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Faculty Research Awards Committee

Program Applications & Deadlines

FRAC Applications will only be electronically administered through InfoReady. InfoReady is found in the MyCampus Portal and requires Duo sign-in. Login for InfoReady is through Single Sign On (SSO) Banner, which is your network ID and password.

Applying to FRAC through InfoReady (PowerPoint - Notes included)

  • Compensated Leave Applications

    Deadline for Fall 2021: October 15

  • Faculty Development Endowment Funds (Travel)

    Deadline for 2021: October 15

  • Faculty Research Fund

    Deadline for 2021: October 15

2021-2022 Committee Members 

_Travis Marsico____________
Faculty Senate / Science and Mathematics

_Vicent Moreno____________
Chair Council Representative

_Ryan Kelly_______________
Education & Behavioral Science 

_Robert Fleming___________
Engineering & Computer Science

_Xiankui Hu_______________

_Ed Salo__________________
CLAC - Humanities & Social Sciences

_Amber Wooten_____________
Nursing and Health Professions 

_Gwan-Seon Kim____________

Ex officio:
Thomas Risch
Vice Provost for Research & Technology Transfer