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A-State Announces 'Degree in 3' Three-Year Degree Option


JONESBORO – “So I can finish early and use scholarship money for grad school?”

“It would help me use credits I earned in high school.”

“This would be great for my family’s finances.”

These were some of the reactions by current students to the new Arkansas State University plan for three-year bachelor’s degree programs rolling out this fall: Degree in 3.

Degree in 3 is a wide range of plans that allow students to reduce costs and complete their undergraduate degree in three calendar years.  Along with the three-year program advising and checklists, A-State’s Degree in 3 also provides support for early entry into graduate school.

“Earning a bachelor’s degree in three years provides a substantial savings for students and their families in time and money,” Chancellor Tim Hudson said.  “Making college more affordable is a goal at Arkansas State, and aligns with state priorities.  We want to do our part to increase the number of university graduates in Arkansas.”

Beginning this academic year, scholarships provided by Arkansas State can be used for summer semester course work.  Combined with new summer course offerings to support early degree completion, Degree in 3 allows students to utilize all three semesters during the calendar year.

Aside from the significant savings of completing the bachelor’s degree in three years, early A-State graduates earn the bonus of utilizing the remaining monies of their applicable four-year scholarships to enter graduate school at Arkansas State. 

“In certain career fields, earning a bachelor’s degree is the starting point,” Provost Lynita Cooksey said.  “We want to provide Degree in 3 students a head start – they can use their last year’s scholarship to reduce the cost of their first year of a graduate program at A-State.”

While the Degree in 3 program broadens access to the summer semester to more students, it does not alter the opportunity for students to engage in campus life.

“Participation in leadership opportunities, undergraduate research, sports, arts, study abroad, Greek life or other student organizations is an important part of the Arkansas State experience,” Hudson said.  “Degree in 3 students will be full campus citizens, just at an accelerated pace.”

More than 20 degree programs are identified to start this fall, with more academic areas joining during the upcoming year.

“Guiding students through the process is the key to early completion, and we have a faculty filled with mentors and advisers dedicated to helping our students,” Cooksey said.

Another group that benefits from A-State’s Degree in 3 is the growing number of high school students entering college with a semester or more of university credit through concurrent enrollment.

“As concurrent courses become more common in Arkansas high schools, Degree in 3 builds on these students’ demonstrated desire to achieve,” Hudson said.

To learn more about specific degree plans and scholarship details, contact the Recruiting Office at Arkansas State at (870) 972-2782 or go to AState.edu/DegreeIn3.

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