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Although the Graduate School and the advisory committee are a part of the evaluation process, the ultimate responsibility for all aspects of thesis or dissertation preparation remains with the student.

The general organization, specific subdivision of the text and the method of documentation must be determined by the student in consultation with the chair/co-chair and other members of the advisory committee. These matters should be addressed in the early stages of the student's consultation.

An early decision is especially vital concerning the particular journal, book or style manual to be used as a model or guide in the preparation of the thesis. Selecting a style manual as a model is especially useful when the whole thesis or dissertation or portions of it are planned for publication.

Please do no use another thesis/dissertation as a model for your work, since a particular style or example in a previous model may not meet current guidelines. All PhD doctoral graduates are required to fill out a Survey of Earned Doctorate which can be filled out online at https://sed-ncses.org

Travel Assistance Award

Our graduate students are eligible to apply for financial assistance from the Graduate School in order to travel and present their research/scholarly work at a meeting or conference.

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