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A Message from Arkansas State University Chancellor Tim Hudson


Yesterday, our campus community came together to respond to a threat that has become all too common in the world today.  As the morning breaks and we count our blessings, these things we know to be true.

We are a strong community.

We are resilient.

We are grateful for our professional colleagues

those that protect us from harm
those who plan our well being
those who mentor, counsel, console and heal us
those who uplift and support our dreams and ambitions. 

We rely upon each other:  our faculty and staff

who are always ready, aware and available
who care and respond
who guide our awakening
who put the safety of our students first.

Our students:

who are our raison d'être, our mission
who inspire us to vigilance; to educate leaders, enhance intellectual growth and enrich lives
who remain the center of our lives.

We draw sustenance from our city and sustain it in return; symbiosis in action.

We respect each other; we embrace diversity and tolerance; we eschew ignorance and injustice.

We are all learners on a journey. 

We cooperate with each other in times of trouble.

We lead -- and we follow leadership -- through challenges, through opportunities; epiphanies and dilemmas.

We remain optimistic about the future

of our university
of our state
of our nation
of humankind.

We keep our sisters and brothers.

We pay it forward.

We say for ourselves and for the world, "We ARE:  A-State!!"

The mighty Red Wolf Nation -- built on a legacy of commitment and bound for a brighter horizon. 

Yesterday we were; today and tomorrow we will be:  "Red Wolf Strong.”

Together we rise; together we thrive.

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