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Travel Services

Travel Services has a new FAQ page about cancellations due to COVID-19. 

Travel Services is dedicated to providing information on travel policies and procedures to the faculty, staff, and students of Arkansas State University.

New to A-State or want a refresher? 

  • Review the Travel Process page for an overview of what to do before, during, and after a trip.
  • Review the Regulations Presentation for an overview of our Operating Procedures. 
  • Review the training materials under the Documentation page and contact us for training.



To begin the fall 2021 semester, Arkansas State is updating its travel policy.

In order to engage in official travel for A-State, each traveler must adhere to the published United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) travel recommendations regarding testing, quarantine, and isolation, which currently may be found at the following links:

Should the CDC modify its guidance, A-State will update its policy to align with the published guidance.

Exceptions to these guidelines may be granted by the Office of Human Resources for official travel related to intercollegiate athletics or other activities that require COVID testing both before and after travel.

This campus procedure takes effect immediately.

If you have any questions, contact Human Resources at hr@AState.edu



In October we announced our transition to the new credit card program with Bank of America. By now most of you may have your new cards. It is now time to activate and start using your new card. You can shred or cut up the old US Bank card.

To help with the activation process and understanding the new Global Card Access website, we have put together a slide presentation and will also provide a link to the PowerPoint slides.

It is okay if you’ve already made purchases in the new billing cycle with the US Bank card. In Concur you will have two Statement Reports for this reconciliation period. One for the US Bank card and one for any new transactions done on the Bank of America card. The US Bank cards will be deactivated/disabled once all the new cards have been passed out to existing cardholders and we’ve verified that everyone has activated their cards.

If you still need to schedule a time to pick up your card or have any issues or questions please contact the Card Administrators.
Mike Smith, 4230
Garry Patterson, 2333



Travel Services has developed a new FAQ page about cancellations due to COVID-19. Please keep the following items in mind when canceling travel plans.

  • Contact the businesses you've made reservations and arrangements with, such as hotels, conference organizers, and airlines.
  • Complete the Cancellation of Travel Form and attach to the Expense Report as necessary.
  • If there have already been card transactions associated with the trip, an Expense Report will still need to be completed in Concur.
  • Each department must develop a standard for maintaining all credits/vouchers from airfare that was originally purchased on Travel Cards and/or Department Cards to ensure that they are used for university business only.

If you have additional questions please contact Travel Services at Travel@AState.edu or 870-972-3903.



For default FOAP changes and Delegate access contact cpi-security@astate.edu.

When entering Concur descriptions and comments, please do not use double quotes (“ “) when entering a word or phrase, such as “Mentor Monday”. Also, do not use the pipes symbol (|). The pipes symbol is located on the same keyboard key as the backslash symbol. These symbols cause errors when Concur information is fed over into Banner.

Don't forget to complete a Cash Transmittal Form when paying back travel in cash at the Cashier's Window.



Effective 10/14/2019, the Expense Report default FOAP will no longer feed from the Request Header. It will come from the Traveler’s Profile. If the default FOAP on the Profile is incorrect, contact cpi-security@astate.edu with the updated information.



Effective immediately, if meals are being reimbursed for a one-day trip, a travel memo will need to be signed by the traveler, the traveler’s supervisor, and the appropriate Vice Chancellor.  The operating procedure for day travel and the travel memo can be found at the following link:  http://www.astate.edu/a/finance/procedures/finance/fa-travel-day-travel.pdf



The Traveler must acknowledge their Travel Advance responsibilities by typing, “I agree” into the Cash Advance Comments field on the Travel Request when an advance is requested.

The transaction date on the T-Card and Department charges is the transaction date fed from US Bank and it cannot be updated. This can cause an exception warning to popup with the message that the transaction is outside of the trip start and end dates. For these type of transactions, this is OK and the report should be submitted and approved. Department Card Expense Reports should have the Trip Start and Trip End dates matching the Traveler’s actual travel dates.

Travel Advances and paying back personal expense on the T-Card/Department Card can be done through Marketplace. Contact Travel for the link. When paying back in cash at the Cashier’s Window please use the following Fund and Account codes, do not include an Organization or Program.

Travel Advance: Fund 110000 and Account 163500
Personal Expenses on the T-Card/Department Card: Fund 110000 and Account 140230



The Office of Travel Services would like to make several exciting announcements as we move into Fiscal Year 2020.

  • Our office location has moved to the Procurement side of the Facilities Management building and we have a new central phone number, 972-3903.
  • Garry Patterson, gpatterson@astate.edu, is now the card administrator for T-Cards and Departments Cards. Any new card requests, new cardholder training, credit limit changes, card issues will go to Garry. Our office will be the final approval for T-Card and Department Card reconciliation in the Concur Travel System.
  • The Trip Optimizer is only required if the round trip exceeds 100 miles per day, proof of mileage is still required.
  • Cash advances can now be paid back through Marketplace – contact us for the link.



Effective May 7th the title "Additional Information" will change to "Description" on the Expense Report entries. 

Please check back for continuous updates and announcements. For questions, contact Travel Services. Receive updates through the Office of Operational Excellence Mailing List!

Vehicle Safety Program

All who drive on university business must be pre-approved through the Vehicle Safety Program.

Vehicle Safety Forms (VSP1, VSP2, Safety Tips)

Vehicles Used for University Business

Accidents and Traffic Violations: Drivers must report all accidents that occur on university business in any vehicle to local law enforcement while still at the scene, and if in a rental to the rental company. As soon as possible accidents and traffic violations must also be reported to your immediate supervisor and to the A-State Motor Pool at 870-680-4852.

Enterprise - 1-800-307-6666

Personal Auto Insurance: Employees be aware - when using personal vehicles on university business, your personal auto insurance is primary. It is your responsibility to contact your insurance agent to confirm if "business use" coverage is needed. In no circumstance does the university's auto policy provide physical damage coverage for your vehicle.