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American Honda Foundation Presents Grant for 'Summer at A-State STEM, Literacy and Character-Building Camp'


JONESBORO – The American Honda Foundation has awarded a $74,997 grant to Arkansas State University in support of the "Summer at A-State STEM, Literacy and Character-Building Camp."

Faculty and staff in the College of Education and Behavioral Science will conduct the camp this summer.

"Summer at A-State" is an intense STEM-focused learning and literacy camp for low to moderate income youth, designed to increase awareness of and interest in education and careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Funding from the American Honda Foundation will allow 150 youth to attend "Summer at A-State" at no cost to the student.  The American Honda Foundation funds will provide salary support for educators, materials and supplies for the camp, and evaluation. Utilizing the funds in this way will allow the typical tuition of $175 to be waived for 150 youth who meet the participation criteria.

"Arkansas State University is grateful to the American Honda Foundation," said Dr. Jason Penry, vice chancellor for university advancement. "The foundation's generosity will give life-changing opportunities to 150 youth, many of whom we hope will eventually become STEM students at A-State."

The university will recruit participants within the county school systems and the North Jonesboro Neighborhood Initiative.  University representatives will familiarize counselors with the "Summer at A‑State" program and ask them to work with classroom teachers to recommend or refer students to the program who meet the poverty guideline qualifications of free and or reduced price lunch.

Eligible students would not otherwise have an opportunity to participate in an enriching summer experience such as "Summer at A-State."  Classroom teachers can consider academic performance and potential loss of learning during the summer months when considering referrals to the program. 

"We will visit each school counselor to discuss the program and ask for referrals, indicating the American Honda Foundation has provided the resources to allow children, youth, and adolescents in our area to participate in this outstanding summer program," Penry added.

About the American Honda Foundation:

Established in 1984, the American Honda Foundation (AHF) makes grants to non-profit organizations that benefit the people of the United States in the areas of youth and scientific education, with a specific focus on STEM subjects in addition to the environment. AHF engages in grant making that reflects the basic tenets, beliefs and philosophies of Honda companies, which are characterized by the following qualities: imaginative, creative, youthful, forward-thinking, scientific, humanistic and innovative. Since its inception, more than $34 million has been awarded to organizations serving approximately 115 million people in every state in the U.S.  For more information please visit http://www.foundation.honda.com.

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