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Associate Professor of Chemistry


  • Postdoctoral work at UNC - Chapel Hill and the University of Iowa
  • Ph.D. Chemistry, Iowa State University
  • M.S. Chemistry, University of Wyoming
  • B.Chem. Chemistry, University of Minnesota

Teaching Specialties

  • Organic chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Pharmacology
  • Toxicology

Research Interests

  • Rational drug design
  • Structure-Activity Relationships
  • Cellular uptake and toxicology of transition metals
  • Biosensor development


  • American Chemical Society
  • American Cancer Society


Dr. Ontko’s research focuses on the anticancer activity of gold-containing coordination complexes in a variety of ovarian cancer cell lines. Specifically, his group examines the effects of a) the oxidation state of the central gold atom, b) variations in the ligand environment, and c) gold induced apoptosis on cellular signaling processes.  Other research interests include overcoming cancer resistance, DNA-based biosensors, and transition metal containing micronutrients.


Allyn Ontko

Contact Information

P: 870-972-3472
F: 870-972-3089


Building: Lab Science West
Room: 548

Alternative Contact

Alaina Watt
P: 870-972-3086