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Beyond Boundaries Scholarship

The Beyond Boundaries Scholarship is administered through the A-State Financial Aid & Scholarships Office. Any questions concerning the scholarship should be directed to the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office at (870) 972-2310.

Arkansas State University reserves the right to make changes to the scholarship program at any time based on available funding and eligible applicants.

High School Graduates

This scholarship is only awarded during the student's high school senior year.

What the Scholarship Covers:

  • The Beyond Boundaries Scholarship provides $2500 annually (split between Fall and Spring terms).
  • The scholarship pays for courses (excluding correspondence) taken on the Arkansas State University-Jonesboro campus only.
  • This scholarship is awarded for the duration of eight consecutive semesters or through completion of the undergraduate degree, whichever occurs first; provided the student maintains all scholarship requirements.

How to Qualify:

  • The scholarship is awarded during the senior year to U.S. citizens who are graduating high school seniors. This award is for students who are not eligible for scholarships that require both Arkansas residency and graduation from an Arkansas high school.
  • Students must be admitted to the university. This includes submitting an admissions application with fee, official ACT or SAT scores and official six or seven-semester transcript.
  • Students must have a minimum ACT composite score of 24 or minimum New SAT total of 1180 and a minimum high school GPA of 3.250 on a six or seven-semester transcript.
  • Scholarship deadline is June 1 of high school senior year and award letters will be mailed beginning the third week of December. All awards are based upon the availability of funding.
  • A limited number of awards are available.

Student Responsibilities for Accepting and Maintaining the Beyond Boundaries Scholarship Award:

  • Students who are selected to receive the Beyond Boundaries Scholarship will have until July 1, of high school senior year to accept their award; however it is recommended that they accept the offer within 30 days.  The scholarship offer will no longer be valid after July 1.  Should you accept the scholarship and later decide to attend another university, please notify the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office in writing or by email at scholarships@astate.edu.
  • Full-time enrollment of 15 college-level credit hours (excluding correspondence courses) on the A-State campus is required during each consecutive Fall and Spring semester. Concurrent enrollment on another campus cannot be used to meet full-time enrollment status nor be paid for by the scholarship.  Enrollment is locked as of the 11th class day.
  • Matriculation to A-State must occur in the Fall semester immediately following high school graduation.
  • Student must be seeking a Bachelor's Degree.
  • All online degree programs are ineligible for Institutional Scholarships.
  • Any student who is enrolled full-time at another college, university, technical college, or branch of A-State during a regular semester (Fall or Spring) following high school graduation automatically forfeits the scholarship.
  • Students that are taking a developmental course as part of their 15 A-State hours and who also plans to test out of the course, must contact the Scholarships Office before taking the test to discuss possible options for keeping the scholarship.
  • All college course work is calculated into the overall GPA for scholarship renewal.
  • Students who have grade changes are responsible for contacting the Scholarships Office so that their scholarship status can be reevaluated.
  • For military exceptions, contact the A-State Scholarships Office at (870) 972-2310.
  • Award holders who are dependents of faculty and staff will be paid 25% of the scholarship value per semester for A-State credit hours in addition to the faculty/staff discount.

Scholarship Renewal:

  • Students are required to maintain an overall 3.250 GPA and successfully complete 30 A-State hours (fall and spring combined) each academic year. Students with incomplete grades will forfeit their scholarship if they do not otherwise meet the scholarship criteria. Note - accepted transfer credits will be calculated into overall GPA.
  • Any student who receives all W’s, F’s, WN’s, I’s and/or FN’s at the end of any fall term will lose their scholarship for all subsequent semesters.
  • Freshmen Probation - Freshmen students will have until the end of the Summer II term to obtain an overall 3.250 GPA and successfully complete 30 A-State hours (Fall, Spring, and both Summer I and Summer II combined) following their freshman year or they will forfeit the scholarship for all subsequent semesters. All classes taken during probation for hour and GPA deficit must be A-State hours. Probation is not available for any subsequent semesters.