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Honors Experience Grants

The Honors Experience Grant (HEG), funded with the support of the Honors College Fee, is open to Honors students in all majors across campus. It is designed to help students achieve their long-term goals by supporting research, study abroad, creative activities, student-led engagement efforts, or other scholarly activities including internships, conferences, and training opportunities. The goal of the grant program is to fund unique experiences where students will be engaged in their disciplines outside of the classroom. These grants are meant to allow students to pursue their passions, attain their academic and professional goals, and increase their competitiveness for national scholarships and fellowships.

Preference for the HEG will be given to students planning to apply for at least one competitive scholarship or fellowship, such as Fulbright, Gilman, Boren, NSF GRFP, Goldwater, or Truman. Additionally, students will be asked to present their experiences on campus (i.e., Honors Forum, Create@State, or at another appropriate venue).

With the HEG, students may apply for up to $2,000. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis; however, students are encouraged to apply well in advance as grants are contingent upon the availability of funds. Also, please note that a student could be awarded multiple HEG grants for different projects, but may only receive and use one HEG grant per academic year.

Application Instructions

Complete applications include the informational cover sheet, a budget, a proposal narrative, and one faculty recommendation. Applicants should email the cover sheet, narrative, and budget as one PDF to honors@astate.edu. Faculty recommenders will receive the HEG recommendation form and instructions after the student has successfully submitted their HEG application to the Honors College. Please be sure to save the HEG application to your desktop before starting.

Proposal Narrative: Write a one-page detailed proposal narrative (Character limit = 2,500) that includes the following information: the objectives of the project, expected results, and the significance of the project to your long-term goals.

Faculty Evaluation: Upon submission of the HEG package to the Honors College, the Faculty listed on the application will be contacted with the recommendation form. It is up to the student to ensure that the Faculty mentor understands the student’s proposal and will support him or her throughout the term of the grant.

Good luck to you in the application process. Before you begin, you should check to see whether or not you have software to work with PDFs (like Adobe Reader) on your computer. Also, be sure to save the HEG application to your desktop so that the information you type in it is not lost.

If you require further assistance or clarification, please contact the Honors College or Competitive Fellowships and Scholarships.

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