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You Become a Vicitim of a Phishing Email!

phishing email

If you suspect you may have possibly exposed personal information as a result of a phishing email you should:

  • Reset your A-State password immediately, and any other account passwords that may be compromised.
  • Contact any institutions or organizations that could be impacted by the exposure to related sensitive information.
  • If you received an email through your A-State email account please contact ITS security at 870.972.3770 or itsecurity@astate.edu.
  • If the information provided can be used to access other institutions, contact them as well. For example, if your credit card number was exposed, contact your credit card company. If any piece of information was exposed that could be used to open financial accounts (e.g., your Social Security Number, date of birth, place of birth, mother's maiden name, bank account numbers, credit card numbers), contact your credit card company or three major credit bureaus and sign up for their credit monitoring service, a fee-based service that will automatically notify you whenever your credit record is accessed. Here are the websites for the three major credit bureaus: www.experian.com; www.equifax.com; or www.transunion.com
  • You can also download a free copy of your credit report at www.annualcreditreport.com to verify that your identity has not been stolen.