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Study Abroad Process

For a quick overview of our study abroad process, take a look at our How It Works video to follow the journey of one student and the steps she took to complete the study abroad process.  

Step 1. Thinking About Study Abroad? Think objectives.

Consider the reasons why you want to study abroad and how they align with your academic and/or career goals.

Step 2. Get a passport.

We encourage you to apply for a passport early as you start to consider study abroad as processing times can vary.

Step 3. Attend a Study Abroad 101 workshop:

Our office provides an overview of program types, eligibility, and show you how to research program options based on your academic and personal needs. Click here to find out about the advising schedule.

Step 4. Eligibility:

Familiarize yourself with the Study Abroad Policies, requirements and eligibility.

Step 5. Search for programs:

Begin researching programs in a field of study, country, or region of your interest. Compare program courses, dates, deadlines, and cost. Keep academic calendars in mind as they may differ from A-State academic calendar. Once you find a program(s), of interest, make an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor. Click here for Study Abroad Programs through A-State.

Step 6. Meet with Advisors

Academic Advisor: Academic advisors will help you look at your overall degree plan, see when it would be appropriate to study abroad and what degree requirements might be best met. Strategic planning of your course prerequisites can allow for a semester- or year-long study abroad program later on.

Study Abroad Advisor: We will help you narrow down your choices, discuss the specifics of your program, application procedures, course credits, and budgeting.

Financial Aid Counselor: Discuss financial aid eligibilities with a financial aid counselor. Financial Aid and Scholarships can help cover the cost of study abroad.

Step 7. Apply

Complete the A-State Study Abroad application and submit the required supplemental documentation by the deadline. By filling out the A-State Study Abroad application, you are subject to the $50 non-refundable application fee being charged on your student account.  If you are a student from ASU-Queretaro, you will receive a link to pay your application fee since you do not have a student financial account with ASU-Jonesboro.  The fee is used for application processing. It is not refunded at any point.

Apply for funding through colleges/academic departments, and/or resources outside the university.

Apply for the A-State Study Abroad travel voucher.

Begin learning all you can about the country you will be studying in. Find out what the visa process is for your host country and apply

Step 8. Prepare to Leave

Attend a mandatory pre-departure orientation specific to your term and/or your program. During pre-departure orientation, you will learn information regarding your host country, health and safety abroad, A-State policies to follow while abroad, transferring credits back to A-State (if applicable), among other important items.

Step 9. While Abroad

Stay engaged with the Study Abroad Office. Share your Study Abroad Story.

Follow all A-State crisis and emergency protocols while abroad.

Step 10. Upon Return to A-State

  • Give Back
  • Become an Ambassador
  • Tell Other Students They Too Can Study Abroad
  • Get Involved in Our Events