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A-State Recommended for Reaccreditation


EDITOR’S NOTE:  This article was corrected to reflect that the programs, not the college, are accredited by ACEJMC.  We regret the error and any confusion from our earlier posting. – Bill Smith

JONESBORO — Arkansas State University was recently notified three media and communication programs were recommended for full reaccreditation by the accrediting committee of the Accrediting Council for Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication (ACEJMC).

The accrediting committee voted 13-0 in favor of accreditation March 21 following a report given by the chair of the site team that reviewed the college’s self-study and visited A-State in January. The site team found Arkansas State compliant on all nine standards and recommended full reaccreditation.

The site team’s report lauded the college for its efforts to implement curriculum change that addresses the world of new media, dedicated faculty that “envelops” the students, bright students who have access to professional-level student media, technology and facilities. The site team chair, Peter Bhatia, visiting professor of journalism ethics at Arizona State University and the former editor of the Portland Oregonian, reported to the accrediting committee that the college was a great example of how a faculty with heavy teaching loads could also be productive scholars.

Areas for improvement included the need for more consistent application of the college’s assessment plans and the need for more support staff to help meet its complex mission, particularly in the area of development and fundraising.

“The university was first accredited 37 years ago and it has been a hallmark of one of the best programs in the country,” said Dr. Brad Rawlins, dean of the college. “As one of only two accredited programs in Arkansas, it confirms that the quality of education students receive in our programs is among the very best in the country.”

“The site team was extremely complimentary of our students, faculty, staff and facilities,” Rawlins continued. “One of the site team members asked if she could take our students home with her because she was so enamored with their enthusiasm, gratitude and dedication to their programs.”

The recommendation is reviewed next by the accrediting council of ACEJMC, which is the third and final step in the accrediting process. The site team makes a recommendation to the accrediting committee that in turn makes an independent recommendation to the accrediting council. The accrediting council meets on May 1 to make the final decision.

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