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A-State Announces 2015 Spring Chancellor’s, Deans’ Lists


JONESBORO – Students named to the Chancellor’s and Deans’ lists for spring 2015 at Arkansas State University have been announced. Combined, the group has 2,006 students.
The two lists recognize students who achieved the highest grade point averages while enrolled in 12 or more credit hours of study.
The Chancellor’s List (designated as CL) includes students who earned a grade point average of 3.80 to 4.0 for fall classes. The Deans’ List (DL) includes students with a grade point average of 3.6 to 3.79.
The lists are recorded alphabetically by state, county, hometown and name of student.
Fairbanks, Heather Spence, DL
Florence, Jamaris Hart, DL
Arkansas, De Witt, Megan Boyd, CL
Arkansas, Dewitt, Corey Fuhrman, CL
Arkansas, Dewitt, Randi Hestir, DL
Arkansas, Dewitt, Ragan Snyder, CL
Arkansas, Gillett, Ryan Holbert, DL
Arkansas, Gillett, Chasity Jones, CL
Arkansas, Humphrey, Blake Bowen, DL
Arkansas, Stuttgart, Reba DeVore, CL
Arkansas, Stuttgart, Rebecca Galloway, CL
Arkansas, Stuttgart, Christopher Hooks, DL
Arkansas, Stuttgart, Carlee Jones, CL
Arkansas, Stuttgart, Britni Weaver, DL
Arkansas, Stuttgart, Allison White, CL
Arkansas, Stuttgart, Abby Wilson, DL
Ashley, Hamburg, Hayley Woods, CL
Ashley, Portland, William Lassiter, CL
Baxter, Calico Rock, Brittany Fountain, CL
Baxter, Calico Rock, Samuel Hurst, CL
Baxter, Calico Rock, Emily Johnson, DL
Baxter, Calico Rock, Leisha McCoy, CL
Baxter, Calico Rock, Brayden McCurley, CL
Baxter, Calico Rock, Brooke McCurley, CL
Baxter, Calico Rock, Ashley Moody, DL
Baxter, Cotter, Kenneth Eubanks, CL
Baxter, Cotter, Kaleigh Hammack, DL
Baxter, Gassville, Paige Small, DL
Baxter, Gassville, Hailey Thomas, CL
Baxter, Gassville, Margaret Thomas, DL
Baxter, Gassville, Ashley Woodell, CL
Baxter, Henderson, Ryan Oliver, CL
Baxter, Lakeview, Cheyanne Spoo, CL
Baxter, Midway, Raychel Miller, CL
Baxter, Midway, Christie Proffitt, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Alexa Allen, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Jessica Campbell, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Michael Case, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Arthur Crider, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Carly Dibble, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Miranda Dickerson, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Michele Flynn, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Shanon Gardner, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Kelsie Harris, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Meagen Harrison, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Kailey Hughes, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Stephanie Hughes, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Madison Ingle, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Samantha Ingle, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Paul Jaques, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Robert Lemons, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Patrick Leppold, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Katelyn Orick, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Kayla Pelt, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Emily Prohl, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Sarah Shelley, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Nathaniel Smith, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Aundrianna Summerall, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Melissa Tabor, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Hannah Todd, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Rebecca Villiger, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Natalie White, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Catie Wood, CL
Baxter, Norfork, Shaunya Fraysher, DL
Baxter, Norfork, Crystal Taylor, CL
Benton, Bella Vista, Daniel Golaway, DL
Benton, Bella Vista, Megan Michel, CL
Benton, Bentonville, Sydney Gramling, CL
Benton, Gravette, Tammie Loyd, CL
Benton, Lowell, Barret Schein, DL
Boone, Alpena, Allyson Hartwick, CL
Boone, Diamond City, Samantha Tucker, CL
Boone, Harrison, Kathleen Blessing, CL
Boone, Harrison, Paige Caraway, CL
Boone, Harrison, Kathryn Collier, CL
Boone, Harrison, Emily Davis, CL
Boone, Harrison, Sarah Hanks, CL
Boone, Harrison, Jeremy Hill, CL
Boone, Harrison, Jessica Holsted, CL
Boone, Harrison, Kayla Leal, CL
Boone, Harrison, Bethany Ledford, CL
Boone, Harrison, Dawn Mills, CL
Boone, Harrison, Hannah Richesin, DL
Boone, Harrison, Carissa Rogers, CL
Boone, Harrison, Jordan Rudelis, CL
Bradley, Hermitage, Collin Wilkerson, CL
Bradley, Warren, Regan May, CL
Calhoun, Hampton, Matthew Yaksic, CL
Carroll, Berryville, Alfonso Arteaga, DL
Carroll, Berryville, Clare Doss, CL
Carroll, Berryville, Robert Hudgens, CL
Carroll, Berryville, Abbey Orf, CL
Carroll, Berryville, Samantha Richter, CL
Carroll, Berryville, Clinton Summers, CL
Carroll, Green Forest, Michael Zimmerman, CL
Clark, Arkadelphia, John Person, CL
Clark, Arkadelphia, Laura Powell, CL
Clark, Arkadelphia, Lisa Rogers, DL
Clay, Corning, Marka Ahrent, DL
Clay, Corning, Ashley Borris, DL
Clay, Corning, Chasidy Cates, CL
Clay, Corning, Paige Price, DL
Clay, Corning, Sierra Scheffler, DL
Clay, Corning, Jesse Ward, CL
Clay, Corning, Alison Williams, DL
Clay, Corning, Ashley Williams, CL
Clay, Corning, Ethan Woolard, CL
Clay, Piggott, Christopher Book, CL
Clay, Piggott, Robert Coyle, CL
Clay, Piggott, Kacey Crossfield, CL
Clay, Piggott, Kelli Fowler, CL
Clay, Piggott, Haley French, CL
Clay, Piggott, Allison Gurley, CL
Clay, Piggott, Hunter Holcomb, DL
Clay, Piggott, Stephany Lockard, CL
Clay, Piggott, Della McCluskey, CL
Clay, Piggott, Stephanie Mendoza, CL
Clay, Piggott, Logan Wilson, DL
Clay, Piggott, Breanna Wright, CL
Clay, Rector, Jessica Boggs, CL
Clay, Rector, Haven Cagle, CL
Clay, Rector, Morgan Clayton, CL
Clay, Rector, Amy DeMent, CL
Clay, Rector, Stephanie DeMent, CL
Clay, Rector, Lindsey Ford, CL
Clay, Rector, Whitney Hall, CL
Clay, Rector, Kaylee Hartsfield, CL
Clay, Rector, Brittany Lockhart, CL
Clay, Rector, Stephanie Newman, CL
Clay, Rector, Kasey Reagans, DL
Clay, Rector, Courtney Shepard, CL
Clay, Rector, Sarah Vangilder, CL
Clay, Rector, Mitchell Weber, CL
Clay, Rector, Kelsey Wynn, CL
Cleburne, Concord, Ethan Reed, CL
Cleburne, Edgemont, Taylor Long, DL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Katie Adair, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Austin Childers, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Andrew Crumpton, DL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Sarah Dickerson, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Taylor Eaton, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Thomas Hills, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Sky Johnson, DL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Arielle McElroy, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Amylyn McGary, DL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Bridget Messenger, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Matthew Reid, DL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Kasidy Romero, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Lauren Wynne, CL
Cleburne, Quitman, Katie Barger, CL
Cleburne, Quitman, Shelby Barger, CL
Cleburne, Quitman, Jalesa Cook, CL
Cleburne, Quitman, Sawyer Johnson, DL
Cleburne, Tumbling Shoals, Tyler Moss, CL
Cleburne, Wilburn, Katie Chastain, DL
Cleburne, Wilburn, Donysia Jennings, CL
Cleveland, Rison, Marks Giovanni, CL
Cleveland, Rison, Samantha Harrison, CL
Cleveland, Rison, Amy Hogan, CL
Cleveland, Rison, Taylor Russell, CL
Columbia, Magnolia, Clayton Kardas, CL
Columbia, Magnolia, Douglas Moss, DL
Columbia, Magnolia, Katie Sanders, CL
Columbia, Magnolia, Caleb Silvey, CL
Conway, Morrilton, Rebecca Adams, CL
Conway, Morrilton, Taylor Duvall, DL
Conway, Morrilton, Adam Gottsponer, CL
Conway, Morrilton, Allison Nichols, DL
Conway, Morrilton, Kaitlyn Riedmueller, DL
Craighead, Bay, Hannah Emerson, DL
Craighead, Bay, Andrew Hill, CL
Craighead, Bay, Libby Martin, DL
Craighead, Bay, Kimberly Novalick, CL
Craighead, Bay, Tiffany Towery, CL
Craighead, Bay, Allison Vincent, CL
Craighead, Bay, Deborah Williams, CL
Craighead, Bay, Mattie Winningham, CL
Craighead, Bono, Carleton Bailey, DL
Craighead, Bono, Stephen Berry, CL
Craighead, Bono, Chelsea Best, DL
Craighead, Bono, Dalton Broadaway, CL
Craighead, Bono, Joshua-Allen Brooks, CL
Craighead, Bono, Sara Brooks, DL
Craighead, Bono, Courtney Davis, DL
Craighead, Bono, Lawrence Dulaney, DL
Craighead, Bono, Dustin Easley, CL
Craighead, Bono, Kyle Easley, CL
Craighead, Bono, Amanda Elrod, DL
Craighead, Bono, Sara Fielder, DL
Craighead, Bono, Michelle Friend, DL
Craighead, Bono, Connor Gott, CL
Craighead, Bono, Jennifer Greenway, CL
Craighead, Bono, Heaven Howard, CL
Craighead, Bono, Ty Huggins, CL
Craighead, Bono, Robert Hunter, CL
Craighead, Bono, Kimberly Jordan, CL
Craighead, Bono, Sabrina Knight, DL
Craighead, Bono, Jordan Lewis, CL
Craighead, Bono, Mallory Morris, CL
Craighead, Bono, Tanya Morris, CL
Craighead, Bono, Mallory Parton, CL
Craighead, Bono, Ragan Rapert, CL
Craighead, Bono, Belinda Ray, CL
Craighead, Bono, Cassidy Reid, DL
Craighead, Bono, Rachael Richardson, CL
Craighead, Bono, Katelin Rickman, CL
Craighead, Bono, Justin Roberts, DL
Craighead, Bono, Hailey Tate, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Tristan Adkins, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Brett Brewer, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Gracyn Brown, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Erin Faisst, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Chase Gage, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Larry George, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Marion Glenn, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Michael Herren, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Karee Hicks, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Eric Jones, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Jordan Lane, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Caitlin LaRue, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Rebecca Loveless-Brill, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Ryan Marshall, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Jordan Maynard, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Shon Moudy, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Jesse Pruitt, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Clay Reddick, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Taylor Rogers, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Jennifer Russell, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Caitlyn Scott, CL
Craighead, Brookland, CathyJo Smallmon, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Julie Vaughn, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Christopher Williams, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Cydni Williams, CL
Craighead, Caraway, Rebekah Frayer, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Khatijah Abdullah, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Anthony Adkins, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Leah Adkins, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Zemfira Aghabayova, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sadeem Akif, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ruaa Al Muhanna, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Willis Alexander, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren Alkire, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hannah Allen, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Razan Almehanna, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Qasim  Almubasher, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Talal Alzahrani, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Matthew Anderson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Garrett Andrews, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Chineche Aniemena, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Appleby, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jacy Arkless, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Keith Arnoult, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lydia Askeland, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Deanna Baggett, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Charolette Baker, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Joshua Baker, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kelsey Banks, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jackson Barber, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Katie Barker, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, McKenzie Barley, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Justin Barnes, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amy Barnett, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Samuel Bell, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Robert Belzung, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lucinda Bennett, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kyle Biggers, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rashed Bin Daris, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tifani Black, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Katelyn Blackmore, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nathaniel Blevins, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Taylor Boling, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Dylan Bosze, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kevin Bosze, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Matthew Brandon, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rachel Branscum, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jaqulyn Brantley, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rachael Brodell, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jason Brown, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kimberly Brown, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Roza Brown, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tamika Brown, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Destiny Browning, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Devonte' Buckner, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Haley Burden, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Angela Burgess, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Burnett, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kate Cain, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hannah Campbell, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Zane Cannon, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tammy Caples, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Christina Carl, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Catherine Carlton, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Erin Carson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jacob Carter, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jo Carter, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Claire Case, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, McKenzie Catt, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tiffany Chen, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Yirong Chen, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, J. Christian, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amanda Clark, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cecilia Clark, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hannah Clark, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Teal Clark, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brandon Cole, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jordan Coleman, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Chase Cook, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jordan Cook, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Shelby Cooper, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Aspen Copelin, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Summer Corker, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Liam Costello, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tucker Crain, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hannah Cunningham, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Erin Curtis, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hanna Dailey, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kelley Daniel, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Demarcus Daniels, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sonali Das, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Shenequa Davis, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Yolanda Davis, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rachel Dawson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Aaron Decker, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Stephanie Dekok, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jason Despain, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Devlin Deveney, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mariel Diaz, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Laura Disharoon, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Khrysten Dobbins, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Trystan Dorton, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Elizabeth Dryer, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Laura Dunivan, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Andrew Dunnam, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Garrett Dunnam, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nicole Duty, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Joshua Dye, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Danielle Earley, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Eberwein, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brittany Edwards, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Abdullah Ekhwan, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Marchell Ekoh, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jack Ellington, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Dru Ergle, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Colton Eubanks, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Deja Evans, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kaitlin Everett, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jordan Faisst, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, William Ferguson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cassie Ferrell, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brittany Files, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ryan Fischer, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Layla Fisher, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Gabriela Flores, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer Foust, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Johnathan Frazee, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cedric Freeman, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Matthew Fritz, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Koki Fujiwara, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Taylor Gambill, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Aundrea Gamble, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Megan Gammon, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jordan Gardner, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Connor Gatewood, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren Gay, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Gearhart, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Abby George, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mohammed Saad Ghias, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ethan Gibson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Foy Gilliam, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mallory Gipson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Casi Glaub, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kaley Golden, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amber Gomez, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Vargas Santiago Gonzalez, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Gabriella Gorton, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nicholas Graves, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Bradford Gray, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Anna Grayson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jessica Greaser, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Emily Green, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hazel Greene, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cara Greer, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Morgan Griffin, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Melissa Grigsby, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mikala Groves, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Xing Grubbs, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Stephanie Gryner, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amber Gschwend, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Wang Guangpeng, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer Hacker, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ellen Hakenewerth, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cathryn Hall, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rosilyn Hall, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Spencer Handwork, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer Hannah, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mallory Hanusowski, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Stevie Harmon, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Carolina Harper, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kelly Harris, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Suzanne Harris, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kevin Hart, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cristi Harvey, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kaylee Harvison, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rashedul Hasan, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sophie Hedge, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Johnna Heern, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Andrew Herndon, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jada Hess, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Blake Higdon, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Katon Hill, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Huong Ho, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Justin Holland, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kalista Holloway, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Samantha Holt, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mikayla Holzem, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Dara Honeycutt, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jimmy Hood, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, LaToya Hood, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cody Horton, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Aaron House, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Liu Huang, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Bryce Hudspeth, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Madison Huey, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jonathan Huggins, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kevin Hulett, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cody Hutchison, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Morgan Inzer, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Bambie Islas, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Clayton Jackson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cody Jackson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tiffany Jackson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Alexa Jacobs, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kalee James, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Anna Jenness, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Leilei Jin, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Casey Johnson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lindsey Johnson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nathan Johnson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Pershauna Johnson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Travis Johnson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Samantha Johnston, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jeremiah Jones, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Miranda Jones, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Reece Jones, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Weston Jones, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Zachary Jones, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Abhishek Joshi, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Bhargavi Kandadi, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Theresia Keith, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Paige Kennedy, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Caleb King, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Joshua King, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Madison Lane, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren Langston, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Shawn Laurence, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brooke Lawson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ho Le, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Elizabeth Ledbetter, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amanda Lee, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Virlan Lee, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Yiyao Li, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Qing Liu, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kristen Lilly, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren Lilly, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amber Lindley, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Emily Lindley, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nathan Liouh, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Natalie Lipsky, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Matthew Loiacano, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tyler Long, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tara Loperano, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jordan Lyerly, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jeremiah Macdonald, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kyle Madden, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cora Malone, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Caitlyn Mans, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashley Martins, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tyler Mason, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Daniel Massirer, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Carly Matteson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jenna Mays, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hannah McClung, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Bobby McDaniel, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Maegan McDaniel, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Marshall McDaniel, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Katelyn McGee, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kaitlyn McLendon, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brenna McNeese, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashley Meadows, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hannah Meredith, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Darah Merritt, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Drake Merritt, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Meagan Milidonis, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Carmen Miller, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Dave Miller, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Emily Miller, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jonathan Miller, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lindi Miller, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sammie Miser, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Virginia Mode, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Shitalbahen Modi, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brady Moody, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Emily Moody, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Makayla Moody, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, April Morgan, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jason Morgan, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Madison Morgan, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Meg Morgan, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Shauna Moultrie, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Batool Mraiyan, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lelonah Mullins, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ana Munoz, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tassie Murphree, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Matthew Myers, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Wesley Nelson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Peyton Newlon, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ngoc Nguyen, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Angela Nichols, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Carly Nichols, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Geneva Nichols, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, William Nichols, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kaily Nix, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Holly Noell, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cameron Nolen, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jeremiah Nortier, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tabitha O’Neal, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Desiree Orosz, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brianna Orr, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Christopher Orr, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, James Ottoson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashton Owen, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Gabrielle Parks, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Derek Parnell, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Marlie Parnell, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Blaire Parrish, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren Paulk, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Charlie Peek, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Robert Peevey, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kelsey Pendergrass, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Dat Pham, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Chelsea Phillips, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Phillips, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jordan Pickens, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Blade Pickering, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Audra Pierce, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Erica Pierce, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Evan Pierce, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Meredith Pierce, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Krystal Polk, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tiffany Porter, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hali Pratt, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jeffery Prestidge, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kashmoney Pride, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Erica Pruitt, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, April Prunty, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Crystal Pugh, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jackson Rains, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jonathan Rainwater, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Abbie Ratliff, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Joshua Ratliff, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hunter Rawls, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sydney Rebstock, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Daisy Reding, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Taylor Reding, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Wayne Reynolds, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Charles Riley, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kassandra Riley, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jacklyn Risi, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Eric Roberts, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Robertson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cameron Robinson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Monaya Robinson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rachel Roebuck, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Katlyn Rook, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jean Rose, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Josephine Rose, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Anna Rougeau, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Saddler, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jessica Saito, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Samantha Saldivar, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kristina Sammons, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Dana Sanchez, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amber Sanders, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Felicia Sanders, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Austin Sandy, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hunter Schneider, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Leah Schratz, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, David Schulz, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashley Schulze, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jessica Scott, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Allyssa Sellmeyer, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Stephen Shatzer, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Erica Sheets, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kristin Shirley, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jacob Showalter, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Dana Simpkins, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lynlie Simpson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hailey Skonhovd, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Andrew Smith, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jamie Smith, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tracy Smith, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jaron Snyder, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren Southe, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Christina Stark, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Joseph Stark, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Anne Steed, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Matthew Stewart, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Molly Stoll, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kathryn Stone, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kwameka Stone, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Michael Stout, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Derrick Stroh, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kimberly Stuart, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jordan Stubblefield, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Emily Sullivan, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Sullivan, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Thomas Sustich, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Marina Swanson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Dominique Tagupa, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sara Talley, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amber Tart, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Blaise Taylor, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Emilee Taylor, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Essence Taylor, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tiffany Taylor, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Pitser Thomas, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Gennifer Thompson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kristen Thrasher, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Olivia Throesch, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ellen Tinnell, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rebecca Tinsley, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hunter Travis, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Andrew Treat, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Shauna Tucker, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Austin Turbeville, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brooke Turner, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jason Turner, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Meredith Turner, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Seth Vanhorn, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Joseph Vanscoy, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brandi Varner, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Caraline Vaughn, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Vickery, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Laura Wade, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Daniel Wall, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Braden Walls, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Destiny Warner, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Paul Warner, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Emma Watkins, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jaclyn Watkins, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Adam Watson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Corbin Watson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kelly Webb, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Baker Weilert, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ania Welman, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cristi Wessel, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Thomas West, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sutton Wester, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jordan White, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Terry White, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cory Whitehurst, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Abbie Wilbanks, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Bethany Wilcox, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ana Williams, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jasmine Williams, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Reagan Williams, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Gregory Willis, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Anthony Windle, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tyler Womble, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Haley Woods, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rochelle Wooten, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Christopher Wright, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kierra Wright, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mingxi Xie, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Alecia York, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Leah Young, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Timothy Arquitt, DL
Craighead, Lake City, Christy Booth, DL
Craighead, Lake City, Hayden Cornwell, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Tyler Cornwell, DL
Craighead, Lake City, Amanda Foster, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Thomas Johns, DL
Craighead, Lake City, Logan Meurer, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Taylor Owens, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Lauren Weaver, DL
Craighead, Monette, Morgan Barnes, CL
Craighead, Monette, Coral Burke, DL
Craighead, Monette, Bianca Garcia, DL
Craighead, Monette, Sarah Graham, DL
Craighead, Monette, Kaley Hawkins, CL
Craighead, Monette, Stephanie Hill, DL
Craighead, Monette, Cesar Marroquin, CL
Craighead, Monette, Jenna Pike, CL
Craighead, Monette, Cassidy Qualls, CL
Craighead, Monette, Micah Thompson, DL
Craighead, State University, Destani Abney, DL
Craighead, State University, Dean Adams, CL
Craighead, State University, Shamsa Al-Zadjali, CL 
Craighead, State University, Amanda Albersman, CL
Craighead, State University, Ethan Barnes, DL
Craighead, State University, Jaysa Barnett, DL
Craighead, State University, Caleb Brooks, CL
Craighead, State University, Brizeira Card, CL
Craighead, State University, Ryken Cocherell, CL
Craighead, State University, Faunia Cofre Unnold, CL
Craighead, State University, Marie Couffignal, DL
Craighead, State University, Kaidee Cruce, CL
Craighead, State University, Carolien De Ridder, CL
Craighead, State University, Emily Garren, CL
Craighead, State University, Christopher Haines, DL
Craighead, State University, Angela Hamill, DL
Craighead, State University, Keiya Higuchi, DL
Craighead, State University, Yota Higuchi, DL
Craighead, State University, Tomomi Hosoi, DL
Craighead, State University, Erin Howard, CL
Craighead, State University, Emily Hubbard, DL
Craighead, State University, Savannah Hutchinson, DL
Craighead, State University, Heaven Jackson, CL
Craighead, State University, Julian Jackson, DL
Craighead, State University, Dawid Jacobs, CL
Craighead, State University, Skyler Jones, CL
Craighead, State University, Kolby Kendrick, CL
Craighead, State University, Kaori Kitamura, CL
Craighead, State University, Andrea Kouame, DL
Craighead, State University, Abigail Laker, CL
Craighead, State University, Danielle Lawrence, CL
Craighead, State University, Chreyshayla Lognion, DL
Craighead, State University, Qiyun Lu, DL
Craighead, State University, Erica Manley, CL
Craighead, State University, Ashley Marshall, DL
Craighead, State University, Jackson Mixon, CL
Craighead, State University, Jessica Moore, DL
Craighead, State University, Tristan Payne, CL
Craighead, State University, Mallory Perry, CL
Craighead, State University, Melody Rainwater, CL
Craighead, State University, Nicholas Rice, CL
Craighead, State University, Ryoga Sasaki, CL 
Craighead, State University, Jed Schales, CL
Craighead, State University, Morgan Seelinger, CL
Craighead, State University, Alyssa Skinner, DL
Craighead, State University, Hiroka Takehara, CL
Craighead, State University, Keat Teoh, CL
Craighead, State University, Kira Tunstall, CL
Craighead, State University, Delia Turner, CL
Craighead, State University, Vontenia Woods, DL
Crawford, Alma, Casey Cole, CL
Crawford, Alma, Hannah Putman, CL
Crawford, Van Buren, Hero McIntyre, CL
Crawford, Van Buren, Chong Shelton, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Savannah Allen, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Jacob Bedsole, CL
Crittenden, Marion, John Bell, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Hayley Bigger, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Erica Blackford, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Tyson Bradley, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Madison Brogdon, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Elizabeth Byrd, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Delaney Chapple, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Jeremy Derose, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Cullen Estes, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Mallory Floyd, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Casey Goode, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Brandon Haley, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Brittany Jackson, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Katherine James, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Jordan Johnston, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Emily Key, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Haley McNabb, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Kayleigh Nelson, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Natalie Nichols, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Emily Peters, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Christopher Saldivar, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Jacob Schultz, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Morgan Steele, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Abigail Stottlemire, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Chloe Vaught, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Collin Wood, CL
Crittenden, Proctor, Andrea Hutchinson, DL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Morgan Capps, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Crystal Daniel, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Adrian Hendrix, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Chasterdee Jones, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Karly King, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Mindi McAlpin, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Amanda Riley, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, William Vance, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Courtney Whittemore, DL
Cross, Hickory Ridge, Angela Mejia, DL
Cross, Wynne, Tyler Ball, CL
Cross, Wynne, Victoria Cartillar, DL
Cross, Wynne, Rebecca Collins, CL
Cross, Wynne, James Cooper, CL
Cross, Wynne, Jamie Dennis, DL
Cross, Wynne, Kathryn Dillard, CL
Cross, Wynne, Samantha Harris, DL
Cross, Wynne, Olivia Hitchcock, DL
Cross, Wynne, Sydnie Mohr, CL
Cross, Wynne, Sarah Morrow, DL
Cross, Wynne, Crystal Murphy, CL
Cross, Wynne, Lindsey Pemberton, DL
Cross, Wynne, Lindsey Pruiett, DL
Cross, Wynne, Callie Sorrels, CL
Cross, Wynne, Rachael Thompson, CL
Cross, Wynne, Mandi Wilson, CL
Cross, Wynne, Karen Wright, CL
Desha, Dumas, Leah Day, CL
Desha, Dumas, Jerrica Edwards, CL
Desha, Dumas, Tyler Gillespie, DL
Desha, Dumas, Jeremy Smith, CL
Desha, Dumas, Sarah Smith, DL
Desha, Tillar, Megan McElroy, DL
Drew, Monticello, Zachary Cason, CL
Drew, Monticello, Nikki Dennis, DL
Drew, Monticello, Drake Hill, DL
Drew, Monticello, Julian Jackson, DL
Drew, Monticello, Brooks Jones, CL
Drew, Monticello, Mary Jones, CL
Drew, Monticello, Rebecca Moss, DL
Drew, Monticello, Cody Pigott, CL
Drew, Monticello, William Roberts, DL
Drew, Monticello, Johnathon Ward, CL
Drew, Monticello, Daniel Wigley, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Jennifer Adolph, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Brittany Bone, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Brianne Brown, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Jacob Callaway, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Emilee Chilcoat, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Ethan Ellis, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Lisa Evans, CL
Faulkner, Conway, John Forehand, DL
Faulkner, Conway, Mallory Green, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Rebecca Hawkins, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Breanna Keith, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Megan Land, DL
Faulkner, Conway, Landon McCrary, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Tyler Porter, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Tristen Raines, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Richard Readnour, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Kellie Richmond, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Nikki Rickman, DL
Faulkner, Conway, Haley Townsend, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Kristiana Watson, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Collin Weatherly, DL
Faulkner, Greenbrier, Justin Alexander, DL
Faulkner, Greenbrier, Matthew Burgess, DL
Faulkner, Greenbrier, Meagan Druey, CL
Faulkner, Greenbrier, Elaina Fox, DL
Faulkner, Greenbrier, Kristen Ratliff, CL
Faulkner, Greenbrier, Sarah Thompson, CL
Faulkner, Mount Vernon, Amanda Cook, CL
Faulkner, Vilonia, Leanne Anderson, CL
Faulkner, Vilonia, Ian Benner, CL
Faulkner, Vilonia, Ashley Crawford, CL
Faulkner, Vilonia, Amber Gunter, CL
Faulkner, Vilonia, Jana Minnick, CL
Faulkner, Vilonia, Kelly Moreno, CL
Faulkner, Vilonia, Jennipher Prowse, CL
Fulton, Ash Flat, Brittany Cheek, CL
Fulton, Ash Flat, Carrie Irvin, CL
Fulton, Ash Flat, Jacy Long, DL
Fulton, Ash Flat, Chloe Sellars, CL
Fulton, Camp, Korey Speaight, DL
Fulton, Gepp, Racheal Downs, CL
Fulton, Mammoth Spring, Joshua Johnston, CL
Fulton, Mammoth Spring, Whitney Rose, CL
Fulton, Mammoth Spring, Caitlin Vanginhoven, CL
Fulton, Salem, Candice Broyles, CL
Fulton, Salem, Demetri Bruner, CL
Fulton, Salem, Heather Curtis, CL
Fulton, Salem, Carrie Davis, CL
Fulton, Salem, Jamie James, DL
Fulton, Salem, Hannah Lance, CL
Fulton, Salem, Summer Smith, CL
Fulton, Sturkie, Johnny Emery, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Aundrea Allen, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Keia Allen, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Kelsey Bean, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Madison Blancaflor, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Kelli Elkin, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Faith Forrest, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Greyson Fullbright, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Hannah Godwin, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Tanner Jackson, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Dylan Jessup, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Madison Kelso, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Lindsey Mills, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Madison Noble, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Monica Norman, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Nathan Riley, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Bo Ritter, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Landree Speers, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Caitlin Spruell, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Valerie Tanner, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Dylan Tedder, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Vanessa Thompson, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Sydney Vaught, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Lance Womack, DL
Garland, Hot Springs Village, Matthew Reynolds, CL
Garland, Lonsdale, Kendra Curtis, DL
Garland, Mountain Pine, Miranda Keys, CL
Garland, Pearcy, Laikin Burroughs, CL
Garland, Pearcy, Bethany Gallimore, CL
Garland, Royal, Ryan Baker, CL
Garland, Royal, Jessica Dobyns, DL
Grant, Sheridan, Brooke Allison, CL
Grant, Sheridan, Mary Cater, DL
Grant, Sheridan, Caleb Hollinger, CL
Grant, Sheridan, Kyla McCain, CL
Grant, Sheridan, Kirsten Mealer, CL
Grant, Sheridan, Lauren Mitchell, CL
Grant, Sheridan, Catherine Mull, CL
Grant, Sheridan, Lakyn Oliver, CL
Grant, Sheridan, Sarah Stone, CL
Grant, Sheridan, Amber Weigand, CL
Greene, Beech Grove, Kimberly Clark, CL
Greene, Beech Grove, Ben Gander, CL
Greene, Beech Grove, Molly Gibson, CL
Greene, Beech Grove, Allie Kendall, DL
Greene, Beech Grove, Kenzie Overshine, CL
Greene, Beech Grove, Madison Rowe, CL
Greene, Beech Grove, Morgan Tripod, DL
Greene, Lafe, Lauren Dubar, CL
Greene, Lafe, Tiana Nyland, DL
Greene, Lafe, Angela Siebert, CL
Greene, Lafe, Tyler Upchurch, DL
Greene, Marmaduke, Heather Bollman, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Levi Brandon, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Elijah Carter, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Kyle Jackson, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Heather Petty, DL
Greene, Marmaduke, Deborah Pratt, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Hannah Speer, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Rachel Vangilder, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Thomas Vangilder, DL
Greene, Paragould, Tracey Adams, CL
Greene, Paragould, Christen Allbritton, CL
Greene, Paragould, Lane Allensworth, DL
Greene, Paragould, Jesse Barkley, DL
Greene, Paragould, Dylan Bateman, CL
Greene, Paragould, Colton Batten, DL
Greene, Paragould, Seth Bayird, CL
Greene, Paragould, Sarah Beal, DL
Greene, Paragould, Erica Bearden, CL
Greene, Paragould, Sarah Bell, CL
Greene, Paragould, Hawley Blackburn, CL
Greene, Paragould, Katie Blankenship, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jessica Bonjour, DL
Greene, Paragould, Lorie Bontrager, CL
Greene, Paragould, Shae Brewer, CL
Greene, Paragould, Chelsea Brincks, CL
Greene, Paragould, Cassie Burdett, CL
Greene, Paragould, Chelsey Burkhart, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jacob Bushong, CL
Greene, Paragould, Melissa Bustamante, CL
Greene, Paragould, Mckenzie Cagle, CL
Greene, Paragould, Taylor Canamore, DL
Greene, Paragould, Morgan Cannon, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jonathan Carmack, DL
Greene, Paragould, Kelsey Cates, CL
Greene, Paragould, Sarah Cavaliere, CL
Greene, Paragould, Aaron Champion, CL
Greene, Paragould, Hunter Chipman, DL
Greene, Paragould, Ashlee Cook, DL
Greene, Paragould, Macie Copeland, DL
Greene, Paragould, Amy Crafton, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kristian Crane, DL
Greene, Paragould, Jenna Davenport, DL
Greene, Paragould, Clayton Davis, CL
Greene, Paragould, Cody Davis, CL
Greene, Paragould, Holly Davis, CL
Greene, Paragould, Macoe Davis, CL
Greene, Paragould, Evan Dearing, DL
Greene, Paragould, Nikki Denning, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jonna Dodd, CL
Greene, Paragould, Priscilla Dollars, DL
Greene, Paragould, Chelsea Domino, DL
Greene, Paragould, Hannah Dowdy, DL
Greene, Paragould, Alexander Dozier, CL
Greene, Paragould, Madelyn Dozier, DL
Greene, Paragould, Sarah Eason, CL
Greene, Paragould, Colton Eastep, DL
Greene, Paragould, Justin Edwards, CL
Greene, Paragould, Alexandra Ellington, DL
Greene, Paragould, Douglas Florczyk, CL
Greene, Paragould, Lexa Flye, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jonathan Freeman, CL
Greene, Paragould, Terrisena Freeman, DL
Greene, Paragould, Kaylie Gamble, CL
Greene, Paragould, Katelyn Giles, DL
Greene, Paragould, Carson Gill, CL
Greene, Paragould, Chandler Gill, CL
Greene, Paragould, Ashley Green, CL
Greene, Paragould, Lee Grogan, CL
Greene, Paragould, Crystal Guevara, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kathleen Gunn, CL
Greene, Paragould, Michael Halbrook, CL
Greene, Paragould, James Hawk, CL
Greene, Paragould, Chelsea Hays, CL
Greene, Paragould, Monica Hazlewood, CL
Greene, Paragould, Holly Head, CL
Greene, Paragould, Zachary Hill, CL
Greene, Paragould, Shelbye Hunt, CL
Greene, Paragould, Abby Hurt, DL
Greene, Paragould, Julie Jaques, CL
Greene, Paragould, Caroline Jarrett, CL
Greene, Paragould, Lauren Jetton, CL
Greene, Paragould, Taylor Kerns, DL
Greene, Paragould, Jacob Kienbusch, CL
Greene, Paragould, Paige Kirby, CL
Greene, Paragould, Alex Knight, DL
Greene, Paragould, Stephen Knight, DL
Greene, Paragould, Lindsey Lamb, CL
Greene, Paragould, Tessa Lancaster, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kimberly Lavespere, CL
Greene, Paragould, Stephanie Lintz, DL
Greene, Paragould, Winona Lovell, CL
Greene, Paragould, Tori Mafnas, DL
Greene, Paragould, Joshua Manning, DL
Greene, Paragould, Kimberly Markum, CL
Greene, Paragould, Meagan Massey, DL
Greene, Paragould, Taylor May, DL
Greene, Paragould, Hailey McCreless, CL
Greene, Paragould, Gena McCullar, CL
Greene, Paragould, Tara McDaniel, DL
Greene, Paragould, Cameron McNeil, DL
Greene, Paragould, Jacob Mitchell, DL
Greene, Paragould, Brandi Mize, CL
Greene, Paragould, Joshua Mobley, CL
Greene, Paragould, Amy Moore, CL
Greene, Paragould, Nathan Moss, DL
Greene, Paragould, Felicia Noel, CL
Greene, Paragould, Mackensie Nutt, CL
Greene, Paragould, Rebecca Oliver, CL
Greene, Paragould, Katelyn Orick, CL
Greene, Paragould, Taylor Parkinson, DL
Greene, Paragould, Jacob Partlow, DL
Greene, Paragould, India Perkins, DL
Greene, Paragould, Krystal Phillips, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kirsten Pieri-May, CL
Greene, Paragould, Olivia Pillow, CL
Greene, Paragould, Rachel Pillow, CL
Greene, Paragould, Shayna Poindexter, CL
Greene, Paragould, Michael Rabey, DL
Greene, Paragould, Jeremy Rawls, DL
Greene, Paragould, Courtney Rippy, CL
Greene, Paragould, Chelsey Roberts, DL
Greene, Paragould, Ruben Rodriguez, DL
Greene, Paragould, Keelee Rushing, CL
Greene, Paragould, Travis Ryan, CL
Greene, Paragould, Whitney Schug, CL
Greene, Paragould, Candace Sears, CL
Greene, Paragould, Brady Shollenbarger, DL
Greene, Paragould, Brandon Sims, DL
Greene, Paragould, Madeline Sloan, DL
Greene, Paragould, Jake Smith, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jenna Smith, CL
Greene, Paragould, Natalie Smith, CL
Greene, Paragould, Terra Smith, CL
Greene, Paragould, Payton Snodgrass, DL
Greene, Paragould, Spenser Sullivan, CL
Greene, Paragould, Anthony Taylor, CL
Greene, Paragould, Laura Tedder, DL
Greene, Paragould, Brandi Tinsley, DL
Greene, Paragould, Rachel Tinsley, DL
Greene, Paragould, Morgan Todd, CL
Greene, Paragould, Hannah Tyler, CL
Greene, Paragould, Sarah VanZant, CL
Greene, Paragould, Emily Walker, DL
Greene, Paragould, Mallory Walker, CL
Greene, Paragould, Shainna Wallis, DL
Greene, Paragould, Kimberly Ward, CL
Greene, Paragould, Destiny Watkins, CL
Greene, Paragould, Hannah Webb, CL
Greene, Paragould, Katie Wells, CL
Greene, Paragould, Robert Wesley, CL
Greene, Paragould, Whitney West, DL
Greene, Paragould, Jennifer White, CL
Greene, Paragould, Lexi White, CL
Greene, Paragould, Teddie Wiggins, DL
Greene, Paragould, Jenna Williams, CL
Greene, Paragould, John Williams, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jodi Wood, DL
Greene, Paragould, Tiffany Woodsmall, CL
Greene, Paragould, Katlyn Wright, CL
Greene, Paragould, Rhegan Wright, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kendra Yeager, CL
Hempstead, Hope, Jordin Crow, CL
Hempstead, Hope, Taylor Massanelli, DL
Hempstead, Ozan, Zachary Tollett, CL
Hot Spring, Bonnerdale, Elyse Rucker, CL
Hot Spring, Malvern, Jessica Keith, CL
Hot Spring, Malvern, Makyla McDougal, CL
Hot Spring, Malvern, Sydney Randolph, CL
Hot Spring, Malvern, Amber Williams, DL
Howard, Mineral Springs, Tia Stewart, DL
Howard, Nashville, Emily Alexander, CL
Independence, Batesville, Jaysa Barnett, DL
Independence, Batesville, Crist Blackwell, DL
Independence, Batesville, Brandon Brock, DL
Independence, Batesville, Bethany Counts, CL
Independence, Batesville, Tyler Devers, CL
Independence, Batesville, Sara Dew, CL
Independence, Batesville, Christopher Elms, CL
Independence, Batesville, Tarah Ervin, CL
Independence, Batesville, Hannah Fielder, CL
Independence, Batesville, Tyler Fields, CL
Independence, Batesville, Kali Foreman, CL
Independence, Batesville, Kassie Foreman, CL
Independence, Batesville, Tyler Goad, DL
Independence, Batesville, Samantha Goodwin, DL
Independence, Batesville, Rebecca Grant, CL
Independence, Batesville, Jennifer Grissom, CL
Independence, Batesville, Ryan Hancock, CL
Independence, Batesville, Katelyn Hardin, CL
Independence, Batesville, Stephen Henry, DL
Independence, Batesville, Jamie Holley, CL
Independence, Batesville, An Huynh, CL
Independence, Batesville, Ashleigh Lambert, DL
Independence, Batesville, Amy Martens, CL
Independence, Batesville, Linda Melton, CL
Independence, Batesville, Meagan Poff, DL
Independence, Batesville, Alanna Rogers, DL
Independence, Batesville, Kendrick Shetron, DL
Independence, Batesville, Bryanna Sikes, CL
Independence, Batesville, Brandy Webb, CL
Independence, Cord, Leslie Latting, CL
Independence, Floral, Hunter Biram, CL
Independence, Floral, Aaron Osborn, CL
Independence, Floral, Tristan Sweatt, CL
Independence, Newark, Tracy Myers, CL
Independence, Oil Trough, Jeffrey Steward, DL
Independence, Pleasant Plains, Olivia Pulliam, CL
Independence, Pleasant Plains, Erica Thomas, CL
Independence, Sulphur Rock, Raven Cash, CL
Independence, Sulphur Rock, Tyler Shrum, CL
Izard, Brockwell, Ryan Walker, DL
Izard, Franklin, Whitney Pollard, DL
Izard, Horseshoe Bend, Bethany Smart, CL
Izard, Melbourne, Tabitha Cole, CL
Izard, Melbourne, Loni Cooper, CL
Izard, Melbourne, Richard Crawford, CL
Izard, Melbourne, Brandy DeLoach, CL
Izard, Pineville, Kori Lamb, CL
Izard, Pineville, Morgan Lamb, CL
Izard, Pineville, Carson Sanders, CL
Izard, Violet Hill, Marissa Bailey, CL
Izard, Violet Hill, Sherry Bailey, CL
Izard, Violet Hill, Lindsey Powell, CL
Jackson, Amagon, Samantha Tate, CL
Jackson, Bradford, Taylor Hastings, CL
Jackson, Bradford, Stacie Hay, CL
Jackson, Bradford, Sarah Masters, CL
Jackson, Bradford, Loren Snook, DL
Jackson, Jacksonport, Kathaleen Burzynski, CL
Jackson, Newport, Brittany Barnes, CL
Jackson, Newport, Whitney Cooper, CL
Jackson, Newport, Angela DiPonio, CL
Jackson, Newport, Michelle Gould, CL
Jackson, Newport, Amanda Kendrick, CL
Jackson, Newport, Najwa Lee, CL
Jackson, Newport, Chase Lettenmaier, CL
Jackson, Newport, Mark McGee, CL
Jackson, Newport, Timothy Richmond, CL
Jackson, Newport, Logan Riley, CL
Jackson, Newport, Brittney Smith, CL
Jackson, Newport, Hayley Webb, CL
Jackson, Swifton, Courtney Decker, CL
Jackson, Swifton, Hannah Hulett, CL
Jackson, Swifton, Tara McKenney, CL
Jackson, Swifton, Mackenzie Turner, CL
Jackson, Tuckerman, Hannah Kagen, DL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Britney Case, DL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, N'Deea Lee, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Olivia Peek, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Katelin Turner, DL
Jefferson, Redfield, Kristen Graves, DL
Jefferson, Redfield, Benjamin Malone, CL
Jefferson, White Hall, Nicholas Brown, CL
Jefferson, White Hall, Ashley Clark, CL
Jefferson, White Hall, Kendal Doggett, CL
Jefferson, White Hall, KayLa Edwards, DL
Jefferson, White Hall, Nathan Lee, CL
Jefferson, White Hall, Ashley Puckett, DL
Jefferson, White Hall, Landon Reed, CL
Jefferson, White Hall, Joseph Stewart, CL
Johnson, Clarksville, Mariajose Reyes, CL
Lawrence, Black Rock, Jessica James, CL
Lawrence, Black Rock, Tessa Mosbey, CL
Lawrence, Black Rock, Megan Tweedy, DL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Tyler Clement, CL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Kaitlyn Frasure, DL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Michael Henson, DL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Autumn Nelson, DL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Leslee Parrish, CL
Lawrence, Lynn, Amber Johnson, DL
Lawrence, Portia, Alexandria Ford, DL
Lawrence, Powhatan, Natalie Hoffman, CL
Lawrence, Ravenden, Jonathan Milgrim, DL
Lawrence, Saffell, Natalie Johnson, DL
Lawrence, Smithville, Hope Smith, CL
Lawrence, Strawberry, Kelsea Sneed, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Amber Adams, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Madalyn Barker, DL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Anna Bland, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Logan Brady, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Natalie Feezor, DL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Rebecca Gill, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Amanda Graves, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Audrey Hicks, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Sarah Jones, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Karina Mashburn, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Brooke Midgett, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Ashley Roacho, DL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Courtney Sears, DL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Autumn Simpkins, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Jodie Reithemeyer, DL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Peyton Tillman, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Eric Wilcoxson, DL
Lee, Marianna, LaNisha McDonald, DL
Lee, Marianna, Jacob Simmons, DL
Lee, Moro, Kenlee Myers, DL
Lincoln, Star City, Haley Bishop, CL
Lincoln, Star City, Tyler Courson, CL
Lincoln, Star City, Samantha Teer, CL
Lincoln, Star City, Taylor Trantham, DL
Logan, Magazine, Kenneth Riddle, DL
Lonoke, Austin, Brock Bunting, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Makenzie Cramer, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Susan Farley, DL
Lonoke, Austin, Eden Gray, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Amber Holman, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Katelyn Logan, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Jennifer McDonough, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Jessica McDonough, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Riley Schack, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Christy Wheeler, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Lauren Yarberry, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Dennese Adkins, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Abbey Allgood, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Kelsey Anemone, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Briana Barrentine, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Loni Bean, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Westley Beaver, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Grant Brazil, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Jaylin Bridges, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Hunter Brock, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Grayson Broyles, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Elisabeth Burris, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Ashley Daniels, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Nicole Davis, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Rebekah Dillon, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Shelby Eddy, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Cody Evans, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Shelby Gage, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Kevin Hart, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Adam Hicks, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Samuel Hicks, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Jessica Hilbert, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Kari Holitik, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Seaton Howard, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Anna Hudson, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Sawyer Jennings, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Brooke Macklin, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Lauren McClendon, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Brandon Meek, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Helena Nash, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Rebecca Neumann, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Micah Odom, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Blake Organ, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Taylor Pannell, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Joshua Perry, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Miranda Perry, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Drew Rea, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Mark Reider, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Sarah Ring, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Sarah Seibert, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Madison Stalnaker, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Tyler Stone, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Kristen Sumler, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Logan Surdam, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Tyler Tarrant, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Dylan Thompson, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Ian Thompson, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Deborah Walters, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Carly Whitaker, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Kaci Williams, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Syrena Williams, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Carlee Wright, CL
Lonoke, Carlisle, Jessica Maddox, CL
Lonoke, Carlisle, Austin Reed, CL
Lonoke, Carlisle, Braden Reed, CL
Lonoke, Carlisle, Morgan Schafer, CL
Lonoke, Humnoke, Kelsie Carter, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Taylor Barnhill, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Ashley Cleveland, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Taylor Davis, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Maghan Evans, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Savannah Holman, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Emily Howell, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Megan Palmer, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Mariana Ramirez, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Brandon Stip, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Chloe Voss, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Skylar Cothren, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Lauren Gasper, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Kristen Green, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Diana Hill, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Austin Malnar, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Britney Maxwell, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Janey Peeples, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Carla Turner, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Tiffany Werner, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Jessica Williams, CL
Madison, Huntsville, Clint Stevens, CL
Madison, Huntsville, Cody Stevens, DL
Marion, Flippin, Jennifer Buresh, CL
Marion, Flippin, Taylor Campbell, CL
Marion, Flippin, Tina Sheley, CL
Marion, Flippin, Heather Tyler, CL
Marion, Summit, Jarod Jefferson, CL
Marion, Yellville, Patricia Burleigh, CL
Marion, Yellville, Amie Gilley, CL
Marion, Yellville, Katelin Kelley, CL
Marion, Yellville, Katie Murphy, CL
Miller, Texarkana, Shakeria Marshall, DL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Madison Carr, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Kaylee Corwin, DL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Lana Crosskno, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Tyler Edge, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Ricky Gable, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Japhanie Gray, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Cody Griggs, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Lydia Howard, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Brianna Kinsey, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Amber Larkin, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Melisa Logan, DL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Teah Morris, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Lance Nettles, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Seth Parsons, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Hannah Rogers, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Kaytlyn Sprouse, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Caleb Sugg, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Christina Talley, DL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Meagan Thomas, CL
Mississippi, Gosnell, Tyler Adams, DL
Mississippi, Gosnell, Shawn Canty, DL
Mississippi, Gosnell, Kelly Sellers, DL
Mississippi, Gosnell, Ashlei Wrinkles, CL
Mississippi, Joiner, Jennifer Cooper, DL
Mississippi, Joiner, Lauren Stracener, CL
Mississippi, Keiser, German Vasquez, CL
Mississippi, Keiser, Tyler Worsham, CL
Mississippi, Leachville, Seth Price, CL
Mississippi, Leachville, Jacob Sanders, DL
Mississippi, Leachville, Clay Turner, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Holly Braden, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Taylor Craig, DL
Mississippi, Manila, Tamra Crowell, DL
Mississippi, Manila, Mallorie Deaton, DL
Mississippi, Manila, Kellye Glidewell, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Bridget Hitchcock, CL
Mississippi, Manila, William Kazyak, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Nicholas Lesley, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Mallory Lorren, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Kelsey Maloney, DL
Mississippi, Manila, Ty Minton, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Karley Moore, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Rebekah Nogle, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Kelsey Richard, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Michael Shedd, CL
Mississippi, Osceola, David Burt, CL
Mississippi, Osceola, Tiffany Cooper, DL
Mississippi, Osceola, Evan Delancey, CL
Mississippi, Osceola, Kimberly Gardner, CL
Mississippi, Osceola, Saccari Jacobs, DL
Mississippi, Osceola, Arnelle Jones, CL
Mississippi, Osceola, Cassandra Oakes, CL
Mississippi, Osceola, Brittany Weldon, DL
Mississippi, Wilson, Kelsey Baker, CL
Monroe, Brinkley, Brea Tyler, DL
Monroe, Holly Grove, Nikayla Hughes, DL
Monroe, Holly Grove, James Kirkpatrick, CL
Ouachita, Chidester, Jasmine Marks, CL
Ouachita, Louann, Jordan McDaniel, CL
Phillips, Helena, James Owens, DL
Phillips, Lexa, Jazmyne Jacobs, CL
Phillips, Lexa, Jessica Lake, CL
Phillips, Mellwood, Kenya Hunt, CL
Phillips, Mellwood, Kelsey Sloas, CL
Phillips, West Helena, Joylyn Gregory, DL
Phillips, West Helena, Delisha Hicks, CL
Phillips, West Helena, Grace Laureles, DL
Phillips, West Helena, Chasity McKee, DL
Pike, Glenwood, Miguel Castillo, DL
Poinsett, Fisher, Jaden Malone, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Blakelee Butler, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Hunter Clampit, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Austin Cole, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Chelsea Condra, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Zachary Davis, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Jennett Evett, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Bradley Felkins, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Kaley Harlson, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Alyson Henry, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Ayson Lamb, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Kristin Long, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Jared Orr, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Morgan Osment, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Makaleigh Riddle, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Melissa Rolland, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Alivia Rouse, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Angela Willbanks, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Kenley Wixson, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Sarah Woodson, CL
Poinsett, Lepanto, Courtney Rodgers, CL
Poinsett, Lepanto, Abby Ruiz, CL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Angela Gean, CL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Corye Jones, CL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Aleastrice McGuire, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Jade Allen, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Ashley Blagg, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Kaylee Blasingame, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Thomas Crocker, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Christina Davis, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Kaitlyn DeFord, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Kelsey Deford, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Johanna Haynes, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Eric Jackson, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Kelsey Jones, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Michaela Maxwell, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Bhumiben Patel, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Ujasbhai Patel, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Dustin Rhoads, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Alysha Rieathbaum, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Traven Sherrod, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Zachery Stone, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Teyona Thomas, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Robin Tims, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Natalie White, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Kaley Whitton, CL
Poinsett, Tyronza, Danielle Lockamy, CL
Poinsett, Tyronza, Dexter Ward, DL
Poinsett, Weiner, Tyler Armstrong, DL
Poinsett, Weiner, Avery Bise, CL
Poinsett, Weiner, Robert Bise, CL
Poinsett, Weiner, Carly Bradley, CL
Poinsett, Weiner, Hunter Lewis, CL
Poinsett, Weiner, Danny Russell, CL
Polk, Mena, Jacob Maechler, CL
Polk, Mena, Ashley Parnell, CL
Polk, Mena, Julian Parnell, DL
Pope, Russellville, Riley Hancock, CL
Pope, Russellville, Lindsey Hefner, DL
Pope, Russellville, Darrell Henderson, DL
Pope, Russellville, Brooke Knight, CL
Pope, Russellville, Rebecca Mackie, CL
Pope, Russellville, Merideth Smith, CL
Prairie, Biscoe, Alarie Overturf, CL
Prairie, Des Arc, Tori Bell, CL
Prairie, Des Arc, Hayley Calhoun, CL
Prairie, Des Arc, Savanna Mote, CL
Prairie, Devalls Bluff, Taylor Strohl, CL
Prairie, Griffithville, Randall Ramsey, DL
Prairie, Hazen, Alexandria Davis, CL
Prairie, Hazen, Micah Rogers, DL
Prairie, Hazen, Cameron Vail, DL
Pulaski, Alexander, Spencer Adami, DL
Pulaski, Alexander, Mary Brantley, CL
Pulaski, Alexander, Kristen Dudley, CL
Pulaski, Alexander, Tiffani Earls, CL
Pulaski, Alexander, Angelia Harrison, CL
Pulaski, Alexander, Breanna McLaren, CL
Pulaski, Alexander, Samantha Milligan, CL
Pulaski, Alexander, Heidi Sohl, DL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Elizabeth Bures, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Ryann Collins, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Jordan Cox, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Sara Crymes, DL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Alexa Gates, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Emily Graham, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Abigail Hickam, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Christen Houwen, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Nicole Mogish, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Robert Morris, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Taylor Ruple, DL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Karrington Shelton, DL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Leslie Watkins, DL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Kaylianne Weber, DL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Cortessa Wilson, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Taylor Allison, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Lindsey Bailey, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Tianna Baker, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Grant Baldwin, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Roosevelt Barnett, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Bryan Bogan, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Caroline Chalupka, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Victoria Childress, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Haley Cooper, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Tionne Crutchfield, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Hannah Cummins, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Brett Dush, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Jaelyn Epps, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Christyal Holloway, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Clayton Howard, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Kathryn Kamphausen, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Deshannon McAllister, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Alex Myers, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Taylor Nelson, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Samantha Overby, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Angelica Perales, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Amber Ray, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Haley Starrett, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Haley Stotts, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Charles Tillman, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Nathan Tripod, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Adam Weiner, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Lindsey Boelzner, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Tyler Clark, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Emily Elmore, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Jordan Glover, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Jenifer Hawley, DL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Holly Johnson, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Ashley Kohlstedt, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, George Nodine, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Janae Porter, DL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Carly Roberts, DL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Matthew Strack, DL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Michael Strack, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Mckenleigh Terry, DL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Lindsey Trussell, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Summer Capps, DL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, FaNise Jefferson, DL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Destini Lattimore, DL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Rachel Widmer, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Jennifer Adams, DL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Alyssa Burleson, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Candice Coyle, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Emily Davis, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Landon Grimmett, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Tanner Kirby, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Samantha Parmer, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Mary Partlow, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Alexandria Stewart, DL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Jennifer Walker, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Casey-Anne Williams, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Bethany Anderson, DL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Brandon Baioni, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Garrett Barham, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Emily Barrow, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Autumn Eddington, DL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Alexandria Haley, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Shannon Hathaway, DL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Morgan Hopson, DL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Savannah Lancaster, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Erica Machycek, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Kaylen Perkins, DL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Connor Poteet, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Brittany Slayton, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Desiree Smelser, DL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Allison Taylor, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Simone Thomas, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Amanda Whitworth, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Adara Williford, CL
Randolph, Imboden, William Adams, DL
Randolph, Imboden, Amanda Holland, CL
Randolph, Maynard, Victoria Morgan, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Courtney Baltz, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Lexie Bates, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Caitlyn Difani, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Hunter Egan, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Jane Harris, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Hailey Hawkins, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Christian Helms, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Betty Hodge, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Matt Holloway, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Jacob Pipkin, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Susan Prater, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Angelique Robins, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Sydney Sheets, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Jane Smith, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Trystan Smith, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Jason Steimel, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Jackson Troxel, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Morgan Tyler, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Sara Weick, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Rachel Wyatt, CL
Saline, Benton, Matthew Archer, CL
Saline, Benton, Shelby Atkeison, CL
Saline, Benton, Loren Blakley, CL
Saline, Benton, Lyndsay Brazil, CL
Saline, Benton, Angelyn Bunch, CL
Saline, Benton, Jordan Campbell, CL
Saline, Benton, Evan Davis, CL
Saline, Benton, Bryce Denker, DL
Saline, Benton, Sarah Fagan, CL
Saline, Benton, Joshua Fogleman, CL
Saline, Benton, Kara Franklin, CL
Saline, Benton, Jennie Hastings, DL
Saline, Benton, Morgan Hawkins, CL
Saline, Benton, Addison Jacobs, DL
Saline, Benton, Cady Jefferson, CL
Saline, Benton, Bailey Keaton, CL
Saline, Benton, Luke Lindsley, CL
Saline, Benton, Ashlyn Mason, DL
Saline, Benton, Rachel McCallister, CL
Saline, Benton, Karrie McCurry, DL
Saline, Benton, Hannah Milligan, CL
Saline, Benton, Taylor Patterson, DL
Saline, Benton, Tanner Rich, DL
Saline, Benton, Kelsey Rivers, CL
Saline, Benton, Trent Rooks, CL
Saline, Benton, Kristen Scarlett, CL
Saline, Benton, Alaina Smith, CL
Saline, Benton, Conner Smith, CL
Saline, Benton, Kaycie Taylor, CL
Saline, Benton, Hannah Vergason, CL
Saline, Benton, Stevie Walters, CL
Saline, Benton, Meghan Warford, CL
Saline, Benton, Cassandra White, DL
Saline, Benton, Jessica White, CL
Saline, Benton, Brandyn Wilcox, CL
Saline, Benton, Alexandra Wright, DL
Saline, Bryant, London Abernathy, CL
Saline, Bryant, Natalie Bauer, CL
Saline, Bryant, Andrea Buford, DL
Saline, Bryant, Addison Chaloupka, DL
Saline, Bryant, Alexander Edens, CL
Saline, Bryant, Shelby Ellison, CL
Saline, Bryant, Megan Gray, CL
Saline, Bryant, Maggie Hart, CL
Saline, Bryant, Regan Higgins, DL
Saline, Bryant, Jordan Howington, DL
Saline, Bryant, Nicholas Kitchens, CL
Saline, Bryant, Skyler McKissock, CL
Saline, Bryant, Karlee Porter, DL
Saline, Bryant, Hannah Smith, DL
Saline, Bryant, Rachel Stewart, CL
Saline, Bryant, Rori Whittaker, CL
Saline, Hensley, Sarah Jackson, CL
Saline, Hensley, Kinsey Marsh, CL
Saline, Hensley, Jordan Moore, DL
Saline, Mabelvale, Alexandrea Beech, CL
Saline, Mabelvale, Kayla Davidson, CL
Saline, Mabelvale, Shelby Gartrell, DL
Saline, Mabelvale, Hannah Hampton, DL
Saline, Mabelvale, Sara Lequieu, CL
Saline, Mabelvale, Elizabeth Morris, CL
Searcy, Saint Joe, Jillayne Willis, CL
Sebastian, Fort Smith, Hannah Barr, DL
Sebastian, Fort Smith, Samantha Black, DL
Sebastian, Fort Smith, Miles Clover, CL
Sebastian, Fort Smith, Endsley Evans, CL
Sebastian, Fort Smith, Kaitlin Gramlich, DL
Sebastian, Fort Smith, Drew Jones, CL
Sebastian, Greenwood, Karinda Brown, DL
Sevier, De Queen, Julie Atkins, CL
Sevier, De Queen, Katy Smith, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Teisha Bagwell, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Alexandria Johnson, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Aimee Rowlett, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Garrett Smith, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Jamie Wooldridge, CL
Sharp, Cherokee Village, Lauren Gotte, CL
Sharp, Evening Shade, Jessica Qualls, CL
Sharp, Evening Shade, Elizabeth Spurlock, CL
Sharp, Evening Shade, Amanda Williams, CL
Sharp, Evening Shade, Rachel Woods, CL
Sharp, Hardy, Morgan Lowe, CL
Sharp, Hardy, Jessica Sellers, CL
Sharp, Hardy, Kaitlin Sellers, CL
Sharp, Hardy, Shawn Wright, CL
Sharp, Highland, Katie Blalack, DL
Sharp, Highland, Whitney Davis, CL
Sharp, Highland, Cassidy Day, CL
Sharp, Highland, Jedidja Hoppe, CL
Sharp, Highland, Jordan Moore, DL
Sharp, Highland, Jarrett Powell, CL
Sharp, Highland, Garrett Sublett, CL
Sharp, Highland, Shawn Young, CL
Sharp, Sidney, Dustin Headstream, DL
Sharp, Williford, Victoria Dienst, CL
St. Francis, Colt, Hannah Semonds, DL
St. Francis, Forrest City, Kali Doyle, CL
St. Francis, Forrest City, Kiara Metcalf, DL
St. Francis, Forrest City, Caitlyn Sweet, DL
St. Francis, Forrest City, Natalie Turner, DL
St. Francis, Goodwin, Blake Jones, CL
St. Francis, Horseshoe Lake, Alicia Cherry, CL
St. Francis, Hughes, Katherine Horn, CL
St. Francis, Hughes, Leslie Jackson, DL
St. Francis, Hughes, Carolyn Meurrier, CL
St. Francis, Palestine, Brooke Hall, CL
St. Francis, Palestine, Cachet Ingram, DL
St. Francis, Wheatley, Hunter Nash, CL
Stone, Mountain View, Emily Dixon, CL
Stone, Mountain View, Elijah Gibson, DL
Stone, Mountain View, Michael Hudspeth, DL
Stone, Mountain View, Richard Ivy, CL
Stone, Mountain View, Alexandra Prince, DL
Stone, Mountain View, Alyssa Ragsdale, CL
Stone, Mountain View, Marissa Richardson, DL
Stone, Mountain View, Alex Soulard, CL
Stone, Mountain View, Samuel Spann, CL
Stone, Mountain View, Jordan Wilcox, CL
Stone, Timbo, Valerie Johnston, CL
Stone, Timbo, Grant Wilson, CL
Union, El Dorado, Christa Burgess, DL
Union, El Dorado, Victoria Davis, CL
Union, El Dorado, Ashley Pratt, CL
Union, El Dorado, Lacie Waller, CL
Union, Smackover, Patrick Chanler, DL
Van Buren, Clinton, Sarah Ward, CL
Van Buren, Damascus, Emily Barnes, CL
Van Buren, Fairfield Bay, Emily McCabe, CL
Washington, Elm Springs, Rachel Lovell, CL
Washington, Fayetteville, Michael Branscum, CL
Washington, Fayetteville, Emily Martin, DL
Washington, Fayetteville, Hannah Persing, DL
Washington, Fayetteville, Amanda Suggs, CL
Washington, Fayetteville, Casie Tims, CL
Washington, Prairie Grove, Kendra Coyle, CL
Washington, Springdale, Kaleigh Cambron, CL
Washington, Springdale, Rachel Harris, CL
Washington, Springdale, Shelby Tiner, CL
White, Bald Knob, Melanie McCarty, CL
White, Bald Knob, Bridget Pate, CL
White, Bald Knob, Autumn Spencer, DL
White, Bald Knob, Dakota Weatherley, CL
White, Beebe, Robert Belew, CL
White, Beebe, Cecily Brock, CL
White, Beebe, Tiara Gavin, DL
White, Beebe, Mollie Hoffpauir, CL
White, Beebe, Kayla Jackson, CL
White, Beebe, Stephanie Jeffress, DL
White, Beebe, Amanda Jones, CL
White, Beebe, Allen Kirk, CL
White, Beebe, Audrey Kirk, CL
White, Beebe, Cody Knowlton, CL
White, Beebe, Erin Langley, CL
White, Beebe, Hannah Langley, CL
White, Beebe, Christopher Luna, CL
White, Beebe, Mary Neitch, CL
White, Beebe, Kourtney Pillow, CL
White, Beebe, Samantha Rodgers, CL
White, Beebe, Melinda Russell, CL
White, Beebe, Stormy Taylor, DL
White, Beebe, Ashley Vann, CL
White, El Paso, Taylor Harrell, CL
White, El Paso, Micheal Kirby, DL
White, El Paso, Rachel Massey, CL
White, Garner, Jared Gowen, CL
White, Higginson, Kara White, DL
White, Judsonia, John Hale, CL
White, Judsonia, Chelsie Hargrove, CL
White, Judsonia, April Kurck, CL
White, Judsonia, Jay Mandrell, DL
White, Judsonia, Angela Roberson, CL
White, Judsonia, Bethany Roberson, CL
White, Judsonia, Emma Sellers, CL
White, Judsonia, Ashley Walls, DL
White, Kensett, Lucia Munoz, CL
White, Letona, Sarah Barnhart, CL
White, McRae, Hannah Belew, CL
White, McRae, Megan Hilger, DL
White, McRae, Brandon Lercher, DL
White, McRae, Matt Lercher, CL
White, McRae, Devan Webster, CL
White, McRae, Julia Williams, DL
White, Pangburn, Anna McCosh, CL
White, Rose Bud, Ashley Holleman, CL
White, Searcy, Gracie Bain, CL
White, Searcy, Elizabeth Brown, DL
White, Searcy, Emily Burley, CL
White, Searcy, Patrick Dietz, DL
White, Searcy, Wesley Doom, CL
White, Searcy, Mackenzie Ellis, CL
White, Searcy, Morgan Ferren, DL
White, Searcy, Mandi Finley, CL
White, Searcy, Ashley Fox, CL
White, Searcy, Sidney Fritz, DL
White, Searcy, Kaley Hall, DL
White, Searcy, Macy Hall, DL
White, Searcy, Alicia Hamilton, DL
White, Searcy, Shauna Henderson, CL
White, Searcy, Emily Johnson, CL
White, Searcy, Emily Ladd, CL
White, Searcy, Ryne Lynch, DL
White, Searcy, Jennifer Massey, CL
White, Searcy, Adrian Neal, CL
White, Searcy, Harold Niederbrach, DL
White, Searcy, Davis Polston, CL
White, Searcy, Victoria Pulliam, DL
White, Searcy, Rhett Raibley, DL
White, Searcy, Christy Ramsey, CL
White, Searcy, Jarod Roberts, CL
White, Searcy, Heath Rogers, CL
White, Searcy, Shelby Schmittou, CL
White, Searcy, Andrew Sills, CL
White, Searcy, Justine Spiker, CL
White, Searcy, Emily Stewart, CL
White, Searcy, Kristen Stewart, CL
White, Searcy, Mardella Still, CL
White, Searcy, Megan Stokes, CL
White, Searcy, Aaron Wallace, CL
White, Searcy, Allie Wilbourn, CL
White, Searcy, Autumn Williams, CL
White, Searcy, Kerri Wright, CL
Woodruff, Augusta, Cody Collins, CL
Woodruff, Augusta, Natasha Moffett, CL
Woodruff, Augusta, Tabitha Taylor, CL
Woodruff, McCrory, Richard Daniel, CL
Woodruff, McCrory, Anna Wampler, CL
Woodruff, McCrory, Carrie Delancey, DL
Woodruff, McCrory, Talice Harper, CL
Woodruff, McCrory, Donald Horton, DL
Woodruff, McCrory, Britney James, DL
Woodruff, McCrory, Taylor James, CL
Woodruff, McCrory, Taylor McNew, CL
Woodruff, McCrory, Jessica Pittman, CL
Yell, Belleville, Stefanie Traigle, CL
Yell, Danville, Dalton Craig, CL
Yell, Dardanelle, Hunter Ramey, CL
Carlsbad, Katherine Padgett, DL
Lake Elsinore, Mucemi Wanyeki, CL
Los Osos, William Scheding, CL
Niceville, Casey Gilbert, CL
Orlando, Kristina Knott, CL
Sarasota, Jenna Duerst, DL
Crystal Lake, Heather Newberry, CL
Crystal Lake, Mark Talarico, DL
Forsyth, Marie Less, CL
Maryville, Taylor Maggio, CL
North Aurora, Emma Hollon, CL
O Fallon, Jordan Kasza, CL
Indianapolis, Gavin Brown, CL
Lenexa, Kelsey Sullivan, DL
Overland Park, Brett Andersen, CL
Overland Park, Jake Swalley, CL
Salina, Lauren Aldrich, CL
Villa Hills, Ava Abner, DL
Macomb, Nicole Mikaelian, DL
Jackson, Vernesha Robinson, CL
Nesbit, Nathan Tubbs, CL
Southaven, Erin Graham, CL
Southaven, Sarah Shands, CL
Arbyrd, Philip Cureton, DL
Bakersfield, Jessica Bean, CL
Ballwin, Alexis Philippe, CL
Benton, Conner Elfrink, CL
Bernie, William Barnett, CL
Bragg City, Michaela Babb, CL
Broseley, Chelsea Crain, CL
Campbell, Sasha Blake, DL
Campbell, Rachael Rodery, CL
Campbell, Richard Ross, CL
Campbell, Meagan Rush, CL
Cape Girardeau, Makayla Newman, DL
Carl Junction, Sara Kaufman, DL
Caruthersville, Aaron House, CL
Caruthersville, Morgan Russell, DL
Dexter, Cody Neldon, DL
Dexter, Taylor Winstead, CL
Doniphan, Jonathan Foels, DL
Doniphan, Bretton Hale, CL
Doniphan, Allison Hodo, DL
Doniphan, Molly Lee, CL
Doniphan, Kiera Payne, CL
Doniphan, Michelle Popp, CL
Doniphan, Andrew Short, CL
Doniphan, Jessica Smith, DL
Doniphan, Dwight Ware, CL
Fenton, Abbey Cleveland, CL
Gideon, Brooke Spears, CL
Hayti, Lindsey Bryant, DL
Hayti, Mary Grantham, DL
Hornersville, Taryn Gillette, CL
Kennett, Whitney Bradford, CL
Kennett, Jade Caldwell, CL
Kennett, Mackenzie Carr, CL
Kennett, Adam Grantham, CL
Kennett, Jennings Haywood, CL
Kennett, Claire Jenkins, CL
Kennett, Tia Mitchell, DL
Kennett, Caroline Shetley, CL
Kennett, Justin Smith, CL
Kennett, Chad Stanley, CL
Kennett, Alexandria Washburn, CL
Kennett, Kelsey Washburn, CL
Knob Noster, Robyn Elliott, DL
Malden, Kaela Belcher, DL
Malden, Kayla Davis, DL
Malden, Shaniqua Stone, CL
Poplar Bluff, Devin Allison, CL
Poplar Bluff, Chelsea Darnell, CL
Poplar Bluff, Kortez Ellis, DL
Poplar Bluff, Sara Eyler, CL
Poplar Bluff, Joshua Lamb, DL
Poplar Bluff, MaKala McIver, DL
Poplar Bluff, Alexandra Pattillo, CL
Poplar Bluff, Megan Smith, DL
Poplar Bluff, Alexander Swenson, CL
Poplar Bluff, McKenzie Taylor, DL
Portageville, Mary Fisher, DL
Saint Charles, Arnica Zitting, CL
Saint Louis, Kathleen Enger, CL
Sikeston, Mary Klueppel, CL
Steele, Katie Hall, CL
Steele, Elizabeth King, CL
Thayer, Leslie McIntosh, DL
Thayer, Morgan Stone, DL
Wardsville, Anna Murphy, CL
West Plains, MaKenzie Alsup, CL
West Plains, Joseph Meyer, DL
West Plains, Logan Miller, CL
West Plains, Paige Riley, DL
Kalispell, Megan Gassaway, DL
Albuquerque, Michaela Supple, CL
Fort Drum, Jenifer Lo, CL
Middletown, Kenneth Lopez, DL
Mount Joy, Samantha Wallace, DL
Chapin, Dalton Steele, CL
Antioch, De'Airis Weakley, CL
Arlington, Amanda Cain, DL
Atoka, Nicole Beckwith, CL
Bartlett, Carleigh Gingery, CL
Bartlett, Chandler Hawkins, DL
Bartlett, Victoria Henson, CL
Bartlett, Kelly Howard, DL
Bartlett, Kathryn Locke, CL
Bartlett, Kyle Weber, CL
Collierville, Chase Autry, CL
Collierville, Rena Boykin, DL
Collierville, Danielle Cueria, CL
Collierville, William Fickle, CL
Collierville, Ashley Taylor, CL
Collierville, Logan Wimberley, DL
Dyersburg, Mallory Frank, DL
Eads, Brittany Bridgers, DL
Gallatin, Ryan Powell, DL
Germantown, Elizabeth Ray, DL
Knoxville, Daryl Rollins-Davis, DL
Memphis, Brianna Anderson, DL
Memphis, Erika Christian, DL
Memphis, Kiersten Rodgers, DL
Austin, Dawn Dixon, CL
Azle, Tyce Tucker, DL
Frisco, Katelyn Carmichael, DL
Houston, Jasmine Hunt, CL
Longview, Jordan Adams, CL
Longview, Hannah Robey, CL
Plano, Katherine Hosea, CL
Plano, Rexi Parcells, CL
Spicewood, Jackson Shevlin, CL
Spring, Preston Weigel, DL
North Chesterfield, Stephanie Mims, DL
Montesano, Austin Baker, CL
Muskego, Kayla Hardy, CL
Cody, Rachel Bjornestad, DL
Australia, Victoria, Jessie Heeps-Eriksen, CL
Austria, Linz, Alexandra Utzmann, DL
Austria, Wels, Julia Mayer, CL
Bangladesh, Dhaka, Sarah Myful Al, CL
Belgium, Waasmunster, Carolien De Ridder, CL 
China, Beijing, Dan Wu, CL
China, Beijing, Qing Liu, DL
China, Beijing, Qiyun Lu, DL
China, Beijing, Chengbin Song, DL
China, Chao Zhou, Runkun Zhang, DL
China, Fuyang, Hui Yu, DL
China, Guangzhou Guangdong, Mingdelun Chen, CL
China, Guangzhou, Junju Lai, CL
China, Guangzhou, Geng Xiang, DL 
China, Guangzhou, Minghui Zhang, CL
China, Huzhou, Nanying Lin, DL
China, Jilin City, Jiaying Li, DL
China, Shangdong, Yaming Wang, DL
China, Shanghai, Min Xu, CL
China, Shenzhen, Jie Ying, CL 
China, Tianjin, Yiyao Li, DL
China, Wuhan Hubei, Qiuhao Chengyong, DL 
China, Zhejiang, Lingli Chen DL
China, Yangjiang Guangdong, Junlong Li, CL
China, Zhejiang, Yiming Xu, DL
India, Delhi, Abhimanyu Yadav, DL
India, Lucknow, Koyal Saxena, DL
India, Pithai, Shitalbahen Modi, DL
Indonesia, Jakarta, Garry Ramdhany, CL
Ivory Coast, Abidjan, Andrea Kouame, DL
Japan, Ebina-shi, Yota Kato, DL
Japan, Fujieda, Kei Ohgo, CL 
Japan, Fumi Kubota, CL
Japan, Kanagawa, Chihiro Sato, CL
Japan, Koshigaya, Saitama, Muneyoshi Sudo, CL 
Japan, Minatoku, Yuga Sasaki, CL
Japan, Nagasaki, Rina Kusano, CL
Japan, Okayama-shi, Makoto Nakao, CL 
Japan, Taitou Ku, Keita Takayama, CL
Japan, Tokyo, Ryo Suda, DL 
Japan, Wakayama, Minakata Yu, DL
Japan, Yamato-Shi, Kanae Matsuo, CL
Japan, Yanagawa-shi, Yuka Gotani, DL 
Oman, Shamsa Al-Zadjali, CL
Russia, Monino, Rufimskaia Iuliia, DL
Saudi Arabia, Khobar,  Mohammed  Al Subaiei, DL 
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Reem Akif, CL
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Abdullah Alhossan, DL
Saudi Arabia, Saihat, Ali  Almahfoodh, DL
Serbia, Novi Sad, Tamara Slijepcevic, DL
South Korea, Incheon, Seoyun Chung, CL
South Korea, Gungdong, Lizhen Qiu, CL
South Arica, Bloemfontein, Robert Elan Puttick, CL
South Africa, Queenswood, Erin Howard, CL
Spain, Amposta, Viorel Ravar Ladisau, CL
Spain, Azagra, Carmen Simon, CL
Sweden, Ahus, Tilda Helgesson, DL
Vietnam, Hanoi, Trang Tran Minh, CL
# # #