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Appointment Policy

  • How do I make an appointment?

    To make an appointment, please contact us at 870-972-2318 or counseling@astate.edu. Once you have indicated that you want to get started, we will send you some basic paperwork to fill out or you can stop by the office to fill it out. When the paperwork is complete, just contact our office to schedule your initial consultation (this doesn't count toward your session limit). 

    Couples appointments work the same way. Both parties must be present for the appointment or the appointment will need to be rescheduled. 

    It is important to make sure that you attend your intake, or give as much warning as possible if you have to miss. This time is scheduled specifically for you, and another student could use it if it is not needed at the moment. 

  • How do I cancel an appointment?

    Sometimes things come up! To cancel an appointment, contact your counselor directly or contact the center at 870-972-2318 or counseling@astate.edu. 

    Please note, if you do not communicate that you need to cancel, the missed appointment will be documented as a "no show" appointment and may count toward your six individual sessions. 

  • What should I do if I miss a scheduled appointment?

    If you missed a scheduled appointment, please contact your counselor directly or contact the Counseling Center at 870-972-2318 or counseling@astate.edu

    Missed appointments (without cancellation) will be marked as "no show" appointments, and may count toward your 6 individual appointments for the semester. Do not assume that your counselor will automatically reschedule your appointment for the next week. You will not be rescheduled until you have contacted the center. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the appointment is rescheduled. 

  • How many sessions can I get at the Wilson Counseling Center?

    Eligible students can have up to 6 individual sessions per semester. You will work with a counselor to determine the appropriate number of sessions to meet your needs. The Wilson Counseling Center also offers group counseling that has no upper limit as long as we have openings. If you need more frequent or intensive care, we can help you find resources in the community. 

    Unused sessions do not "roll over" for the new semester. 

    If you are considering suicide or experiencing a mental health crisis, please contact us regardless of how many sessions you have used for the semester. 

  • Do you have a wait list?

    The Wilson Counseling Center strives to prevent having to implement a wait list, but there are times where it is unavoidable depending on the demand for services. This tends to happen toward the end of a semester, and less so during the beginning or mid-point. 

    If a waitlist is implemented, you will be informed during your intake. During times that we have a wait list, students will be seen by order of severity or level of need. If you are on a waitlist and your situation changes or gets worse, please contact the center and inform the staff of this change. 

  • What do I do if the University closes for inclement weather or other event?

    If the University closes early for any reason, assume that our office is closed as well. Please contact your counselor for specific follow-up instructions.