Welcome to Arkansas State University!

We offer a variety of programs to benefit faculty members at Arkansas State.

Faculty Handbook

The faculty handbook outlines the policies and operating procedures at Arkansas State University. Each faculty member should be familiar with its contents.

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New Faculty Orientation

New Faculty Orientation is just one of the many ways that Arkansas State University invests in the success of its faculty at all stages of their careers. Orientation will introduce you to critical information, resources, and support for your research, teaching, and outreach efforts.

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Fall Faculty Conference

Each August, Arkansas State holds a Faculty Conference where campus leaders discuss short and long-term plans, student learning, research, and new local and global initiatives.

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Promotion, Retention, and Tenure

Our Promotion, Retention, and Tenure (PRT) programs are designed to reward faculty members who have proven themselves over time. Instructions, guidelines, and the selection process are all provided in this section.

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