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DUO is the Two Factor Authentication company that Arkansas State University uses. Duo allows our users to authenticate anywhere, anytime, with any device using Duo’s options for two-factor authentication methods. Two-factor authentication lets us Identify our users’ identities before they login to protect against phishing and other identity-related attacks.

Getting started with DUO security

DUO Frequent Asked Questions

  • 1. What is two-factor (DUO) and why is ASTATE implementing it?

    Passwords are becoming increasingly easy to compromise. They can often be stolen, guessed, or compromised in some other manner -- you might not even know who else has your password and is accessing your account. Duo two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to your account to make sure that it stays safe, even if someone else knows your password, by using your phone or another device to verify your identity. You will be alerted right away (on your phone - mobile or landline - or tablet) if someone tries to log in using your password. This prevents anyone but you from accessing your accounts.

  • 2. How do I get DUO?

    ASTATE's DUO setup document makes it easy to register your phone or tablet. Install the app on your device to being the enrollment process. 

  • 3. Can I opt out of DUO?

    No. Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to our online accounts. In an effort to keep the university systems and your personal account information secure, we are enabling two-factor authentication on most services

  • 4. What devices can I use as a second factor with Duo?

    You can enroll and smartphone, a cell phone, a landline, a table, or a key fob. With a smartphone and a tablet, you will need to install the DUO app to receive a DUO push. IT Security recommends that you set up your device to receive a duo push. We also recommend having more than one device registered and that one of the devices be a mobile phone with the Duo Mobile app. To get a key fob you will need to contact IT Security at 870-972-3770. 

  • 5. What mobile OS versions are supported by DUO?

    Periodically, support for older operating systems (OS) and devices will be discontinued. The OS versions listed below are no longer supported by Duo/Duo Mobile (the device and Duo Mobile will continue to function, but will no longer receive critical security updates to the OS or the app and the older, unsupported app versions will not be available on the app store):

    • Apple iOS 10 or older
    • Android 6 or older
    • Windows Phone support ended on January 1, 2019
    • Blackberry support ended on November 1, 2016

    The currently supported smartphone OS versions for Duo Mobile can be found on the following pages on Duo's site:

  • 6. How do I enroll or manage the devices on my account?

    ASTATE has a DUO management page that you can go to and edit your devices on your DUO account. You can also use the DUO Recovery button on the ASTATE's portal login page. 

  • 7. How do I enroll an additional device?

    We strongly recommend having more than one device enrolled for backup purposes. If you have enabled the 'automatically send a push' option, you will need to cancel the push notification before you can enroll an additional device. To enroll additional devices, you will need to go to the DUO Management page once you are logged in you will need to answer your security questions. Once your security questions have been answered you will then be able to click the add another device link and begin adding your new device. 

  • 8. What can I do if the DUO Mobile app is not working or I am not receiving DUO push notifications?

    Many of these issues can be resolved by refreshing the Duo Mobile app:

    1. If you have recently had your device in airplane mode, wait about 5 minutes after the cellular and/or wireless connection has been turned on and try again.
    2. Start the Duo Mobile app.
    3. Place your finger on the screen between where it says Arkansas State University & the down arrow, pull down and release. This action will refresh the DUO Mobile app
    4. Turn your wifi off and then back on. This will reset your IP address. 
  • 9. How can I fix my DUO Authentication window that appears blank or isn’t loading correctly?

    A blank DUO box can usually be solved by one of the following steps. 

    1. Open a browser & load the website, DUO status page (ASTATE is DUO49) to look at any possible interruptions of Duo service. If you see any interruptions it means that DUO is having a system-wide outage.  If you don't see any interruptions, continue to the next step.
    2. Launch a private browser (incognito mode) right-click on your browser icon and select either incognito or private. If the screen does not load in the private browser continue to the next step. If the screen loads, open a new browser window and clear your cache and cookies. how to delete cache and cookies. 
    3. Use a mobile device and log in to the ASTATE portal if the screen will not load on the mobile device continue to the next step. If the screen loads on the mobile device it is an issue with the original device. (something lilke browser add-ons are preventing it from loading)
    4. Use a mobile device with the WIFI turned off and see if you can get the ASTATE portal to load. If the screen loads with WIFI turned off but not with it turned on then it is a WIFI issue. Either your modem or router is blocking DUO or your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is blocking DUO. If you still can not get DUO to load correctly continue to the next step.
    5. Uninstall your browser and reinstall it without importing anything in. Something in your browser is blocking the DUO box from loading. You can get Chrome or Firefox. If you can not get the box to load after this please contact IT Security at 870-972-3770.
  • 10. My browser is not remembering me even though I checked the "Remember me" box in the Duo Authentication window, what can I do to fix this?

    Use of the 'Remember' feature requires persistent cookies in your browser. If the feature isn't working, check the cookie settings of your browser (the exact method depends on which browser you are using, Google browser name & cookie settings for assistance).

    If your browser is operating in incognito mode (Chrome), private mode (Firefox), or InPrivate mode (Edge), it will not save cookies & therefore the 'Remember me' feature will not function.

    To add an exception for Duo-served cookies, use the following format, depending on which browser you're using :

    • Internet Explorer: *.duosecurity.com
    • Firefox: https://duosecurity.com
    • Chrome and Opera: [*.]duosecurity.com
    • Edge:

    1. Click More in the upper right of the toolbar
    2. Click Settings
    3. Scroll down and click on View Advanced Settings
    4. Scroll down to Cookies and ensure it is set to don't block cookies
    5. Restart Microsoft Edge

  • 11. I want to block cookies, but be able to use the Duo Remember Me feature, how do I do this?

    To use the "Remember me" feature while blocking cookies you will need to allow cookies from "duosecurity.com" as a trusted exception. To do this, find your browser in the list below and follow the instructions:

    Internet Explorer/Edge

    1. Close Internet Explorer.
    2. Click the Start button.
    3. Type: internet options
    4. As you type, results will appear and change. Select Internet Options.
    5. Select the Privacy tab.
    6. Under the Settings heading, click the Sites button.
    7. In the Address of website: text box, type duosecurity.com
    8. Click the Allow button.
    9. Click OK.
    10. Click OK to close the Internet Properties window.


    1. In Firefox, in the top-right of the window, click the hamburger menu button represented by three horizontal lines.
    2. Click the Options icon.
    3. In the left pane, select Privacy.
    4. To the right of Accept cookies from sites, click the Exceptions... button.
    5. In the Address of website: text box, type: duosecurity.com
    6. Click the Allow button.
    7. Click the Save Changes button. You may close the Options tab.


    1. In Chrome, near the top-right of the window, click the hamburger menu button represented by three horizontal lines.
    2. From the drop-down list, select Settings.
    3. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings.
    4. Click the Show advanced settings... link.
    5. Under the Privacy heading, click the Content settings... button.
    6. Click the Manage exceptions... button.
    7. Under Hostname pattern, in the text box, type: duosecurity.com
    8. Verify that the drop-down list to the right is set to Allow.
    9. Click the Done button.
    10. To close the Content settings window, click the Done button.

  • 12. What if I do not have a mobile phone?

    DUO can be used with a tablet and the DUO mobile app. You may also print passcodes to use. If neither of these will work for you, contact the IT Security team at 870-972-3770 or security@astate.edu and we can issue you a key fob. You will have to be present to get the keyfob due to security reasons. 

  • 13. Can I use my mobile phone to authenticate via Duo without installing the Duo Mobile app?

    Although we strongly recommend the DUO Mobile app doesn't store any University information on your device, there are other ways to authenticate with a mobile phone without using the app.

    1. Select 'call me' at the DUO log-in screen. (this option will be going away November 2, 2021)
    2. Select 'enter passcode' and have DUO text you a passcode.
  • 14. What if I get a new mobile phone with the same phone number?

    You will need to go to the DUO Management page and answer your security questions. Once you answer your security questions you will receive an email with your bypass code. Then you will click the green button that says "To DUO Management", you will then select the enter passcode button and enter the passcode that was just emailed to you.  Click the device options next to the device with the phone number and then click the Reactivate Duo Mobile button. Follow the prompts to reactivate your device. 

  • 15. Can I use a key-fob to authentication with Duo?

    The IT Security team will issue you a keyfob to use with DUO. You will need to contact them at 870-972-3770 or security@astate.edu to schedule a time to pick the fob up at the ITS building. You must bring an ID with you. 

  • 16. I cannot scan the QR code when trying to enroll via Duo Mobile or I am attempting to enroll without a computer, what do I do?

    The first step if you have a mobile device & a computer is to make sure that the Duo Mobile app has permission to use the camera on your device, if you only have the mobile device and no computer/separate screen (or the QR code will not scan on your mobile device) then you will need to call IT security to get a new activation code texted to you. 870-972-3770 

    If you have a backup device listed on your DUO account and have access to it then you can use the DUO management page to activate your device. 

  • 17. I accidentally deleted a device I want to use with Duo or the Arkansas State University account was removed from my Duo Mobile app, what do I do to fix this?

    If you have more than one device enrolled, you can use one of the other devices to access the DUO Management page. If you only had one device enrolled and it has been removed from your account, you will be prompted to enroll when you first log in. You may also contact the IT Security team at 870-972-3770

  • 18. What if I lose my mobile phone or it is stolen?

    Contact the IT Security team via email or call 870-972-3770 immediately if you lose your phone or suspect that it has been stolen. The device will be disabled for authentications and you be assisted in enrolling another device. While it is important that you contact the security team if you lose your phone, remember that your password will still protect your account. 

  • 19. What if I am not getting Push notifications from Duo?

    First, try using the Duo Mobile Passcode option inside the Duo Mobile App to replace Push notifications if you experience issues with Push. To access the Duo Mobile Passcode, click the down arrowhead icon next to the Arkansas State University entry inside Duo Mobile. If the passcode option does not work, then you will need to re-enroll your device to reset the Duo Mobile Apps connection by contacting IT security 870-972-3770.

  • 20. How many chances will I get to authenticate?

    A Duo push authentication is good for about 45 seconds before it expires, phone calls can be answered until voice mail answers,  passcodes are good for 60 seconds, and the passcodes from a keyfob will refresh about 45 seconds.  You will be locked out after 5 failed attempts. 

  • 21. What should I do if I get an authentication message and I am not trying to log in?

    Deny the request using the deny option on the prompt and report the incident to the IT Security team immediately by calling 870-972-3770. 

                               Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 11.28.17 AM

If you need help setting up your DUO account you can click on this DUO setup document. All questions can be directed to our ITS helpdesk at 870-972-3933.  Due to security reasons, we can not make any changes to your DUO account through email all changes must be done over the phone after verification of who you are.