Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Griffin House is the perfect place for first and second-year NGCOB students! 

Here, you will be surrounded by like-minded students who will likely be in your classes. You can create study groups, hang out with friends, and make some memories!

One of the biggest perks of living here? Some of your first-year faculty will take their office hours on the first floor of the building. You'll sometimes find our Dean there as well!

Learn more about Griffin House here.

Hear from current residents:

Nick Orr

Nicholas Orr

Nick is a freshman Accounting major from Ellington, MO!

"I like living at Griffin House because of the study rooms to hang out in. You get your own room and the bigger beds make living there a lot more comfortable."


Karlee Welsh

Karlee is a freshman Accounting major from Tuckerman, AR!

"Being in a building full of people you see in your classes every day really helped in making connections with other students who are within the same majors. I also loved my full-size bed, and not having to live in the freshman dorms with a roommate. Sharing a bathroom with just one other person was a big plus as well."