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A-State Professional Social Networking Initiative

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A-State has formed a campus comprehensive LinkedIn Initiative Taskforce that includes representatives from Career Services, Deans Council, First Year Experience, Leadership Center, Marketing and Communications, Research and Tech Transfer, Alumni Relations and University Advancement. The Initiative aims to educate and encourage students to professionally establish themselves on professional social networks with the following goals in mind:

#1 Goal - to shape students for success in today’s workforce by preparing and positioning them for gainful employment in their field.

  • In their first semester, First Year Experience and Making Connections courses will encourage use of professional social networks and educate students with fundamentals of using the sites & importance of professionalism in online networks  
  • Incorporate professional social networks into a four-year workforce track from Career Services
  • Establish a professional online resume and presence to help students’ applications be more competitive for internships/fellowships/entry level positions
  • Position students to network with A-State alums and other professionals in their field
  • Discover internship and fellowship opportunities to gain employment and professional experience during school
  • Assist students in shaping and marketing their unique student experience for a professional setting
  • Graduate students who are networked and well prepared to gain employment in their field