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The ASU Testing Center provides scanning and response reports for Faculty Evaluations on campus.

  • Although there is no guaranteed turn-around time for evaluations, they are processed as quickly as possible on a first come, first serve basis.
  • The Testing Center does not provide delivery or pickup services. For the maintenance of confidentiality, Departments or Colleges are solely responsible for the delivery and pickup of its evaluations.

Procedures for Submitting Faculty Evaluations

  1. Please submit all department Faculty Evaluations at the same time.
  2. Do not staple, paper clip or fold the Evaluation Form.
  3. All Evaluation Forms must be completed with a No. 2 pencil and facing the same direction.
  4. To accommodate software, use only ParSurvey Scantron bubble sheets. The bubble sheets can be obtained from the Testing Center office.
  5. A unique number must be assigned to each class. This unique number is entered in the ID number field at the top of each bubble sheet. This number is very important and must be at least two digits, but not to exceed ten digits. Reports are prepared by "pulling" the information out of the database by the unique ID number. An incorrect entry on any bubble sheet will result in that sheet not being included in the statistical reports.
  6. Each instructor/course group of evaluations must include the completed evaluation bubble sheets and must be separated by placing them in envelopes or folders.
  7. One copy of the actual questionnaire must be submitted with the evaluations.
  8. A completed "Faculty Evaluation Cover Sheet" must be submitted to indicate the types of reports wanted. The cover sheet can be obtained from our office.

If faculty evaluations are submitted before the end of the semester, please be advised the scanning of exams do take priority.

Download the Evaluation Coversheet here >>