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The Arkansas State University Faculty Award for Emerging Scholarship is presented each spring to an emerging pre-tenure-track faculty member who has evidenced significant and meritorious achievement in scholarship.


  • The publication (or conditional acceptance) of one or more particularly high quality, original and scholarly contributions by a nationally recognized and refereed professional/academic journal, juried exhibition, or other professional outlets.
  • Additional evidence of scholarly merit, including refereed scholarly activities of lesser stature such as presentations in regional journals or exhibits, or refereed papers read to professional organizations.
  • The potential significance of these contributions in enhancing the effectiveness of the subject content in the classroom.
  • For the purpose of this award, papers read at meetings which do not referee papers, in-house documents, brief book reviews, and local exhibits and performance do not provide evidence of significant scholarly achievement.
  • The receipt of grants is not a requirement for the consideration of this award. However, applicants are encouraged to list all submitted grant proposals even though they were not funded.

Submission Process

Applicant must submit a scholarship portfolio for the award year only, January 1 – December 31, 2022. Information should be presented under the following lettered headings.

  1. A list of contributions published, presented, performed, or exhibited during the award year, January 1 – December 31, 2022. [Use the templates below]


    Author(s): Title of Publication:


    Vol: Issue:

    Pages: Date of Publication:

    Peer reviewed [circle response]: Yes No

    Journal Impact Factor:



    Title of Presentation:

    Learned Forum:

    Date & Site of Presentation:

    Peer reviewed [circle response]: Yes No



    Title of Performance/Exhibit:

    Site of Performance/Exhibit:

    Date of Performance/Exhibit:

    Peer reviewed [circle response]: Yes No

  2. A list of grants received (and submitted) that support scholarship, if any.
  3. No more than five (5) letters from knowledgeable peers that can speak to the quality of the scholarship submitted.