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Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the Coordinated Program in Dietetics:

What is a Registered Dietitian (RD)?

The Registered Dietitian is nationally recognized as an expert in the field of food and nutrition. To become a Registered Dietitian, you are required to meet eligibility requirements established by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics and pass a national registration examination.

What is a Coordinated Program (CP)?

This program coordinates supervised practice experiences with the didactic (lecture/classroom) instruction during the professional program in the junior and senior years of study. It is a two year full-time program with a “Clinical” concentration. Class size is limited due to the availability of supervised practice sites; all applicants may not be accepted into the program.

When are program applications due?

Applications must be submitted by April 1 after the sophomore year. Students will be notified of their acceptance status by May 15.

How many students are admitted into the program each year?

There are 15 slots available. Any student who is not accepted into the CP may consider other majors either within the College of Nursing and Health Professions or another College on campus. The student may also choose to reapply the following year.

Can a student work full-time while in the program?

It is extremely difficult to work while completing the Coordinated Program. If students must be employed, hours should be scheduled during the evenings or on weekends only. Students must be available to fulfill all didactic and supervised practice requirements.

Can a student with a non-dietetics degree be admitted to the Coordinated Program?

If a student has a degree from a U. S. accredited college or university in a field other than dietetics, he/she must have their college transcript evaluated by the Program Director. The Director will identify the courses the student would need to complete to meet the dietetics requirements in order to apply for admission.