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Vendor Information

Doing Business with A-State

Thank you for your interest in selling to Arkansas State University.

Arkansas State University-Jonesboro (ASU) welcomes all vendors interested in doing business with the University. It is our goal, as Procurement Services, to maintain an open, fair, and competitive atmosphere, and foster successful relationships with all University vendors.

To become an approved vendor, please complete the Vendor Forms email them to procurement@astate.edu.

Vendors who wish to do business with Arkansas State University-Jonesboro (ASU) should familiarize themselves with the following:

  • The Procurement Official is the sole purchasing authority of the University. Purchases not authorized by this authority are not legal obligations of the University.

  • The University has a centralized procurement office that authorizes purchase of goods and services necessary for the efficient maintenance and operation of the campus.
  • Vendors must have a taxpayer ID number (Federal Tax Identification Number or Social Security Number) and supply a completed W-9 form. The name and number must match the name that is on file with the IRS.  This is a one-time requirement, but updated forms will be requested as needed.

  • Vendors should never begin services or deliver goods unless there is an official, signed ASU purchase order. In lieu of a PO, a State of Arkansas-issued Visa purchasing card could be used.

  • All purchases, rentals, leases, lease/purchases, and contract services for Arkansas State University-Jonesboro, regardless of the source of funds, are subject to Arkansas laws, regulations, and procedures. 
  • ASU is not exempt from paying sales tax except on those transactions that are specifically exempt by law. When applicable, state sales tax must be itemized on the vendor’s invoice. If an out-of-state vendor is not set up to collect Arkansas sales tax, that amount will be accrued and paid directly to the Dept. of Finance & Administration as compensating use tax.

  • ASU encourages all certified minority businesses to compete for, win, and receive contracts for goods, services, and construction.

  • ASU’s registered trademarks, as well as other names, seals, logos, school colors and other symbols that are representative of the university may be used solely with permission of Arkansas State University. Items offered for sale to the public bearing the university trademarks must be licensed.

Purchasing Thresholds 

Most goods and services totaling $20,000.01 or more require a bid process.

  • Competitive bidding ($20,000.01-$75,000).
  • Competitive sealed bidding ($75,000.01+).
  • Purchases may not be split to avoid bid limits!
  • All sealed bids are advertised on the ASU Procurement Services website. 
  • Resulting agreements may not be extended beyond seven (7) years.

 Vendors awarded contracts of $25,000 or greater will be required to supply the following:

  • EO98 Contract & Disclosure Form
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Form
  • Certify prior to award that they do not employ or contract with any illegal immigrants.
  • W-9
  • Minority Business Policy Form
  • Prior to the commencement of any capital improvement or construction work, or labor-related service for the university, evidence of appropriate insurance coverage must be submitted by the contractor to Procurement Services.
  • Many construction bids require a bid bond. Performance bonds may also be required.


      All contracts are reviewed on the basis of the total amount spent over the life of the contract. This will determine how it is to be procured, not just the first year of spending.

    Payments to Vendors:

    • Invoices must be emailed directly to Accounts Payable at accountspayable@astate.edu to ensure timely processing. Invoices sent to an individual, department, or included in the packaged goods are not guaranteed to be received and processed. Invoices must reference purchase order in order for payment to be approved.

    • Payments cannot be processed against monthly statements.  Accounts Payable must have an invoice.


    • Vendors should never send or offer gifts, gratuities, favors, freebies, or promotional items of any kind to buyers, purchasing agents, or agency personnel.

    • ASU is a tobacco-free campus. The use of tobacco products is prohibited anywhere on the campus.

    “Minority business enterprise” means a business that is at least fifty-one percent (51%) owned by (1) or more minority persons.

    Must be certified by the Arkansas Economic Development Commission.


    Additional Information

    • Being an approved vendor does not ensure any subsequent contract award.
    • All solicitations for Competitive Sealed Bids/Requests for Proposals are posted to this website.