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Background Check Information for Nursing

Background Check

Based on recent legislation in Arkansas, students will be required to complete a background check AFTER they receive conditional admission into the Nursing program.

Verified Credentials

Arkansas State University’s College of Nursing and Health Professions works with Verified Credentials, Inc. to establish an acceptable screening procedure. The costs of the background checks are between $50 and $100.

Newly admitted students - View the step-by-step background check guide for new nursing students

Current students - View the step-by-step background check guide for clinical rotations

After Completion

Upon completion, the results of the background screening will be sent to you via email that will apprise you of the findings as well as your final score of: 

  • Red: Convictions or Discrepancy Found
  • Yellow: Possible Discrepancy Found
  • Green: No Convictions or Discrepancies Found

    If any information is found that would negatively affect your eligibility for clinical placement in the program, you will be given an opportunity to challenge the information through the Adverse Action process associated with Verified Credentials. The clinical site will receive the information concerning any reports that are yellow or red and will determine your eligibility to participate in the clinical experience based on their criteria.