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Student Services

Who is a Non-Traditional Student?

  • Students who are 25 years or older
  • Students who did not enter college after high school
  • Students who are married or single with children
  • Students who commute 30 miles from the university
  • Students who are working professionals

Non-Traditional Student Services helps connect non-traditional students to Arkansas State University and Jonesboro by providing educational and social resources and programs to help ensure success for all non-traditional students. Our area sponsors programs such as the semi-annual Non-Traditional Student Fest, Family Game Nights, a Non-Traditional Student Recognition Ceremony, and more.

The Non-Traditional Student Lounge is located in the Reng Student Union Suite 2036. For more information, contact 870-680-4052.

Join the Non-traditional Student Organization

The Non-traditional Student Organization is an organization that supports the success of non-traditional students at A-State through social, academic, and community support, and to better connect non-traditional students to the University.

Non-Traditional Student Organization (NTSO) Officer Application

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Community Resource Booklet

The Community Resource Booklet provides useful information for Non-Traditional Students including financial aid information, community support programs, and more.

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