennifer Rogers, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Daniel Sloan, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Jenni Smith, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Mendy Sorg, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Kyle Standiford, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Rebecca Steimel, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Jackson Troxel, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Garrett Tyler, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Sara Weick, DL
Randolph, Ravenden Springs, Whitney Tanner, CL
St. Francis, Colt, Matthew Fryer, CL
St. Francis, Colt, Brittney Jones, DL
St. Francis, Colt, Brittney Treat, DL
St. Francis, Forrest City, Taelor Blankenship, CL
St. Francis, Forrest City, Leslie Craig, CL
St. Francis, Forrest City, Scarlett Drake, CL
St. Francis, Forrest City, Elaine Harris, CL
St. Francis, Forrest City, William Hughes, DL
St. Francis, Forrest City, Blake Jones, DL
St. Francis, Forrest City, Willie McMahan, CL
St. Francis, Forrest City, Elizabeth Perry, CL
St. Francis, Forrest City, Roman Volpe, DL
St. Francis, Forrest City, Janie Walls, DL
St. Francis, Hughes, Hannah Arnold, DL
St. Francis, Hughes, Alicia Cherry, CL
St. Francis, Hughes, Jonathan Collum, CL
St. Francis, Palestine, Lana Hamilton, CL
St. Francis, Palestine, Amanda Hobson, DL
St. Francis, Palestine, Kyra Sims, DL
St. Francis, Wheatley, Hunter Nash, CL
St. Francis, Widener, Alison Thompson, CL
Saline, Benton, Malika Akbar, CL
Saline, Benton, Lyndsay Brazil, CL
Saline, Benton, Cara Calaway, DL
Saline, Benton, Jordan Campbell, CL
Saline, Benton, Anna Clay, DL
Saline, Benton, Joshua Creel, DL
Saline, Benton, Anna Fagan, DL
Saline, Benton, Sarah Fagan, CL
Saline, Benton, Joshua Fogleman, DL
Saline, Benton, Natalie Graham, DL
Saline, Benton, Luke Lindsley, CL
Saline, Benton, Alexandria McKinley, CL
Saline, Benton, Robbie Melero, CL
Saline, Benton, Hannah Milligan, CL
Saline, Benton, Aaryn Murdock, CL
Saline, Benton, Jeffrey Rowlan, CL
Saline, Benton, Carmen Still, DL
Saline, Benton, Kaycie Taylor, CL
Saline, Benton, Jessica White, CL
Saline, Bryant, London Abernathy, CL
Saline, Bryant, Seth Alkire, CL
Saline, Bryant, Natalie Bauer, DL
Saline, Bryant, Anson Caddy, CL
Saline, Bryant, Alex Edens, CL
Saline, Bryant, Maggie Hart, CL
Saline, Bryant, Shelby Higgins, CL
Saline, Bryant, Taylor Troillett, CL
Saline, Bryant, Paige Turpin, CL
Saline, Bryant, Cameron Whaley, CL
Saline, Mabelvale, Trinity Jones, CL
Saline, Paron, Nathaniel Nelson, CL
Searcy, Marshall, Jessica Roberts, CL
Sebastian, Barling, Stephen Bell, DL
Sebastian, Fort Smith, Whitney Birch, CL
Sebastian, Fort Smith, Miles Clover, CL
Sebastian, Fort Smith, Holly Dodson, DL
Sebastian, Fort Smith, Endsley Evans, CL
Sebastian, Fort Smith, Andrew Todd, CL
Sebastian, Fort Smith, Charles Willis, CL
Sebastian, Greenwood, Karinda Brown, CL
Sebastian, Greenwood, Brae Gish, CL
Sebastian, Hackett, Kelsey Dickerson, CL 
Sharp, Cave City, Teisha Bagwell, DL
Sharp, Cave City, Mary Bailey, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Micah Brightwell, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Monica McDougal, DL
Sharp, Cave City, Whitney McSpadden, DL
Sharp, Cave City, Randi Miller, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Sarah Panhorst, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Aimee Rowlett, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Nicole Spurlock, CL
Sharp, Cherokee Village, Jordan Mays, CL
Sharp, Cherokee Village, Vincent Roberto, CL
Sharp, Cherokee Village, Shelby Rodish, CL
Sharp, Cherokee Village, Candace Wade, CL
Sharp, Evening Shade, William Clark, CL
Sharp, Evening Shade, John Colvin, DL
Sharp, Hardy, Christopher Danner, CL
Sharp, Hardy, Jessica Sellers, CL
Sharp, Hardy, Kaitlin Sellers, CL
Sharp, Hardy, Shawn Wright, CL
Sharp, Highland, Faith Black, DL
Sharp, Highland, Katie Blalack, CL
Sharp, Highland, Cannon Davis, CL
Sharp, Highland, Jennifer Dawson, DL
Sharp, Poughkeepsie, Amanda Massey, CL
Stone, Fifty Six, Kaidee Cruce, CL
Stone, Fox, Megan Geisser, DL
Stone, Mountain View, Jessica Flanery, DL
Stone, Mountain View, Jessie Hill, CL
Stone, Mountain View, Patricia Holloway, DL
Stone, Mountain View, Kasey Sims, DL
Stone, Mountain View, Megan Wilcox, DL
Stone, Mountain View, Austin Wilkie, CL
Stone, Timbo, Valerie Lambrecht, DL
Union, El Dorado, Christa Burgess, CL
Union, El Dorado, Morgan Butler, DL
Union, El Dorado, Mandi Funderburg, DL
Union, El Dorado, Jordan Phillips, CL
Union, El Dorado, Ashley Pratt, CL
Van Buren, Clinton, Taylor Love, CL
Van Buren, Shirley, Sarah Brown, CL
Van Buren, Shirley, Grant Harper, CL
Washington, Farmington, Garrison Rice, DL
Washington, Fayetteville, Max Coffin, DL
Washington, Fayetteville, Eli Mattioli, DL
Washington, Fayetteville, Jennifer Reynolds, DL
Washington, Fayetteville, Casie Tims, CL
Washington, Prairie Grove, Caleb Sugg, DL
Washington, Springdale, Daniel McFadin, CL
Washington, Springdale, Devin Reed, CL
White, Bald Knob, Elizabeth Corbit, CL
White, Bald Knob, Matthew Easley, DL
White, Bald Knob, Khali Garner, DL
White, Bald Knob, Ashley Gauthier, CL
White, Bald Knob, Savannah Harrington, DL
White, Bald Knob, Denise James, CL
White, Bald Knob, Mai Kee, CL
White, Bald Knob, Melanie Martens, CL
White, Bald Knob, Katie Wells, CL
White, Beebe, Kristin Bell, CL
White, Beebe, Jessica Boyle, CL
White, Beebe, Pamela Brock, CL
White, Beebe, William Brockway, CL
White, Beebe, Shayna Cates, CL
White, Beebe, Brittney Cooper, CL
White, Beebe, Kelsea Dugger, CL
White, Beebe, Fabiola Ecker, CL
White, Beebe, Brittney Jackson, CL
White, Beebe, Natasha Long, DL
White, Beebe, Adam Naramore, CL
White, Beebe, Megan Russell, CL
White, Beebe, Shauna Sentell, DL
White, Beebe, Michael Westergren, CL
White, Beebe, Jessica Wiley, CL
White, Beebe, Adam Wright, DL
White, Judsonia, Casey Baker, CL
White, Judsonia, John Hall, CL
White, Judsonia, Bethany Roberson, DL
White, Kensett, Stephanie Hill, CL
White, Kensett, Stephanie Hill, CL
White, McRae, Karly Carter, CL
White, McRae, Hannah Gilliam, CL
White, McRae, Kristina Shackelford, CL
White, McRae, Michella Tippett, CL
White, McRae, Devan Webster, CL
White, Pangburn, Lana Chumley, CL
White, Pangburn, Kayla Davis, CL
White, Pangburn, Lynda Patrick, CL
White, Pangburn, James Richardson, CL
White, Rose Bud, Whitney Ashby, CL
White, Rose Bud, Tyler Holden, CL
White, Searcy, Brooke Bennett, CL
White, Searcy, John Bolding, CL
White, Searcy, Stephanie Butler, DL
White, Searcy, Sydney Cobb, CL
White, Searcy, Melissa Cortes, CL
White, Searcy, Ashley Crow, CL
White, Searcy, Bailey Degroat, CL
White, Searcy, Autumn Fields, CL
White, Searcy, Teresa Fletcher, CL
White, Searcy, Kristina Formel, CL
White, Searcy, Jordan Fust, CL
White, Searcy, LaTasha Grammer, CL
White, Searcy, Jacob Hale, CL
White, Searcy, Dena Hamilton, CL
White, Searcy, Miranda Haydon, CL
White, Searcy, Alyssa Higgins, CL
White, Searcy, Jeremy Krause, CL
White, Searcy, Emily Ladd, CL
White, Searcy, Mari Naracon, CL
White, Searcy, Kim Overstreet, CL
White, Searcy, Brittany Petitpas, CL
White, Searcy, Heath Rogers, CL
White, Searcy, Donna Sorrell, CL
White, Searcy, Cassandra Stafford, CL
White, Searcy, Stephen Tompkins, CL
White, Searcy, Sheyanna Woody, CL
White, Searcy, Zara Zamzow, CL
White, Searcy, Sarah Zubor, CL
Woodruff, Augusta, Brent Flowers, CL
Woodruff, Augusta, Price Harrell, DL
Woodruff, McCrory, Angelique Akram, DL
Woodruff, McCrory, Brittany Barnett, CL
Woodruff, McCrory, Stacy Knight, CL
Woodruff, McCrory, Taylor McNew, CL
Woodruff, McCrory, Jessica Pittman, CL
Woodruff, McCrory, Anna Wampler, CL

Phoenix, Latoya Lee, CL

Cathedral City, Martika Cabezas, CL
Chico, Taylor Clements, CL
Palo Alto, Melissa Wallace, CL
Sausalito, Tierra Penny, DL
Stockton, Sunjum Hundal, CL

Colorado Springs, Erin Wimpy, CL

Clearwater, Logan Thiel, DL
Sarasota, Jenna Duerst, DL
Sarasota, Ali Valvo, DL

Douglasville, Jessica Hairston, CL
Marietta, Wayne Thompson, CL

Belleville, Katherine Bolding, DL
Columbia, Rachel Thurston, DL
Crystal Lake, Heather Newberry, DL
Edwardsville, Zachary Maggio, DL
Fairview Heights, Jacob Campbell, CL
Freeburg, Carley Vahlkamp, CL

Michigan City, Nichole Terry, CL

Lenexa, Kelsey Sullivan, DL
Manhattan, Madison Joyce, CL
Wichita, Cassady Clark, DL

Danville, Cassandra Oakes, DL

Livingston, Savannah Hutchinson, CL
Monroe, Darius Dunaway, DL
Ponchatoula, Christina Fink, CL
Thibodaux, Farrah Ayo, CL
Thibodaux, Melissa Credeur, CL

Forest Hill, Audrey Baldwin, CL

Burlington, Brandon DuBois, DL

Grand Blanc, Angela DiPonio, CL
Grandville, James Bickham, CL

Altenburg, Larissa Petzoldt, CL
Arbyrd, Elizabeth Moore, CL
Bakersfield, Jody Bond, CL
Bell City, Sherilyn Long, DL
Bragg City, Leigha Blankenship, CL
Campbell, McKenna Bader, CL
Campbell, Karen Cooper, DL
Campbell, Meagan Rush, CL
Cape Girardeau, Megan Hagedorn, CL
Cape Girardeau, Hayley Harris, DL
Cape Girardeau, Riley Thurman, DL
Cape Girardeau, Ashley Willis, DL
Cardwell, Ashley Vilchis, DL
Caruthersville, Graham Gardner, DL
Caruthersville, Robert Mehrle, DL
Caulfield, Cody Divelbiss, DL
Cooter, Jennifer Perkins, CL
Cooter, Holly Thorp, DL
Dexter, Lauren Dudley, CL
Dexter, Brandon Moore, CL
Dexter, Timothy Moore, DL
Dexter, Leah Noyes, CL
Doniphan, Isaac Ballow, CL
Doniphan, Adam Carpenter, CL
Doniphan, Tayler Cline, CL
Doniphan, Geoffrey Payne, CL
Doniphan, Carrie Semlinger, DL
Doniphan, Jessica Smith, CL
Doniphan, Nicholas Spencer, CL
Freeburg, Jacob Bax, CL
Gainesville, Andrew Lane, DL
Hayti, Lindsey Bryant, DL
Hornerville, Rebecca Hutchison, CL
Jackson, Sarah Phillips, DL
Kennett, Jade Caldwell, CL
Kennett, Mackenzie Carr, CL
Kennett, Adam Grantham, CL
Kennett, Jennings Haywood, CL
Kennett, Will Johnson, CL
Kennett, Ethan Russom, DL
Kennett, Caroline Shetley, CL
Kennett, Melani Snipes, CL
Lees Summit, Amanda Hatfield, CL
Malden, Kaela Belcher, CL
Malden, Tiffany Miller, DL
Naylor, Sara Dollins, CL
Platte City, Breann Rolofson, DL
Poplar Bluff, Eric Barnet, CL
Poplar Bluff, Rachael Brodell, DL
Poplar Bluff, Sara Eyler, CL
Poplar Bluff, Zachary Ferguson, CL
Poplar Bluff, Tanner French, DL
Poplar Bluff, Stephanie Halter, CL
Poplar Bluff, Joshua Lamb, CL
Poplar Bluff, Alexandra Pattillo, DL
Poplar Bluff, Alexander Swenson, CL
Poplar Bluff, Kaci Tapp, CL
Portageville, Lindsey Ferrell, DL
Portageville, Zachary Jolly, DL
Poxico, Christopher Tettleton, DL
Qulin, Ethan Redmon, CL
Qulin, Alan-Michael Shearer, CL
Rogersville, Brooke Franklin, CL
Senath, Audra Cherry, CL
Springfield, Kate Venable, CL
St. Louis, Crystal Guevara, CL
St. Louis, Lyndsey Patterson, CL
Steele, William Tramel, CL
Thayer, Cameron Carey, CL
Thayer, Erica Whitaker, DL
Van Buren, Grace Betz, DL
Webb City, Jessica Heuertz, DL

Clinton, Brittany Freeman, CL
Collins, Wallace Williamson, CL
Southaven, Allison McGuire, DL

Kalispell, Megan Gassaway, DL

Fort Bragg, Marshall Mooney, CL

Wooster, Allison Kearney, CL

Bartlesville, Ashley Rucker, CL
Broken Arrow, Kathryn Salamandra, CL
Tulsa, Nicholas Lozano, CL

Bend, Kyle Byrnes, CL

Lincoln University, Nicholas Taylor, CL

Chapin, Dalton Steele, DL

Arlington, Kevin Johnson, DL
Bartlett, Carleigh Gingery, CL
Bartlett, Chandler Hawkins, DL
Bartlett, Victoria Henson, DL
Bartlett, Kelly Howard, CL
Bartlett, Kathryn Locke, CL
Bartlett, Dalton Stringer, DL
Brentwood, Brian Davis, DL
Collierville, Chase Autry, CL
Collierville, Brandon Milhouse, DL
Cordova, Travekia Davis, CL
Cordova, Dane Leake, DL
Dyer, Adonias Finch, DL
Lakeland, Kristin Jacobson, DL
Memphis, Vicki Buck, CL
Memphis, Austin Marks, DL
Memphis, William Oliver, DL
Memphis, Crissie Overshine, CL
Memphis, Tara Stokes, DL
Millington, Matthew Baltensperger, CL
Millington, Charles Owen, DL
Paris, Chloe Joslin, DL
Stanton, Lyric Hupp, DL

Allen, Ashley Olvera, CL
Coppell, Jessica Berdan, CL
El Paso, Raziel Velgis, CL
Euless, Jessica Keith, CL
Fort Worth, Kudakwashe Makuvire, CL
Frisco, Katelyn Carmichael, CL
Hartley, Robert Elan-Puttick, DL
Haslet, Mallory McGilvray, CL
Mountain City, Janie Nowland, DL
Plano, Katherine Hosea, CL
Plano, Ashley Jackson, CL
Plano, Ashley McMurtry, CL
Plano, Emily Mizell, CL
Plano, Rexi Parcells, CL
Richmond, Taylor Szypulski, DL
San Antonio, Christopher Nicasio, DL
Southlake, Bethany Kremer, CL
Texarkana, Domenique Brown, DL
Texarkana, Tierra Green, DL

Glen Allen, Rachael Gittings, CL
Newport News, Patricia Davis, DL
North Chesterfield, Stephanie Mims, CL
Stafford, Courtney Pickett, CL

Satsop, Austin Baker, CL

Muskego, Kayla Hardy, CL

Cheyenne, Micah Christensen, CL

Australia, Melbourne, Jessie Heeps-Eriksen, CL
Bahamas, Nassau, Shaneil Cunningham, DL
Canada, Brampton, Amanda Lee, CL
Canada, North Vancouver, Lindsay Johansen, CL
China, Anyang, Yul Park, CL
China, Beijing, Ya Su, CL
China, Beijing, Junshi Wu, DL
China, Changchun, Hangshuo Guo, DL
China, Changchun, Lina Zhou, CL
China, Changsha, Yijia Liang, CL
China, Chengdu, Wenyi Li, DL
China, Chongqing, Linglin Liu, DL
China, Guangdong, Zhenjie Weng, CL
China, Guangdong, Hao Zheng, CL
China, Guangzhou, Shanshan Ai, DL
China, Guangzhou, Ganlei Huang, CL
China, Guangzhou, Zhuojun Luo, CL
China, Guangzhou, Guangdong, Mingdelun Chen, CL
China, Guiyang, Xiaochen Zhang, CL
China, Henan, Yanhui Zhai, DL
China, Shanghai, Siru Yao, CL
China, Taizhou, Haosheng Zheng, CL
China, Xi'an, Haotian Wang, DL
China, Xi’an Shaanxi, Bo Wang, CL
China, Yujing, Wei Chen, CL
China, Zhejiang, Tianjiao Ma, CL
China, Zhejiang, Rongrong Xia, DL
England, East Sussex, Kirsty Hastings, DL
England, Queenswood, Erin Howard, CL
Gambia, Banjul, Jainaba Njie, CL
Germany, Koeln, Jorn Gries, DL
Indonesia, Jakarta, Garry Ramdhany, CL
Japan, Fukkuika, Mari Nitasaka, DL
Japan, Gifu-shi, Gifu-ken, Natsuki Tanaka, CL
Japan, Kanagawa, Yuta Nishimura, CL
Japan, Kanagawa, Chihiro Sato, CL
Japan, Osaka, Kento Masago, CL
Japan, Shiga, Hiroki Matsuo, CL
Japan, Suginani-ku, Yuki Ando, DL
Japan, Tokyo, Shuntaro Mio, CL
Japan, Tsukuba-shi, Sayaka Ishii, CL
Japan, Yokkaichi, Tonae Mitsuhashi, CL
Japan, Yokohama-Shi, Kanaga, Tetsuya Hirakawa, CL
Kenya, Nairobi, Linda Ogutu, CL
Nepal, Kathmandu, Pratiksha Khadka, DL
New Zealand, Auckland, Thomas Haussrer, CL
Nigeria, Kaduna, Shadrach Ibinola, CL
Russia, Almaty, Inna Mukhametova, CL
Russia, Semiluki, Alexey Leshchev, CL
Russia, Ust - Kamenogorsk, Ilya Nikolayev, CL
Russia, Monino, Yulia Rufimskaya, DL
Saudi Arabia, Dammam, Horiah Alaradi, CL
Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, Mohammed Bakhallagi, DL 
Saudi Arabia, Qatif, Hassan Alabiadh, DL
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Abdullah Alhossan, CL
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Fahad Alshalan, DL
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Saoud Ba Maqiredh, CL
Saudi Arabia, Saihat, Ali Almahfoodh, DL
Saudi Arabia, Unaizh, Sulaiman Alsuraykh, DL
Saudi Arabia, Yanbu, Yazeed Aljohani, CL
Serbia, Novi Sad, Tamara Slijepcevic, CL
South Korea, Chung Nam, Noori Han, DL
South Africa, Hermanus, Paul Benade, DL
South Korea, Incheon, Seoyun Chung, DL
South Africa, Secunda, Wessel Zwiegers, CL
South Korea, Seoul, Yun Bin Park, CL
South Korea, Seoul, Dong Hee Lee, CL
South Korea, Suji-gu, Han Na Lee, CL
Tarot, Qasim Almubasher, DL
Vietnam, Ha Noi, Tung Do, DL
Vietnam, Ha Noi, Linh Nguyen, CL
Vietnam, Hanoi, Dat Pham, DL
Vietnam,Hanoi, Minh Trang Tran, CL
Vietnam, Quy Nhon, Ho Le, CL
Zimbabwe, Harare, Joshua Smallbones, CL