Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Student Activity Center

Inside the SAC

This 80,000 square-foot facility provides a new venue for multiple programs across the university. The student activities calendar will expand with the convenience of an indoor facility. The multi-purpose SAC is a new step in bringing the students, the athletic department, and the ASU community closer together.

The New Student Activity Center (SAC) was completed in August 2015.

Campus Recreation will coordinate reservations in the facility for all A-State students and groups.

SAC Benefits for Students

  • Campus Intramurals can be held in this facility, all students welcome
  • A-State clubs/organizations can practice activities
  • Scheduled open gym nights for students to play kickball or any other activities that exceed the space of the Red WOLF Center.
  • Any campus recreational activity may be held in the facility.
  • Students can schedule activities any time after 7:00 p.m.
  • Full football field inside
  • Includes nets for batting cages
  • Large enough to share practice time with more than one group
  • Athletes can schedule the facility from early in the mornings until 7:00 p.m.
  • Fully padded activity area and synthetic field protects students and provides comfortable running surface

 Other interesting facts about the SAC

  • Heated facility during the winter
  • Large fans circulate air through large doors to circulate air during warmer weather
  • 80,000 square-feet of space
  • 58 feet at ceiling height (three stories tall)
  • One in a handful of facilities in the country with all LED field lighting
  • North wall bears names of thousands of current and former students whose support made the SAC a reality