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  • Reimbursement for out of state travel will be the lesser of coach class airfare or the established rate of private car mileage, based on map mileage

  • Commercial flight tickets shall be by regular coach in the main cabin of the air craft. No up-charges, comfort seating, or early check-ins of any kind are allowed. If additional charges are incurred it will be at the traveler's expense.

  • Airline tickets purchased with less than a 14 day advance shall be explained and approved in writing by the Dean and Vice Chancellor and attached to the Travel Request or Expense Report.
  • Commercial airline reservations are the responsibility of the traveler and should be purchased at least 14 days prior to travel if possible.

  • Departments may pay or reimburse the traveler for the first checked baggage fees only. A written explanation from the traveler with the supervisor's signature must be completed for fees for additional bags claimed. The explanation must be scanned in and attached to the Travel Request or Expense Report

  • Charges for commercial airfare should be billed to the University through a local travel agency or charged to the traveler's T-Card or the Department Card. Always be aware of the airline or booking agencies cancellation procedures and fees.