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Research Professor of Biopolymer Chemistry


  • Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Plant Physiology, Ph.D.
  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Botany, M.S.
  • Iowa State University, Ames, Biology, B.S.

Courses Taught

  • MBS 7123, Topics in Molecular Biosciences ("Plant cell wall polysaccharides and related enzyme systems")
  • MBS 6251, Techniques in Molecular Biosciences ("Essential tools for protein analysis and purification" and "Protein identification by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry")
  • AGRI 6361, Grad seminar ("Introduction to writing funding proposals")

Research Interests

  • Development of polysaccharide-modifying enzyme systems for tailoring functional properties of pectin and arabinoxylan and oligosaccharides derived from them.
  • Isolation and analysis of functional protein and polysaccharide components from rice and bioenergy crop processing fractions.
  • Understanding the root-specific cell wall biochemistry using sugar beet hairy root cultures.


  • American Chemical Society
  • American Society for Plant Physiologists
  • Society for Industrial Microbiology


  • Research Associate Professor of Protein Chemistry, Arkansas Bioscience Institute and College of Agriculture (October 2006 to present)
  • Research Plant Physiologist, USDA-ARS, Wyndmoor, PA (January 2000 to September 2006)
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, USDA-ARS, Wyndmoor, PA (September 1995 to December 1999)

Brett Savary

Contact Information

P: (870) 680-4792
F: (870) 972-2026


Building: Arkansas Biosciences Institute
Room: 307