Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Allergy Information


We at Sodexo are very much aware of the ever-growing needs of our customers with special dietary needs and food allergies.  At Arkansas State we have consistently and successfully satisfied the needs of students with dietary needs based on religion or other ethnic circumstances, as well as vegan/vegetarian customers, and those with lactose intolerance, nut allergies, and gluten intolerance just to name a few.

 Menus in many areas of our facility change daily, and sometimes with each meal period!  All of our meat items at the grill and deli are 100% meat with no added fillers!  Most meat-based items at our Classics station are freshly cooked and made from whole-muscle products.  One of the entrees at this station is always vegan or vegetarian, and most of our vegetables are simply steamed and may be tossed in a little margarine or olive oil.  We never use butter!

 One of our three soups is always completely vegan!  Vegan customers can always ask for a tofu alternative to eggs for breakfast, and there is always at least one flavor of soy milk available for cereal, coffee, or any other purpose.  While some of our soups and sauces are thickened with flour, many are not and are gluten-free.  Don’t hesitate to ask if you’re not sure.

 We constantly receive compliments on the freshness and variety available at our salad bar, and the few non-vegan or pork items that we serve there are separated from the rest of the selections to the best of our ability.  While some of our dessert items do contain nuts, we try to keep them to a minimum, and we always provide cautionary labeling where nuts are used.

 With the exception of Chick Fil A in our retail food court, we do not use any peanut oil anywhere in our various operations, and French Fries at the Acansa Grill are always cooked in a separate fryer that is never used to cook any items containing meat.  This fryer however at times may have had gluten-containing vegetarian products in it.

 Finally, most of our menu items each day are accompanied by signage that denotes various health and nutrition concerns and information, and we always encourage anyone with special needs to approach one of our staff or supervisors at any time to get the information necessary to make dining with us a pleasurable and memorable experience!  Nutritional information can also be obtained at any time through our website or our smartphone app!