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You need to store University Data

The following table outlines the data classification and proper handling of AState data.


Data Classification

Cloud Storage
(See table below for approved services)

Network Drive
(AState Username and Password Required)

Local Storage


Not Allowed



Limited Access**

Allowed But Not Advised


Allowed But Not Advised






*Restricted Data—Any data that contains personally identifiable information concerning any individual and is regulated by local, state, or Federal privacy regulations. This includes data such as grades, social security numbers, classified research, etc.

**Limited Data—Any data that is not classified as AState Restricted Data, but which is information that AState would not distribute to the general public. Academic research falls in the category.

***Public Data—Any data that AState is comfortable distributing to the general public

(1)This data is allowed only if you have Spirion running on your machine. Not sure if you have Spirion? Please contact the IT Security team at ext. 3770 or security@astate.edu.

Listing of cloud services:

Services Approved for University Use

Services Not Approved for University Use

Dropbox — Using AState address only





Amazon Cloud Drive


Google Drive


Microsoft OneDrive

If you would like to see the entire procedure, please click here