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Monday, May 3
        9:00 am - Brass Juries
             Band and Choir Rooms

       11:00 am - Voice Juries
             Choir Tent

Tuesday, May 4
        9:00 am - Brass Juries
             Band and Choir Rooms

        10:30 am - Piano Juries
             Recital Hall

        11:00 am - Voice Juries
             Choir Tent

Wednesday, May 5
        1:00 pm - Oboe and Clarinet Juries
             Choir Tent

        9:00 pm - "In Performance at A-State"
               Listen on 91.9 FM, kasu.org, or their mobile app

Saturday, May 8
        10:00 am - Commencement
               Centennial Bank Stadium

Sunday, May 9
        6:00 am - "In Performance at A-State"
                Listen on 91.9 FM, kasu.org, or their mobile app

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  • Music Students, please fill out your Course Evaluations by May 7. We know you are extremely busy, but Dr. Clark really does read every one of these.  The faculty values your input, so we can continue to improve your experiences in the future.  As always, you are also welcome to talk to Dr. Clark or send her an email any time and let her know how she can help you.
  • ALL personal belongings need to be emptied from Room 145 (instrument storage room at the end of the band/choir hallway) and the lockers outside the band room in the hallway by Friday May 7th at 5:00 pm.  THIS INCLUDES ALL PERSONAL LOCKS from the lockers. These spaces are undergoing renovation and demolition in May and June and anything remaining in these spaces will be disposed of. All property not claimed will be disposed of unless the owner is clearly identifiable via a name tag or label on the instrument. The Music Department is NOT responsible for your personal belongings including instruments, music, electronics, food, clothing, or school supplies you've chosen to store in these locations.
  • Students interested in the Music Living and Learning Community (Dorm for Music Students), please follow this link for more information
  • Do you want to learn more about audio recording technology? Dr. Faske would like to offer an introductory course in the Spring 2022 semester if enough students are interested in the topic. If you would like foundational knowledge in how audio recording equipment works, strategies for recording better audio, and basic audio software editing, please send an email tobfaske@astate.edu.
  • The National Federation of Music Clubs is celebrating National Music Week from May 2-9. The local chapter of NFMC is the Treble Clef Club. There are no specific events locally this year, but you can help TCC celebrate by doing a great job on all your juries this week! The club looks forward to resuming support of 2 scholarships for A-State Music Students in Spring 2022, which are funded by the annual Holiday Pecan Sale.
Student News
Congratulations to John May on his new appointment as the Band & Choir Director at Mammoth Spring High School!

Congratulations to Sarah Martin on her new appointment as the Choir Director at Annie Camp Jr. High!

Congratulations to Kirby Fagan on her new appointment as the Elementary Music Teacher at Cross County Elementary!

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