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ASU Museum: Learning for Fun!

Arkansas State University Museum, located on the A-State campus in Jonesboro, AR, is a hub of life-long learning for people of all ages and walks of life, serving both the University and the general public.

Focusing on the natural history and cultural heritage of Northeast Arkansas and the Mississippi River Delta, ASU Museum brings tangible relevance to many disciplines taught at A-State. The Museum’s interdisciplinary approach to tours, programs, and other educational experiences reaches across many departments, supporting faculty research, augmenting class curriculum in unique ways, and enriching student learning.

ASU Museum is this region’s come-to haven for children’s discovery learning. We offer informal learning opportunities such as custom tours, interactive exhibits, and innovative gallery activities that thrill school children and help teachers and parents introduce children to progressive fields of the future. Lesson plans tied to programs satisfy the newest mandates in school curriculum. We use novel approaches to contextualize STEM within the history of Northeast Arkansas—a stratagem that promotes pride of place in local and regional audiences.

ASU Museum’s programs foster learning as a family value and form the backbone of our commitment to more inclusive service to our region. ASU Museum is a safe harbor of learning for rural, disadvantaged, differently abled, at-risk, and other underserved audiences. We seek to advance the social health of Arkansas and its future leadership by promoting diversity, tolerance, and equal opportunities for all to aspire to higher education.

Open free to the public, ASU Museum holds a singular opportunity to imprint children with their “forever” outlook toward learning and higher education. By making learning fun, we hope to open minds to a progressive future and, potentially, make a difference in the lives and future of the entire region.

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ASU Museum and the University's Heritage Sites are bulwarks of heritage and learning in the Arkansas Delta, pursuing the highest standards of operation in their professions. Plan to visit and become more acquainted with the family activities, education support, natural history, and cultural heritage of our region.

Marti L. Allen, PhD
Director, Arkansas State University Museum