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There is no one perfect degree plan for entrance into a professional school. However, students with some degrees have more success than others. It is always advisable to pick a plan you will enjoy and in which you have greater success.

Having a minor is very beneficial in applying to professional schools. It shows them you have diverse interests and talents, helps you become a more well-rounded person, and increases your marketability, all while providing you the required upper-level hours necessary for graduation. Some minors are more highly recommended than others.

Recommended Majors

There are three recommended majors available for students.

Biological Science

The BS in Biological Science allows you to receive your degree in Biology in addition to other rigorous courses in Chemistry and is specifically designed to prepare students for their professional exams (PCAT, MCAT). It is highly recommended that students getting this degree earn a minor in Chemistry.

Biological Science (emphasis in Physical Therapy)

The BS in Biological Science with an emphasis in pre-Physical Therapy gives you the rigorous Biology and Chemistry courses necessary to do well in Physical Therapy programs, along with other courses specifically designed for those interested in this field. It is specifically geared toward the A-State's Physical Therapy Masters program.


The BA in Chemistry allows you to receive your degree in Chemistry while providing the flexibility for the other classes necessary to do well on your professional exam (PCAT, MCAT, etc). It is highly recommended that students getting this degree earn a minor in Biology.

Recommended Minors

Having a minor makes you look versatile and well-rounded, a highly sought-after quality for professional schools. It increases your marketability and allows you to diversify later during your career.

Some minors are more common than others and can really aid a student entering a health-care related field. The minors listed below have been specifically tailored to the needs of a pre-professional student and do not reflect all courses available for that minor. For more information, contact that department.

Animal Science

This minor is specifically for those who are interested in going on to veterinary school. Most veterinary schools want you to have the rigor of a major in Biology or Chemistry, but having this minor allows you to customize your studies to animal science.


The courses listed in this Biology minor are required for almost any professional school. Many students try to take only the minimum classes necessary for entrance into the school. However, keep in mind that doing merely the minimum is unlikely to gain you entrance into these schools. The completed minor will not only increase your likelihood of doing well in these courses, but it will also make you very competitive to the admissions committee. In addition, these courses are designed to help prepare you for Biology questions on both the MCAT and the PCAT (with an additional anatomy and physiology course).


A solid understand of Chemistry is important in any healthcare related field. Additionally, it is very easy to add a Chemistry minor if you are currently majoring in Biology. It is especially valuable for dental or pharmacy students majoring in Biology.

General Business

Many healthcare professionals will one day own their own practice. It is important to learn the fundamentals of business now instead of when you are on your own. Additionally, many professional schools have as part of their curriculum business and economics classes and have expressed their desire than their entering students take courses in business and economics while undergraduates.


A minor in Psychology would be beneficial for many reasons. Many patients with health problems may have accompanying psychology problems, and it is important that healthcare professionals understand what they are going through. Additionally, many pharmaceuticals have psychological effects that can have dire consequences if not taken into consideration. Anyone wanting to go to Medical school to become a Psychiatrist may benefit greatly from minoring in Psychology as an undergrad.


The ability to speak with your patients and customers is vital to a healthcare professional, and there are many people in need of health care who speak Spanish. In order for you to be prepared for your customers, a minor in Spanish would be invaluable, and many professional schools recommend students being proficient in it.