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Client Stories

Camps Medical Pharmacy

Camp's Join Rising Medical Community with Relocation

With the medical community rapidly expanding into the northeast sector of Jonesboro, Kenuel and Donna Camp, owners of Camp's Medical Pharmacy, knew the time was right to relocate their business. After eight years of growing a successful pharmacy the two realized that in order to continue their growth, they needed to be located in the area of town where the medical community and population were increasing.

The Camps were referred to the ASBTDC by a local lender. Business Consultant Robert Bahn provided the Camps with resources to enable them to develop their business plan, which Bahn reviewed. Bahn worked closely with the Camps to develop financial projections, illustrating the business' growth potential with the relocation. Bahn served as a resource referral and sounding board throughout the project.

The Camps relocated and expanded the business.


Euro-Cabinet Expands

The ASBTDC helped Russ White and Jeremy Robinson fulfill their desire to expand their business. Business Consultant Robert Bahn helped the two to compile a new business plan. Robert was immediately impressed with their business sense and the specific plans they had on how to create a more efficient business.

The ASBTDC provided market research that included industry information as well as demographics of potential clients. 

Bahn helped White and Robinson to develop a three year projection of income and expenses based upon the clients experience and industry averages. Bahn also compiled a loan proposal which was used to acquire a loan which allowed Euro-Cabinet to purchase a new building, lease new equipment and renovate the purchased building.


Jonesboro Company Wins State Funding For Plant-Based Poultry Disease Treatment

ASBTDC client GeneCoMe Biotech received board approval for a $49,000 Technology Development Program award from the Arkansas Economic Development Commission's Division of Science and Technology to support research and development of its plant-based method for treating poultry diseases. This award will help to bridge the funding gap between the Jonesboro-based company's awarded U.S. Department of Agriculture Small Business Innovation Research Phase 1 grant and planned USDA SBIR Phase 2 project.

GeneCoMe's plant-based method involves using chicken interferno-gamma (chIFN) as a natural alternative to antibiotics as consumer demand for antibiotic-free poultry products continues to rise.

When GeneCoMe decided to apply for TDP funding, the team engaged the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center for assistance in preparing its application. "I'm absolutely thankful to Rebecca Norman for helping with the development of our TDP application. She is the Arkansas expert for proposal assistance," said Dr. Giuliana Medrano (Right).