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Academic Portfolio:

An academic portfolio is a method to document experiential learning that was not earned in a traditional setting or formally documented manner. Students may submit a comprehensive narrative documenting their competencies acquired from work, trainings, and life experiences for evaluation for academic credit

Academic Portfolio Process

  • Student identifies competencies for which they want to earn college credit through an approved departmental course. 
  • Student selects "Portfolio" on the PLA application found on the A-State website.
  • Once the application has been submitted, the PLA coordinator will contact the student to explain the process in detail. 
  • Students have the option to enroll Enroll in a 7-week self-guided, non- credit portfolio training course at no charge.
  • Once the portfolio is completed, the PLA coordinator will submit the portfolio to the PLA committee.
  • The PLA coordinator will contact the applicant via university email if he/she has been awarded credit.
  • Students can earn no more than 12 credits through the portfolio process. 


Effective documentation is required and provides evidence and support of what the student knows. The documentation should be reflective of the learning experiences. Suggested examples of documentation may include but is not limited to (e.g., Licenses, Certificates, Job Descriptions/Classifications, Resume, Video of Fine Arts Performances, Artifacts).

Fee Structure:

Approved credit hours will be charged at 25% of the current A-State tuition per credit hour.