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As Writing Studies scholar Charles Bazerman suggests, Writing Studies is “the study of writing—its production, its circulation, its uses, its role in the development of individuals and societies, and its learning by individuals, social collectives, and historical cultures.” As many new graduates discover, students are often under-exposed to theories and practices of writing as part of their undergraduate education which is unfortunate not only because writing can enrich our personal lives, but also because writing enriches our professional lives.

Thus, the Arkansas State University Writing Studies program aims to familiarize students with the guiding research, theories, genres, and practices of Writing Studies and provide them with the professional experience in writing needed to be successful in today’s world. Students who declare a Writing Studies Minor will have access to a broad range of Writing Studies courses, ranging from Technical Writing to Creative Writing, and internship opportunities in professional tutoring, research, publishing, marketing, or teaching, all aimed at enriching students’ personal and professional lives.

If you have questions about the Writing Studies Minor, please contact Dr. Ruccio at kruccio@astate.edu