Welcome to Arkansas State University!

January 2023- December 2023

  • Board of Directors

    Jessie Jones (Civil Engineering)
    Evan Teague (Civil Engineering)
    Deric Wyatt (Civil Engineering)
    Chris Griffin (Computer Science)
    Charles Brinkley (Electrical Engineering)
    Eric Farmer (Electrical Engineering)
    Bryan Melton (Electrical Engineering)
    Rickey Jackson (Engineering Technology)
    Jim Chidester (Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Management)
    Leigh Wineland (Mechanical Engineering)
    Herbert J. (Bert) Parker (Past President of the Academy/Board Member at-large)
    Dr. Abhijit Bhattacharyya (Dean – Non-voting Member)
    Dr. Alexandr Sokolov (Full Time Faculty Member – Non-voting Member)

  • Executive Committee

    President Jim Chidester
    Vice-President Jessie Jones
    Treasurer Charles Brinkley
    Secretary Yeonsang Hwang
    Member-at-Large Natalie Rogers
    Member-at-Large Keith Britton
    Past President Herbert J. (Bert) Parker
    Dean (Non-voting) Dr. Abhijit Bhattacharyya

  • Committee Chairs

    Membership Nominating Natalie Rogers
    Officer Nominating Vacant
    Conduct Vacant