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Center for
Excellence in Education

The Center for Excellence recruits students who are committed to implementing creative changes and innovations through collaboration.

Distinctive features of the program include:
  • a doctoral knowledge core that consists of two courses offered online each semester that allows you to continue meeting professional and family responsibilities while pursuing your degree.
  • a flexible curriculum that provides career options in public school or higher education administration
  • a unique curriculum and faculty challenge critical thinking and develop academic writing, effective communication, and creativity
  • students meet online during the first week of classes to establish course expectations and meet the professor
  • the cohort approach facilitates teamwork and provides you with a supportive network
  • a supportive and stable full-time faculty dedicated to mentoring you through the program and helping you make professional decisions and career choices
  • a website that can be accessed from your home computer to establish contact with faculty and students from other cohorts
  • a program that is supported by dissertation mentors that are assigned to each student in the cohort
Important Information

Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Education and Behavioral Science is to generate and disseminate knowledge through teaching, research, and service; and to apply that knowledge to improve education and the quality of life for all individuals in a pluralistic and democratic society. We accomplish this within student-centered, intellectually challenging environments with faculty and staff dedicated to excellence.

Dr. Eugene W. Smith Research Fellowship

This research fellowship funds deserving students who are pursuing a doctoral degree in educational leadership at Arkansas State University.

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