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Whitney BlackWhitney Black

I am excited about becoming ambassador and an advocate for the Transition Program. While I was a student, I received amazing support through Disability Services and I would like to be a part of the good and to make a difference by passing on some of my skills and knowledge.

In 2017 I received my Bachelor Degree from ASU for Business Administration. I attempted getting a Bachelor in Accounting (6 classes left) but I have changed my mind and will be pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration in the very near future.

I have been working for the East Arkansas Area Agency on Aging for 6 years. I started out as a janitor because I was determined to work here to improve our future. They had an RSVP program at the time (senior volunteer opportunities). The senior citizens have the time and the experience and the drive to volunteer to make our communities better.  After about a year I accepted a position as the RSVP and Foster Grandparent Assistant Director. In 2014 we lost the grant for the RSVP program and the director retired so I became the Foster Grandparent Coordinator (I still had some learning to do). I have recently been offered the Director position. 

At the EAAAA I have supervised 40+ volunteers, coordinate dozens separate projects concurrently, and monitored up to 15 volunteer stations. I communicate to our regional Program representatives, the state representatives, Board of Education, district Superintendents, school principals, teachers and volunteers on a daily basis. I do payroll, budgeting, monthly/quarterly/yearly reports, daily paperwork.

I believe strongly in giving back to the community. If you need a volunteer you can call me and I will be there. I have volunteered with Girl Scouts of America since I started in 1992, Alzheimer’s Association since 2016. I have volunteered at several food pantry locations throughout NEA since 2013. 

In my own personal time I am a bit boring or my hobbies cost more than I can afford. I just adopted an old senior kitty (11 years old), who is my new love interest. My 11-year-old daughter has just now discovered sports and is currently playing soccer, planning to do basketball, and softball. Other hobbies include reading (real paper books), and traveling.

Rebecca SelbyRebecca Selby

A resident of Jonesboro, Rebecca is the Marketing and Sales Operations Manager at Optus, Inc.  During her time in the IT industry, she has recognized the need for inclusion in the workforce and the importance of secondary education for individuals with intellectual disabilities and neurodiversity. 

Rebecca is married to Toby and a mom to two very special kiddos, one being neurodiverse.  Like other families, she and her husband have a goal that one day both children will graduate from college. The H.O.W.L. Transition Program will not only help her family but other Red Wolf families. 

In her spare time, she enjoys watching Jonesboro Revolution Soccer, learning about Minecraft and Pokemon, and cuddling with her dogs, Pickles and Beans.