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  • WGS 3003. Sociology of Gender The social construction of gender and the moral and political controversies that surround it. Topics include gender and identity, gender and institutions, and gender and inequality. Cross listed as SOC 3003. Fall, Spring, Summer.


    WGS 3313. Sociology of Sexuality The social construction of sexuality and the moral and political controversies that surround it. Topics include the history of sexuality in society, reproduction, sexual orientation, sexual violence, sexuality and institutions and the intersection of sexuality with other social statuses. Cross listed as SOC 3313. Fall.


    WGS 3333. Women’s Health: Past, Present and Future Health problems of women studied with both a traditional and contemporary focus. Emphasis on current information needed by health professionals to help women achieve optimum wellness. Prerequisites, Junior level nursing status or permission of instructor. Cross listed as NRS 3333. Fall, Summer.


    WGS 3373. Gender Communication Study of the interrelationship between communication and gender in various contexts. Cross listed as COMS 3373. Spring, odd. WGS 3693. United States Women’s History The role of women in United States history from 1600 to the present. Cross listed as HIST 3693. Spring, odd.


    WGS 3773. Topics in Feminist Philosophy Topics include, but are not limited to: Feminist Epistemology, Feminist Ethics, and Feminist Philosophy of Science. Prerequisite, PHIL 1103 or instructor’s permission. Cross listed as PHIL 3773. Spring, even.


    WGS 4123. Women in Politics AMERICAN POLITICS. An examination of the interrelationship of gender, politics, and popular culture. Cross listed as POSC 4123. Spring, odd.


    WGS 4233. Gender and the Body in Modern and Contemporary Art A thematic look at the many ways the human body has been represented in visual culture from the early 19th century to the present day with a focus on both high art and popular culture. Prerequisites, junior level standing; or permission of instructor. Cross listed as ARTH 4233. Fall, odd.


    WGS 4323. Race, Gender and Media Survey of the interface between Americans of color, women and the mass media in the United States. Cross listed as MDIA 4323. Fall.


    WGS 4453. Women Writers A study of literature written by women. Cross listed as ENG 4453. Spring, odd. WGS 4473. U.S. Southern Women’s History Examines the history and changing status of women in the U.S. South from the 1400s to the present. Cross listed as HIST 4473. Spring, even.


    WGS 4483. History of Sexuality in America Forces which have shaped American beliefs and practices concerning sexuality, and the roles played by gender, race and class. Cross listed as HIST 4483. Fall, odd.


    WGS 4743. Social and Political Philosophy Explores the justification, or lack thereof, of social and political institutions. Prerequisite, PHIL 1103, Introduction to Philosophy, equivalent, or instructor’s permission. Cross listed as PHIL 4743. Fall, even.


    WGS 4763. Philosophy of Sex Explores the concept of sexual activity and the implications of various theories of sexual activity to our understanding of rape, sexual harassment, pornography, sexual fidelity, parenthood, and various other important contemporary sexual issues. Cross listed as PHIL 4763. Spring, even.


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