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Type of Tuition Assistance

The cost of obtaining a college degree is an important investment in your future. ASU has made the commitment to students who demonstrate financial need by meeting that need with one or more financial aid components. In fact, 90% of all our students receive some form of financial assistance every year.

There are a variety of options for tuition assistance for graduate students at ASU, including:


All students are encouraged to apply for a variety of privately funded scholarships administered by Arkansas State University and the ASU Foundation Inc.


Grants generally do not have to be paid back and are awarded to eligible students.

Work Study

The work-study program provides part-time employment to graduates to allow them to earn money to help pay for college expenses.  Work-study is based upon financial need and availability of funding.


Loans are borrowed money for college expenses that must be paid back, oftentimes, after graduation.

Graduate Assistantship

The Graduate School offers its students the opportunity to apply for a graduate assistantship. There are over one hundred positions available each year. These assistantships provide students the opportunity to acquire essential experience in research, teaching, technical, or administrative fields while pursuing their degree.

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