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Academic Affairs Daily Digest

The goal of the Daily Digest is to share special events and special deadline information, not information that is currently available through existing websites.  The mission of Daily Digest is communicating to the entire campus each day the news employees or students need for that day.

Please Read and Know These Posting Policies

  • Details to include – Each submission must include the following details:
    • the individual responsible for the posting and contact information, including email and phone;
    • the date, time and location of the event.
  • Important! – If the event relates to the campus calendar, all appropriate event information must be entered into the Submit Event system before it can appear in Digest.
  • Deadlines – The deadline to place items with your area’s appropriate member of the Daily Digest team is 10 a.m. the day prior to the email. Items sent after that time will be considered for the following day’s Digest.

Each item will receive three placements:

  • Announcement – letting campus know of an upcoming item
  • Reminder – alerting the campus of an event or deadline
  • Deadline – a final reminder related to the event

Announcements on the Daily Digest from Academic Affairs Division will be submitted by designated individuals within each college and department. 

Registered Student Organizations

All Registered Student Organization (RSO) must submit announcement requests through Student Affairs at http://www.astate.edu/a/leadership-center/forms/.  Note: RSO announcements submitted on this form will NOT be posted.

Submit Something to the Daily Digest

If you are a designated submitter to the Daily Digest, please use the form below to submit your entry.