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“TAO is an interactive, dynamic, easy-to-access online program that provides support for anxiety, depression and other common concerns. As a TAO participant, each week you will watch short videos, complete skill-building exercises, and briefly meet with a counselor through a secure video session.

 TAO is tailored to fit your schedule and your needs:

  • The exercises can be completed through a smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • The online TAO programs are accessible 24/7
  • You can meet with a counselor via video in your residence or other (private) location of your choosing.


How do I sign up for TAO Treatment?

  • Contact the Counseling Center at (870) 972-2318 or at phestand@astate.edu. Let us know you are interested in TAO and would like to schedule an initial appointment to get started.
  • If you are already seeing an A-State therapist, tell them you are interested in TAO Treatment.

Benefits of TAO Treatment:

  • TAO allows you to get effective treatment when your schedule, or life, makes it hard to schedule regular Counseling sessions.
  • You will have access to highly effective therapy modules 24/7 and a dedicated time to meet online with your therapist each week.
  • The most recent research shows this treatment model produces progress equal to or exceeding face-to-face therapy.

TAO is an effective and easy-to-access option for managing your anxiety, depression, or other concerns. If you are interested in trying out this program or if you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please contact the Counseling Center @ 870-972-2318.


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