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Program Policies

Below are some important program policies for ESL students in the Online English Preparation Program. 


Students enrolled in the Online English Preparation Program through Arkansas State University are subject to the rules of conduct as stated below. Students are required to review these rules and are responsible for following them completely. Failure to comply with the rules of conduct and behavior may result in a warning, suspension from class, or dismissal from the program.

Some of these guidelines include, but are not limited to :


Members of a learning community interact with others in a courteous and polite manner. Members of the community are expected to respect the values, opinions or feelings of others. Examples of uncivil conduct include speaking harshly or using profanity to others while in class; attending class in an area with loud background noise that disrupts or distracts during class; any other behavior in class that is considered disruptive by the instructor, fellow students or OEPP director. If a student attends class in a loud area, it is recommended that they inform the instructor that they wish to simply observe a class that day and not actively speak aloud.

Ethical Behavior 

The pursuit of higher education is a privilege. Associated with that privilege is an obligation to aspire to a set of principles and values that demonstrate a commitment to fairness, honesty, empathy, and achievement. Examples of unethical behavior include plagiarism, cheating, copying homework, etc.


Every member of this community should seek to gain and demonstrate respect. Examples of disrespectful behavior include demeaning comments regarding the culture, background, gender or nationality of others.

Students found in violation of the Conduct Policy may be given a warning, suspended from class, or suspended or dismissed from the program based on the severity of the violation and as decided by the OEPP director. Students will be notified by email. If students wish to appeal this decision, they must follow the appeals procedure.

OEPP Level Repeat Policy

If Absent Consequences

8% of class

( 3 classes)
Student is given an official Attendance warning from the University

10% of class

(4 classes)
Student fails the class and is given an official notice of a failure by the University


Missing Class

Not attending class or arriving to class more than 10 minutes late from the beginning of class counts as an absence.

Students should expect to make up assignments missed due to absence.  However, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor immediately and to check with other students about what was missed.


You must arrive to class on time. If you arrive after the class begins, you will be marked tardy. Being tardy three times equals one absence.


All students begin the program by taking a language placement test and are assigned to a level corresponding to their proficiency level in English.

In order to pass a course students must:

  • Level 3: have a grade of 80% or higher
  • Level 4: have a grade of 80% or higher
  • Level 5: have a grade of 80% or higher and a score of 3.5 on the final iTEP exam

If a student is unable to meet the requirements above, they may repeat the course twice.