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Monday Morning Music Memo

This Week's Events

Recital Credit events:
Monday, March 1
        7:30 pm - University Orchestra Concert
               Riceland Hall, Fowler (Students/Faculty Only)
               Facebook Live

Tuesday, March 2

       11:00 am - Faculty Meeting

       7:30 pm - Faculty Recital Series Showcase
                Facebook Live

Wednesday, March 3
       9:00 pm - "In Performance at A-State"
               Listen on 91.9 FM, kasu.org, or their mobile app

Thursday, March 4
       7:30 pm - Horn and Composition Studios Collaborative Recital  
               YouTube Premiere

Other events:
Sunday, March 7 
        6:00 am - "In Performance at A-State"
               Listen on 91.9 FM, kasu.org, or their mobile app

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  • Students who wish to audition to be featured on this year's Honors Recital please read through the Guidelines for this year's audition process. Applications are DUE THIS FRIDAY, MARCH 5 at 11:59 pm.
  • Collaborative Piano Information
    • Collaborative Pianist Guidelines:  on p. 16 of the Music Student Handbook.  This information also exists as forms, so please fill these out. 
    • Instrumentalists, if you are planning to play on a Tuesday Recital and your piece involves a Collaborative Pianist, please contact Dr. Lauren Schack Clark lsclark@astate.edu and give her your music and performance date, so you can be assigned a pianist to make your recording. 
    • Singers, you will receive your pianist assignment from your teacher soon.  Please fill out the Piece Information Form for each of your selections.  After receiving this information and your music, Pianists will send you your recordings within 3 weeks. 
    • Please plan well in advance to guarantee a successful performance!
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