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What: Getting Organized and Writing the Self-Study Report

The first step to conducting a thorough program self-study analysis and writing a comprehensive report is to get organized.


The Office of Academic Affairs recommends program leaders do the following to have a successful program review:

  • Recruit or appoint a program review steering committee of three to five faculty and the department chair
    • Purpose: Having the department chair and a few key faculty collaborate to write the self-study report helps to share the work load, inform the department about the discoveries made during the self-study analysis, and prepare for the forthcoming site visit
  • Establish an internal timeline by setting the approximate date for the site visit and working backwards.
    • Purpose: Faculty and department chairs are busy people and ADHE expects all documents to be submitted by within six weeks of the completed process or by June 1, whichever comes first
    • The following internal timeline is strongly recommended:
Timeline Example

One-year prior to assigned site-visit year: Establish approximate date for site visit

(Example) site visit date is February 15-16, 2020

150 days prior to site visit: submit consultant recommendations to Provost

Submit consultants recommendation form to Provost Office by September 15, 2019

120 days prior to site visit: secure consultants

Secure consultants by October 15, 2019

60 days prior to site visit: send self-study draft to Office of Academic Affairs

Draft of self-study report to Academic Affairs by December 15, 2019

30 days prior to site visit: send self-study to consultants

Send final draft to consultants by January 15, 2020

14 days prior to site visit: establish site visit itinerary

Send itinerary to site consultant by February 1, 2020

(example) Site Visit Date: February 15-16, 2020

30 days after site visit: receive consultants’ report

March 15, 2020

Within 30 days of receiving consultants’ report: develop implementation plan with Academic Affairs, Dean, Chair, and faculty, and write institutional response (Required by ADHE)

April 15, 2020

Regardless of site visit date, all above steps completed

All steps completed by April 15, 2020

Deliver self-study report, consultants report, and implementation plan/institutional response to ADHE within six weeks of process completion

June 1, 2020

One year after implementation: follow-up report on progress

Spring 2021: Progress report due May 15, 2021

If needed, three years after implementation: follow-up report on progress

Spring 2023: Progress report due May 15, 2023

If needed, five years after implementation: follow-up report on progress

Spring 2025: Progress report due May 15, 2025



A-State has a self-study report template that is comprehensive and aligns to the recommended ADHE consultants’ report. The report will include the following sections:

  • Program history, summary of last program review analysis, and progress since last review
  • Goals, outcomes, and activities
  • Curriculum
  • Program-level student learning assessment
  • Majors/Declared students
  • If applicable—Interdisciplinary programs
  • Faculty credentials
  • Program effectiveness analysis
  • If applicable—Distance technology
  • Program resources
  • Program-review team or steering committee

Templates, worksheets, and report forms are in the document repository listed below.