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  • Dr. Alexandr Sokolov
    2020-2021 Assessment Fellow
    Dr. Alexandr Sokolov

    Dr. Alexandr Sokolov has been named a Co-Curricular Retention Analyses Assessment Fellow for 2020-2021

  • Dr. Wayne Wilkinson
    2020-2021 Assessment Fellow
    Dr. Wayne Wilkinson

    Dr. Wayne Wilkinson has been named the Survey Analysis Assessment Fellow for 2020-2021

  • Dr. Karen Yanowitz
    2020-2021 Assessment Fellow
    Dr. Karen Yanowitz

    Dr. Karen Yanowitz has been named a Survey Analysis Assessment Fellow for 2020-2021

Office of Assessment

The Office of Student Learning Outcomes engages students, faculty, administration, alumni, and community stakeholders in a culture of assessment of student learning outcomes at Arkansas State University.

We strive to systematically collect, review and use information about academic programs to improve student learning and to demonstrate that students are achieving the desired learning outcomes consistent with the objectives of the academic program or unit.

  • Assessment is not a review of faculty performance, but rather ongoing measurement of student learning outcomes. Systematic assessment of student learning outcomes enables faculty to address pedagogical and practical issues consistent with individual faculty members’ unique approaches.
  • Assessment focuses on evaluating student achievement of expected learning outcomes based on achieving the strategic goals and objective as identified by the university, individual colleges, departments or other specified units.
  • Assessment seeks to assist faculty in understanding and improving student learning.
  • Assessment assists the university with sustaining and enhancing academic quality and the student educational experience.
  • Assessment is systematic and ongoing.