Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Self-Guided Tours

The museum has dozens of exhibits that will appeal to people of all ages and interests, and will provide education and entertainment for families, friends, and solo tours. Depending on your interests and energy, a self-guided tour can take from 30 minutes to several hours.

Guided Group Tours

School groups, clubs, and other organizations may request a tour guide for Museum visits. All guided tours are by reservation only.

How do I request a tour?

Self-Guided Group Tours

School groups and clubs are welcome to tour the museum on their own, but we do request that groups of over ten people make reservations in order to avoid conflicts with other tour groups. For more information please call (870) 972-2074 or email Museum Staff.


The museum welcomes all visitors and does not charge admission, but your donation of $2 per person ($1 per person for school groups) helps to fund new exhibits and maintain our permanent exhibits. If you are a frequent visitor, please consider joining the Museum Associates.

Mother Goose II

Arkansas State University Museum is happy to introduce Mother Goose II; a unique teaching program inspired by Nursery Rhymes. This fun-filled learning experience leads Pre-K to 1st grade students on an adventure, as they follow nursery rhyme clues to discover the whereabouts of Little Bo Peep's sheep and their missing tails.

This 20 to 30 minute program, led by Mother Goose and visited by Little Bo Peep teaches concepts in counting, listening, singing, rhythm, reading, play-acting and problem solving. Best of all, children are involved in hands-on learning disguised as play.

To schedule a Mother Goose II tour, or to invite Mother Goose to your facility, contact our Education Curator, Jill Kary at jkary@astate.edu or call 870-972-2074. You may also submit via our website, simply complete the online form under Guided Tours.

Mother Goose II faithfully conforms to the Common Core Curriculum standards. See them here.

Mother Goose in Story Time at ASU Museum