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Student Organization Leadership Training

Student Organization Leadership Training Workshops

Contact the Leadership Center at 870-972-2055 for more information or to schedule a session.

RSO 101

This session will explain everything you need to know about running a successful student organization at A-State in just an hour! Learn how to set up a student organization bank account, reserve rooms for meetings, develop a constitution, and learn about all policies and procedures.

Successful Program & Event Planning

In this session, discover the step by step process to develop a successful program or event for your organization. Learn how to apply for action fund, successfully market your event, and become aware of the do’s and don’ts of planning an effective program.

Creating a Vision, Mission Statement, & Marketing Plan

Need help gaining direction and exposure for your organization? Book this session to learn how to create the vision, mission statement, and marketing plan for your organization.

Parliamentary Procedure

Book this session to learn proper parliamentary procedure rules to ensure the success of your organization's meetings.

Effective Communication & Conflict Management

Enhance communication skills between members of your organization and gain knowledge about how to handle conflict when it arises within your organization.

Membership Recruitment & Retention

Membership looking a little low? Book this session to gain knowledge about recruiting new group members. Learn tips and techniques to empower and engage all group members to decrease burnout and retain members.

All presentations are tailored for the needs of your specific organization.