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The faculty of the college has a long history of building bridges with the community and creating partnerships between the college and the K-12 community by visiting schools, being part of science fairs as judges, inviting groups of students and their councilors to visit the college. However, the first step in a coordinated effort by the college in partnership with local industry was the CUSI-sponsored coding camp held during the summer of 2019.  While we were not able to offer outreach activities during 2020 due to the pandemic, the college hosted an open house for potential students and their families to visit the labs in the college, meet with faculty and our students. Three week-long, day summer camps during the summer of 2021. 


College K-12 Summer Camps

Computer Science

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Join Our High Impact Experience (HIE) Program

Interested in a day in the life of an engineering or computer science A-State student? Attend a course/lecture for the day.


Have you ever wondered about the experience of being a student in the college?  Or just shadow an engineering/computer science student for the day. Here’s your chance! If you have a specific course in mind or the lecture of a professor you would like to attend let us know.


Apply to our High Impact Experience program

Become a Scarlet Freshman in the College of Engineering and Computer Science Now!

(For Jonesboro High School juniors and seniors only)


If you want to take a freshman engineering class or a freshman class in Computer Science, you can become a Scarlet freshman. Learn more here. As a scarlet freshman in our college, you can apply here to sign up for the following courses

CS 1114 - Concepts of Programming 

ENGR 1402 - Concepts of Engineering

 You can find more information about the courses here from the undergraduate catalog of the current academic year.


Support Engineering and Computer Science Outreach!

These opportunities are being partially supported by donors who have organically supported the college over the years as well as patrons of the Dean's Excellence Fund. Interested in supporting unique opportunities for students? Become a patron or learn more here.

We are very grateful to all CoECS donors and patrons for their support.

Upcoming Events 2022

June 13 - June 17, 2022

       Engineering boot camp (day)

       Coding camp (day)

June 20 - June 24, 2022

       Women in Engineering and Computer Science Camp (day)

 July 11 - July 15, 2022

       Engineering boot camp (overnight)
       Coding camp (overnight)